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Anonymous asked: Hi, Emily, enjoyed your art gallery blog. Didn't know you were an Emily Carr fan. I have seen her work when I was very young. In books, it depends on the quality of the print reproduction but in real life I find her style very dark, almost gloomy. Certainly the impact art has on us often depends on our mood while we're viewing it. I would not want Emily Carr hanging in my home! Yes to Matisse, Renoir or Tissot...but that's an entirely different period! Take care, look forward to your next post.

Emily Carr

Thank you very much! I really enjoyed the “movement of nature” in the paintings I saw of hers. They seem almost peaceful and yet very lonely because of the dark mixture of thick colours…maybe travelling through a place that doesn’t look like it has an ending. I agree, gloomy is a very good word choice! :) I see BC in them a lot…and yet…whenever I am hiking (which is a few times a week) the sun is so bright which is not present in these paintings. However, I know it does rain a lot here…so I wonder it the rainy nature creates gloomy feelings? ;)

Thank you for your thoughts!!!! I love them! 

Emily Carr 2

Fashion Storyteller and Tea Drinker