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How exciting! Roots is one of the FIRST CANADIAN FASHION COMPANIES to design a line for Target (Target is coming to Canada to replace Zellers, owned by HBC). Roots Outfitters…I’m excited to try you on for size (and style).

Yesterday, I went to Vancouver Art Gallery to see the Cone Sister gallery. The Cone sisters are famous for their vast collection of modern art. Here, I was able to see Picasso, Van Gogh, Renoir and Matisse. It was a wonderful collection and it was lovely to see so many creative individuals present here. The other galleries had other unique things to see. I loved seeing the paintings of British Columbia by Emily Carr.

However, as amazing as each individual piece was…the BEST moment was when I saw a husband describing each painting to his blind wife. It was very touching, moving, lovely masterpiece. I couldn’t ever imagine loosing my sight…it’s what my creative mind lives off of. This was an amazing woman. She nodded her head in response to her husband’s descriptions, let out a little laugh every once and a while and you could faintly see her picturing that painting in her mind. It made me wonder how beautiful they must look in her mind. The other most beautiful part about this whole masterpiece…was the love the husband had for his wife. He really wanted her to “see” everything. It was a beautiful moment that I will treasure always. Love is such a beautiful thing.

We are getting married! As of June 12th, 2012, I said, YES! He “popped the question” on a romantic sunset walk and I was completely taken a back. I didn’t know what to do, so I knelt down too! :) 3 years and now…we’re ready to begin our life together.

The cute little “cat” in the picture is the Kinder Surprise that was involved in engagement. haha, no ring in there…just to get my hopes up! HAHA. 

Now, to plan a wedding :O 

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