Moress Review | Bracelet & Charms

Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and doing well, during this time. <3

In today’s blog post, I am excited to share a review on four jewellery pieces from the Moress collection: 3 beads/charms and a bangle bracelet. A kind thank you to Moress for gifting me these items to review, as well to each and every one of you, as I wouldn’t have these opportunities without your support.

Moress was created with the belief that people express their individuality. Every person has a creative mind. We invite you to explore our collection and create your own unique piece of jewelry. It is all about involvement and style. 

– Moress

About Moress

Moress is a jewellery company based in Thailand. They have their own line of jewellery, as well as carry the following brands: Cristy Cali, Chronicles Amber, Grace Amulet, La Orr, Manterra, Millefiori, LoveIs and XJewellery.

The name Moress, meaning peacock in Thai, symbolises beauty, elegance, prosperity, and love. In Thai folklore, peacocks can turn any poison into its lavish and vibrant plumage. This is what Moress represents – beauty and strength. 

– Moress

Moress Packaging

My Moress order came well packaged. A bubble wrap envelope was placed in an additional envelope, and the jewellery items were packaged in two Moress jewellery boxes.

The three charms were placed in a Moress charm box. Inside the box, they were strung on a silver ribbon that was taped behind the boxed insert, to keep them from falling off.

The bangle was inside a Moress bracelet box. It also was placed into a ziplock bag and anti-tarnish pouch. I love that they included the ziplock bag because it further prevents the bracelet from tarnishing.

Inside the box, it also had a silver polish cloth, a lovely surprise to see!


My Moress order shipped very fast. It took about a week to arrive. For my friends in Canada and the USA, you might need to pay duty, as I had a balance owing on my order.

The Jewellery | Moress Collection

Now, it is time to share my review and first impressions of the Moress Jewellery. Let’s start with the charms/beads!

Bunny Bella Bead | Moress Charms

As soon as I saw the Bunny Bella bead, I was in-love! I first saw her in a bracelet design by @saidibear. I loved the she had a genuine Opal stone (as her tummy) and a beautiful hand-painted flower detail, on her back. When Moress contacted me, I was so excited to have the opportunity to see her in-person!

Bella Bunny is a limited edition bead for Easter 2020.

Bunny Bella is beautifully detailed. I love beads that are packed with detail. She has the cutest little nose, furry detailing over her body, a fluffy tail and beautiful upright ears. On her back, she carries a beautiful, hand-painted enamel flower. It is so bright and cheerful, a lovely reminder of spring. She is lovely weight, not too heavy.

She is made from Sterling Silver and retails for $47.53 USD.
The Moress hallmarks are placed on her foot. She has a threaded core.

I love Bunny Bella soo much! She is just the sweetest and has made me intrigued to order from Moress Spring/Summer 2020 collection, which features more charming little forest creatures and beautiful hand-painted enamel flowers.

Royal Heritage Elephant Bead | Moress Charms

The Royal Heritage Elephant bead is magnificent. He represents the Thai elephants and Moress dedicated this special bead to raise funds for Save Thai Elephants foundation. There are only 500 made and 10% of all sales will be donated. Royal Heritage Elephant retails for $28.50 USD.

He is lovingly detailed with colourful enamel details of maroon red, green, blue and yellow found on his garments, both on his head, back and feet.

Royal Heritage Elephant has adorable big ears, a cute curling tail and beautiful tusks. He is also made from Sterling Silver.

The Moress hallmarks are found on the bottom of his back feet. He has a great weight about him, about the same as Bunny Bella. He has a threaded core.

While Bunny Bella is still my favourite pick, Royal Heritage Elephant is a very close second. He looks so sweet and gentle and I am so excited to style with him!

Heritage Bead No. 593| Flower Pattern | Moress Charms

The last bead I have to share with you is a decorative charm. It is called the Heritage Bead No. 593 | Flower Pattern. As soon as I saw it on Moress estore, I fell in-love with it. I loved the floral details and delicate sparkle. It is made of Sterling Silver with cubic zirconia accents. Decorative beads are a must (for me) when it comes to designing!

