Storytelling Through Fashion!

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This past Thursday, I  investigated the Vancouver fabric and notion shops! The purpose of going was to fabric source bamboo knits and cotton jerseys. However, I also ended up browsing the bridal silk satins and laces. 

The button shop was my favourite. There were many creative and unique choices there!!! 

Just as we were about to leave the last fabric shop, I found this gorgeous silk satin print. I tried to just get a  swatch, but I couldn’t get over what a beautiful blouse it would make. The print is very beautiful. You can almost see these little “faerie” bodies hidden in the rose-like pattern. I felt like I was in a dream as I looked at it. The breathtaking colours are perfect for this upcoming spring and summer. But also to wear for the fall! I am excited to draft the pattern for it.

  1. rowenarebecca said: Interesting print, but more abstract than floral. I don’t see a rose pattern but perhaps because it’s scrunched up & not flat. Love the solid colours in the last photo & the bridal lace is gorgeous, of course.
  2. fashionstoryteller posted this

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