Kate Sparkle | Review + Unboxing

Kate Sparkle “Adore” Rose Gold plated ring set with natural Rose Quartz gemstone surrounded by CZ.

In this video, I share an unboxing and review of the “Adore” ring set that was sent to me from Kate Sparkle Jewelry. This is a 925 Stirling silver ring with rose gold plating and a natural rose quartz gemstone surrounded by CZ. I am curious to see how the plating wears (as only time will tell) and will keep you guys posted!!!

To hear my 100% honest thoughts, first impressions and see close up looks of the ring, please watch my Youtube video posted above.

I would love to know your thoughts on this ring, their designs and the overall brand. You can find the “Adore” ring here.

Kate Sparkle Jewelry was kind to offer a 30% discount code to my friends on here. This code can be entered at checkout to save 30% off a ring of your choice: EmilyD30

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