This bead was inspired by our traditional Sukhothai Silver Jewellery, Fabric Patterns and Thai Culture. We embrace our own roots and deliver a design that can last for generations. Timeless and beautiful heritage bead.

– Moress

Like the Royal Heritage Elephant, 10% of all sales will go to the Save Thai Elephant foundation. This bead retails for $38.02 USD.

The cubic zirconias provide a delicate sparkle on the Heritage Bead No. 593. They appear to be well-set and I am not worried about them falling out.

The Moress hallmarks are found on the side of the bead, near the core.

This bead is light weight with no threading. I love how dainty it is and plan to order a second one! I think having two would pair with Bunny Bella beautifully. And maybe a few of the new enamel flowers too!

All three beads are beautiful and surprised me with their quality of silver and craftsmanship. I love that they have something to appreciate, from every angle…especially on Royal Heritage Elephant and Bunny Bella.

Now, it’s time to give these three beads/charms a bracelet home:

Heritage Bangle No. 52 | Moress Bracelet

Browsing on Moress website, I saw some gorgeous bangle designs. In the past, I had been tempted by Maud of @mycharmdmoments1974 and her bangle, but as soon as I saw the Heritage Bangle No. 52, it was love!

It had a beautiful fairytale feel to it and I loved that it was an oval shape (quite promising for a comfortable fit).

The Heritage Bangle No. 52 is a Sterling Silver bangle with Stoppers. It features a beautiful filigree design along the sides. Like the other pieces in Moress’ Heritage Collection, 10% of all sales will be donated to the Save Thai Elephant foundation. It retails for $50.38 USD.

The stoppers have clear silicone inside, to help keep beads/charms in place. They are very shiny and I had no issues with the silicone falling out.

I couldn’t wait to add my three Moress beads/charms onto the bangle. I found the stoppers did a good job at keep the beads in place.

Although I wouldn’t normally style all there of these beads together, I thought they looked quite cute all together! I loved that the detailing on Royal Heritage Elephant echoed the pretty filigree detail on the bangle too!

When I first put the bangle on, it seemed quite big! But I soon realized if you gentle squeezed it, it helped customize a perfect fit!

As I thought, the oval shape was very comfortable on. The bracelet (on it’s own) is very lightweight. When I added the three charms, it still felt very comfortable and I could see myself adding 3-4 more beads, depending on size.

I also feel this bangle will accommodate other charms and beads from other brands too, which I love! I love when my bracelets can be more “universal” with other bead brands, as it opens the door to many fun and creative design options.

The Moress Heritage bangle is also very easy to design with, as there is no need to thread beads/charms on or off of it.

And that is it for today’s blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading my review on Moress. Please let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them! I would also love to know if any of you have any pieces from Moress and what you think of their jewellery pieces. Please leave a comment, down below!

Have a wonderful rest of your day! I hope every one is staying safe and healthy.

Ella’s First Birthday

Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and doing well, during this time. <3

This past Tuesday, we celebrated Ella turning one! She was born on May 26th, 2019. I had originally planned on having a Dog Birthday “Paw-ty” with family and friends, but with recent events, my husband and I planned a fun afternoon at home, just the four of us. It consisted of tasty treats, presents, walks, games and lots of cuddles!

In today’s blog post, I am going to share some photos from her special day, and the gifts we surprised her with!

Happy Birthday to Ella!

I couldn’t help but order Ella a special birthday accessory to wear. I went with a cute clip on princess crown from Amazon. It had little pearl accents, pink frills and was a perfect size for a miniature poodle. Doesn’t she look so cute and regal with it on?

Ella was great at posing with this light-weight crown for photos, but for longer wear it was prone to falling off when she would shake her head. It has a small clip closure.

