Storytelling Through Fashion!

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These dresses are preprogrammed to react to the viewer’s gaze through light and motion. Activated by tiny motors, the glow-in-the-dark thread, structured plastic and super organza move together to create amazing patterns.  Each dress weighs less than half a pound. They were designed by Ying Gao. 

The main inspiration came from Paul Virilio’s 1979 essay, “Esthétique de la disparition” (The aesthetic of disappearance). 

See this stunning and inspiring exhibit at: Montreal’s Centre de design UQAM, Shanghai’s Power Station of Art (PSA) and at Toronto’s Textile Museum of Canada in the Spring of 2014

What are you wearing for Canada Day? A while back, Roots Canada did a fun collaboration with the popular television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. Selected actors showcased the Roots Canada Day 2013 collection.

The collection lives up to the expectations we have come to expect from Roots. While still patriotic and comfortable, the collection doesn’t sacrifice on style or quality. Not only will you be enjoying Canada Day in style, but you’ll continue to wear the entire collection year round…and longer!

How are you spending Canada Day? Whether it’s camping, enjoying fireworks, playing some soccer or having a fun BBQ with friends, Roots will keep you themed, stylish and comfortable for the big day! Happy (early) Canada Day!

Part One: The 3D Blouse

My latest project? A Blouse with a three dimensional element on the sleeves. I’ve finished the entire shell, today. I’m currently drafting the lining and facing patterns. I moved the darts into a circular inspired shape in the middle of the blouse. I can’t wait till it’s finished! Not seen is the cute peplum-inspired detail that starts at the waist and ends slightly past the hip!

I’ll have it for sale in my Etsy Shop…so stay tuned!

P.S: Davids Tea made an appearance in one of the photos. Spot it??

P.P.S: I love being able to sew my hours away to my itunes music. What songs are you loving??

As promised, here is my video from the Papillion collection at Vancouver Fashion Week 2013. I apologize, I was in the second row and runway lighting is harsh. It was a challenge to capture the garments as they made their way down the runway. If you would like to see an accurate view of the beautiful Papillion S/S 2013 designs check out their website here

This was one of my favourite collections. Youthful, fun and unique…I had too many dresses and blouses I wanted to run off with! I loved the attention to details including cute floral, polka dot and animal prints, bib and pointed collars, blue sequins and bright, fun colours! 

How was your weekend?

I am inspired by nature. There’s a strong feeling of enchantment and belonging when I am outdoors. This weekend, I was at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. It was remarkable to escape here and let my thoughts wonder through each branch and step. However, I don’t have to go far to find this love and admiration for the Earth’s beauty. It can be found in my neighborhood, in forests, high on mountains or drifting along a lake.

Suspension Bridge allowed me to enter a fairy tale. I felt like an elf walking on the bridges that were connected high up in the trees. When it rained, the shelter from the trees felt magical and loving.

As you can see, I finally purchased my coveted and favourite sweater from Roots Canada/Line Knitwear 2012 collaboration. Remember that blog post I did? Well, I hunted high and low. No local Roots stores carried this sweater. The staff didn’t even recognize it and couldn’t find it online for me either! I checked back for months. I felt very discouraged. I finally gave up on my dreams of wearing it to pieces. It wasn’t meant to be.

Fast forward to February. I walked into the Roots Outlet store for fun. I walked over to the women’s section and…*POOF*. There was my sweater. In my exact size. The only one there

And that’s not even the best part. Not only was it reduced…there was an extra 30% off from the reduced price! I could not stop smiling. I think the sales associates thought I was crazy. What can I say, it was love at first sight!

Now, let’s get a bit more technical! It is a thick, warm knit made of acrylic, cotton and polyester. This is the same fabric content as my other sweater from the collaboration (check for my other review on their Vancouver inspired sweater here). I’m a bit disappointed about the price point (over $200). It should be wool for that price. However, the advantage is you’re less itchy and you don’t need to worry about allergic reactions. This blend still provides comfort and warmth. I also haven’t noticed any pilling yet and I’ve worn it too much.

The fit is lovely if you’re a fan of the boxy look. It basically is a giant blanket with sleeves. A tunic style, it looks great worn open for a casual look and belted for a more fashion-forward look. The beautiful draping adds a charm all it’s own. I love the colour blocked print: forest green, dirty grey, burgundy red and painted white all bring forth the colours of a Canadian woodland realm! 

What are your favourite clothing pieces from this past fall and winter? What pieces are you looking forward to for Spring and Summer?

I listed this beautiful asymmetrical dress (finally) on my Etsy

I love this dress. It offers the best of both: knee length and maxi. I can show off my favourite heels and have fun with the maxi trend. I also love the brocade insert near the left side seam. It adds a sci-fi element to the dress.

