Storytelling Through Fashion!

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 "When I wrote it, I knew it had to be enormous- giant guitars, raucous drums. I was scared by it at first and wanted to put it aside. But the songs I tend to love the most in the end are often the ones that, initially, I wanted to do away with. They’re overwhelming when they first come along. Change scares me—but I know that about myself.Usually when I’m scared, it’s an indication that I ought to plow ahead. It’s not particularly easy and I wouldloveif it weren’t the case, but it tends to work.

 Alison Sudol 

What a fantastic quote for creative individuals or…truly, any individual seeking growth in personal endeavours. Fears let us know there’s opportunity, something to gain or lose, something to learn, something to explore, something to branch out from where we are presently. Often, when we design, write, draw, etc. we get to a point where we question our direction, our focus, our ideas…if they’re too big, too silly, won’t be understood or accepted. It’s always good to be aware of the market, but the bigger factor of this is to PUSH the boundaries and our own comfort zone of self-expression. There’s a balance.

Whenever I am designing, there can be a huge struggle between what will sell, be accepted by society (the right/fresh idea, at the right time), be wearable (flattering to the intended market/audience), be on trend (so it doesn’t fail to sell against other brands/designers) and STILL be an…artistic, poetic work of self-expression. 

I am more of an artistic designer at heart. And sadly, artistic designers can only make money by balancing wear ability (and let’s face it, business) with creativity and branding. And, to be quite honest, I think those make the best designers. Who’s going to buy a piece of wearable art? Not too many. Majority of people want to make statements that are unique, affordable and wearable on a day-to-day lifestyle.  There’s a balance, but…just because there is…doesn’t mean we should be afraid as designers, artists, musicians, writers…to take a bigger leap and to expose ourselves/let ourselves grow and let our ideas be louder than what we think is marketable.

To make a living, yes…you need to be aware of what
will sell. However, don’t let that completely dictate your creativity or limit it. It’s far better to let your creativity go wild…and once you’re finished, go back and tailor it to your market. DON’T lose the core meaning of your “art” in the process, though. ;)

And I’ll leave you with a 3-piece place list: lyric video to, “Now Is the Start”, an interview with Alison Sudol  and an introduction to her upcoming album, Pines.

Here’s the other two videos: 

Fashion Storyteller and Tea Drinker