Pandora 20 | February limited-edition Charm + The Story Behind My First Pandora Charm

This year, Pandora celebrates their 20th anniversary of the, Pandora Moments charm bracelet. To celebrate 20 years of collecting, Pandora is going through their archives and bringing back a vintage charm every month in 2020. All 12 of the charms will be limited-edition. Each charm will be available only until it has sold out, which makes all 12 charms an absolute must for a Pandora collector!

I am so excited to join, Pandora in celebrating this special moment and milestone! In today’s blog post, I will be sharing the February limited-edition Pandora 20 Charm, as well as sharing a video about about a special charm memory: my first Pandora Charm!

So, make sure to grab a cup of tea…and let’s get started!

* All 2020 Limited Edition Frog Charm photos are provided by Pandora *

I am so delighted to see that the 2020 Limited Edition Pandora charm is the beloved, Frog Charm! He is so sweet with his little smile and webbed feet. He is beautifully updated with the Pandora 20 hallmark, on his belly. Each sterling silver, Pandora Frog charm comes with a certificate, confirming his authenticity. He is available globally, at select stores. Very limited numbers are available , so it is best to purchase him sooner, rather than later! You can also find him for purchase on Pandora’s estore.

Click HERE to shop (EN).
Click HERE to shop (FR).

I don’t know about you, but I waited until midnight, on launch day to order last month’s Strawberry charm, from the Pandora estore. It was worth staying up late for! I plan to do the same for the, Frog Charm. He is too cute and reminds me of a sewing project I did, as a little girl. Do you have a special meaning for this charm?

As many of you know, the first Pandora Moments charm released was the, Strawberry charm. I was inspired by this and decided to kick off my Pandora 20 celebrations by sharing the meaning behind my first Pandora charm: the Moonstone charm.

Whenever I look down at this charm, it immediately takes me back, to a special moment in time. It provides me with a wonderful reminder of all that I can achieve, if I put my heart and soul into it!

Pandora’s First Charm and my First Pandora Charm!

In this video below, you will hear my story behind my, Pandora Moonstone charm, as well as how I styled it with my Pandora Jewellery. You can also watch this video, on my YouTube channel.

The story behind my first Pandora Charm.
I also share my favourite Pandora rings, earrings and pendant to pair
with my, “Inner Strengththemed Pandora Moments Bracelet.

And that concludes this blog post! I would like to thank Pandora for the opportunity (and crazy dream come true) to be a part of their 20th Anniversary celebration! I am so excited to share exclusive Pandora 20 content and moments with you, over the next 11 months! Pandora will be providing me with 3 of the 12 anniversary charms, along this celebration.

P.S: I would also like to thank, Ella for co-hosting, in this video. You were simply “pawfect”! I really hope Pandora comes out with a poodle charm, one day! xoxo

Pandora Winter Collection | Haul and Styling

Pandora Winter Collection 2019

In this video, I share my favourite items from the Pandora Winter collection and why they are meaningful to me! I also show how I chose to design and style them together, on bracelets and with two different outfits! I hope you enjoy this video…I love that Ella was able to co-host with me.

Enjoying a cup of DAVIDsTEA with Ella!
Celestial Stars Pandora Ring
Dream it. Wish it. DO IT!
Pave Star Slider detail!


Kate Spade New York Star Silk Dress
Pandora Pave Star Slider Bracelet + Inspiration Stars Dangle Pandora Charm

Dress: Kate Spade Silk Chiffon Dress (retired) Similar design
Pandora Pave Star Slider Bracelet *
Inspirational Dangle Pandora Charm *
Celestial Stars Pandora Ring *
Pandora Bracelet | When You Wish Upon A Star | Disneyland themed bracelet
Starshine Pandora Earrings (retired)
Pandora Starshine Ring (retiring)
Pandora Star Ring (retired)

* These Pandora Jewellery items were gifted to me from Gold-N-Memories Pandora for our collaboration on Instagram! They were so sweet and sponsored some of my Instagram content in celebration of their new online store! I have been a huge fan and customer of Gold-N-Memories for around 2 years and I cannot recommend them enough! They have amazing customer service and ship Canada Wide! You can see their full Pandora collection online and can place an order on their estore or feel free to give them a call or send them an email, with your order (that’s what I love to do).

I love Anthropologie! It is one of my favourite stores to purchase special and cute clothing items!

Blue Star Sweater Between You & Me | Anthropologie
Liquid Charcoal Black Leggings
Roots Cabin Socks
Pandora Sliding Bracelet + Pandora Charms
Pandora Fireworks Bangle + Pandora Charms | Disney x Pandora Aladdin Pandora O Pendant
This necklace has:
Ohm Beads Beadmas Tree
Ohm Beads Snow Angel
Ohm Beads St. Nick

And everything else worn is the same as outfit one!

What are your favourite pieces from the Pandora Winter 2019 Collection?
I love the Pandora Winter Packaging, this year! A magical night’s sky!
Pandora Sliding Bracelet! Can you spot my Disney x Pandora | When You Wish Upon A Star Disneyland themed Pandora Bracelet?

Pandora Boxing Day Haul | Gold N’ Memories

Happy Weekend!!! I hope you are enjoying a relaxing and cozy Saturday as I write today’s blog post. And what is that blog post about? Well, if you watched my Instagram stories, you would have seen a mini unboxing of my Gold N’ Memories package that arrived on Thursday. It was my order from Pandora’s Boxing Day sale!!!

I really love ordering through Gold N’ Memories, far more than the Pandora estore. The staff are very personable and take the time to get to know you and help you out with your choices, whether it’s through email or the phone (I have yet to shop in person, but I am certain it is a great experience too). My absolute favourite to work with is Stephanie. She is just the best and is so genuine. Another great thing with ordering through Gold N’ Memories is the shipping! I find it much faster than the Pandora estore AND…you guys, they package it all so beautifully and securely. I never worry about any of the items getting damaged on the way.

Anyway…let’s get to what I picked out! Disney x Pandora charms were included in this sale, so I had to get the Mickey Mouse Spacers (two, of course), I got the Fairy Godmothers from Sleeping Beauty as well as the Aurora Murano.

I also picked up the Positivity Essence bead. I’ve been told I’m an extremely positive person, so it made sense to add it to my collection…not to mention it is gorgeous!!! I love the white and grey detailing.

The last charm I picked out wasn’t actually part of the Boxing Day sale…it is a new release from the Pandora Valentine’s Day collection 2018. I just had to get him…I couldn’t wait for a promo!!! His name is Rob Bot (but I prefer to call him, Mr. Robot) and he reminds me of my husband. I am going to do a separate blog post on him, so stay tuned for the meanings behind him and some cute photos!

Anyway, that’s it for my mini haul…so curious to hear what you picked up from the recent sale!!!

All my love,

Emily xx

Disneyland and Pandora!!!

Take me back to Disneyland!!!!

Happy Sunday!!! I hope you are all doing well.

Well, it has been a very “Disney-fied” time on my youtube channel recently. I am slowly finishing my way through my Disneyland videos. As of most recently, I have published both my Disneyland and Disney x Pandora Park Exclusive charm videos to youtube (see below). And I am currently working on my final instalment of my Fashion Diaries | Disneyland series. With this instalment, I am trying to fit days 4, 5 and 6 together. Here’s hoping I can edit the footage so it is not too long. The only sad part is, I ended up loosing my day 4 video footage, so it will be mostly photos on that day.

Once I have finished editing and uploading all my Disney content, I will be in full Christmas mode. I am really looking forward to filming some fun Christmas content for you…and (of course) that will include my updated Pandora Christmas bracelet!

Much Love to you all!!!

Emily xx