I cannot wait to team up with my photographer friends and take some pictures of it!

What do you think! 

A variety of garments are being sewn for my Etsy store! Here’s a little glimpse into a few of the items I’m working on.

If you haven’t yet…like my Facebook Page! I post my daily sewing, alterations and inspiration adventures there! You can contact me with any sewing/fashion related questions there too!

Hope you are excited for Spring and enjoying the end of Winter (if you’re in Canada)! Toronto (and Vancouver) Fashion week is nearly here!

Happy Friday everyone! I listed a new item in my shop! My beautiful Elbow Length Shirt with an elegant cowl detail! What I love about this shirt is that you can also wear it off the shoulder and it is SOO comfortable!!!

Do you dress for comfort?

Preloved is a line by Roots that recycles old, unused sweaters. The preloved sweaters are taken and reworked into a new, one-of-a-kind sweater! What a fabulous way to help the environment and stay trendy!!!

Highlights of Toronto/World Mastercard Fashion Week

Spring Summer 2013 Collections- PAVONI and PINK TARTAN


Montreal designers, Mike Derderian and Gianni Falcone are the creative forces behind Pavoni. In their 2013 collection, we saw 3 different looks: sexy cocktail dresses, romantic chiffon evening dresses and the big huge ball gowns. All three looks featured stunning bead work and embroidery which really made the gowns stand out that much more.

Extravagant is certainly a good word choice to describe this collection! Not everyone can wear these gowns, but they certainly are beautiful to dream about.Pavoni’s clients (like Shakira and Fergie) are some of the lucky ones who we probably will see strutting these dream-like gowns.

Pink Tartan:

Designed by Kimberley Newport-Mimran, we see classic styles with some fun modern twists. The biggest attraction from the show? Re-working the staple t-shirt into bold shapes, patterns and unexpected fabrics like gold perforated leather. I loved the brocade trapeze coats and full brocade skirts…so lady-like, but modern with the metallic colours!

Seafaring Dreams: Imaginings of Silk and Sun was designed by Montreal based designer, Melissa Nepton. The cruise collection first debuted at Montreal Fashion Week, but made another appearance at Toronto Fashion Week!

I loved her collection. Overall, I could see myself wearing many of the pieces because they looked so romantic, modern and comfortable.  The stripes were a great touch! I would have liked to see some more colours, but I did like the accent colours: blue, beige and orange. Nice for a “cruise” line. Some of the key style details included:

  • sheer silks
  • cap sleeves
  • ethereal maxi dresses
  • stripes
  • palazzo pants (I like to call them, Princess Jasmine pants from Aladdin)
  • tie-front cover-ups/tunics
  • jumpsuits

Here is how Nepton described her collection: 

The night came and went but she is still here, on the peaceful and deserted beach. Her free spirit wanders somewhere in the thick marine layer hung high over the ocean, her sun-kissed skin still humming, enchanted by the magic of the night. As rays of sunshine pierce through the moody skies, silhouettes draped in voluptuous fabrics emerge in front of her. Melissa Nepton’s 2013 spring collection is one of seaside luxury, teaming practical chic with audacious comfort. Inspired by movements, colors and her well-known maîtrise du détail, Melissa Nepton’s designs embark us on a luxury cruise setting sail on uncharted waters.

Thanksgiving…the best time to play with trends and autumn colours!

Burgundy pants…nothing says Autumn quite like them. While I was baking with fresh cranberries, I couldn’t help but appreciate the colour, the smooth texture and glow to them. It made me wish my denim jeans had more of a “glow” to them (like leather!). Burgundy pants are fun for me to incorporate into my fall/winter wardrobe. They are darker in colour, which helps slim my legs but still goes with the coloured denim trend. The “skinny” cut also helps lengthen my petite frame.

The first outfit I paired with these pants was with a floral printed top and a large gold/red crystal statement necklace (thrift store find). I also added a tailored jacket to this look to make it more professional for church. 

The second outfit was more of a comfortable outfit, for me. A French Connection cardigan with a slight “poet” sleeve and a lace Guess blouse underneath.  The only accessory I paired with this look was my Dooney and Burke handbag. Added a great punch of colour and really made the outfit complete! I love this picture because fashionable Autumn and I really look good together, don’t we?

Overall, I had a lovely (fashionable) Thanksgiving! What did you wear?

VFW (Vancouver Fashion Week) has been a fun event to watch. I have enjoyed seeing the creativity and fun. My three favourite collections, thus far, were: Xsenia & Olya, Gretchen Jone and Jessica L. Huang. However, all the designers I featured above were collections I couldn’t stop looking at!

To see more from the event click here!

Have you kept updated on VFW or your local FW? What trends have you enjoyed seeing for spring/summer 2013? 

Fashion Storyteller and Tea Drinker