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Thank you to Roots Facebook page…the wonderful staff has finally posted some exceptional photographs of their fall collection featuring those gorgeous collaboration sweaters I blogged earlier (you can find it here). I asked them if an official date has been set for the release of the sweaters and I was told the Vancouver sweater has already appeared in some stores! They told me the sweater should be available to purchased on their Online Store soon, as well! YES!

Burgundy is such an “it” colour of the season. Even my evening gown was made with that colour! Little did I know the colour was going to take off so much! I love how Roots used this colour in their jeans and accents in their clothing. A lot of people know Roots as a “sweatpants, hoodies and t-shirt” company. While, I couldn’t imagine not slipping into their sweatpants when I get home…I have to say, Roots has so much more to offer than that! Their quality of manufacturing and fabric choices is very high and not to mention all of their buttery leather products are produced IN Canada. That’s something the Canadian industry can’t always afford to offer any more. They also carry a nice line of organic cotton items and support many Canadian charities and events (the Parkinson’s walk I mentioned in my last blog was just one of them!) Another neat little fact about Roots…they started with shoes!!! So, if you visit their site…be sure to check out their fabulous shoe/boot section!!!

 Here’s what Roots said about the collection:

The Canadian Badlands. Even the name fuels your imagination and appetite for adventure. This stark moonscape of weird striped hills and otherworldly rock formations cuts a swath through southeastern Alberta. The Canadian Badlands has yielde
d some of the world’s richest deposits of prehistoric fossils and dinosaur finds from the ancient seabed. Some of the most important dinosaur discoveries in the
world were unearthed right here, including our very own Albertosaurus. You can almost feel the ground rumbling with the footsteps of the mighty beasts that roamed Dinosaur Provincial Park millions of years ago. Today this place is world famous for its dinosaur fossil finds. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park contains one of the richest bonebeds in the world.

This strange and beautiful place will fulfill your need for exploration and discovery. You can indulge your inner palaeontologist and be amazed by its history, both modern and ancient. The Canadian Badlands is another compelling reason to explore Alberta.

Learn more about the Canadian Badlands:
Shop our latest collection:
— in Alberta.

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