Before Ella’s Birthday “Paw-ty”, I decided to take some cute photos of her and her sister Georgina. Ella took this as an opportunity to get a quick nap in, before the festivities started. At this point, she still wasn’t sure what “Birthday” meant. I think Georgina tried to explain it to her, in Guinea wheeks!

Georgina had a lot of fun snuggling into the shaggy white blanket, while I was taking photos. She was so happy and carefree.

Here is a video of Ella and Georgina together:

When my husband finished his last meeting, it was officially “Paw-ty” Time!!! We went outside to enjoy the fresh air (it was a sunny afternoon) and had Ella open her birthday presents! She was quite curious about the items wrapped in tissue paper. She remembered from Christmas that fun surprises are usually inside!

We had so much fun watching her open up the tissue papers and pull out her presents. She was so excited about her new toys and couldn’t wait to play with both of them.

The first gift she opened was her Zippy Paws Birthday Cake pink plush toy with a fun sounding squeaker. It has one candle detail on it, perfect for a first birthday! I also ordered this on Amazon (a few weeks before her birthday), since it was available for fast Prime shipping, as our mail service has been slower and I didn’t want to take a chance on it not arriving on time.

The second present was a Zippy Paws toy I got Ella, back in mid-February. It is an interactive burrow toy with a “three little pigs” theme. It has three squeaky plush pigs inside a “grey house”. I saw it at Winners and knew it would be a special birthday present for her. Ella is a huge fan of burrow and interactive toys.

Zippy Paws is my “go to” for Ella’s toys. She loves their interactive burrow toys especially. We have quite a few, including the Holiday Burrow Hot Cocoa and the Burrow Bunny n Carrot. She loves trying to get the adorable squeaky plush toys out and playing catch with them! They are well made. We also have a burrow “Pumpkin Spice Latte” that we got from Petsmart. It is so cute, it has three chubby pumpkins inside.

After spending a fun afternoon playing with Ella, we went for a car ride and picked up some bubble tea for us and a dog-friendly peanut butter treat for her. Later on, we went for a nice long walk and enjoyed the last bit of sunshine before it set.

We had such a fun day celebrating Ella. She is a huge blessing and gift in our lives and it was fun to have an excuse to extra spoil her. It is safe to say, she now knows what “Birthday” means.

The Art Oblivion | In Awe & In Search Beads

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe, during this outbreak. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. 

In today’s blog post, I will be sharing a closer look at The Art Oblivion‘s upcoming release of their two new beads: TAO In Awe and TAO In Search.

These two sterling silver beads are releasing for pre-order on May 22nd, 2020 (today). They will officially release and ship out on June 1st, 2020.

The first 25 beads (of each style) that are pre-ordered will be sold at a special price of $66 USD. After that and onwards, both beads will be $98 USD.

To coincide with this blog post, I will also have a new YouTube video! You can watch it HERE or down below:

A special thank you to The Art Oblivion for sending me these 2 beads to review and style with! 

Let’s take a look…

TAO styled with OHM x TAO Unveil Glass Bead

TAO In Awe and TAO In Search are done in the barrel shape, like their first launch of beads (you can find my blog post about the launch beads HERE). I find this barrel shape very comfortable to wear. The larger barrel shape also creates a beautiful and unique bracelet design that really pops out! I also find them very easy to design with.

When I unboxed both, I was blown away by the details. Both beads are beautifully executed with spectacular imagery throughout the silver. I am excited to style both beads with a starry night/galaxy theme.

So far, I have worn my TAO beads on my OHM Twisted Bangle, but I did see my best friend, My Pretty Charmed Life style them on her OHM necklace and it looked beautiful!

For today’s blog, I styled them with the OHM X TAO Unveil glass bead.

The Stories Behind the Beads

In Awe

Over the course of our lifetime, we will face many trials and tribulations, many cycles, and seasons within our overall existence. 

At this moment in time, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are facing collective challenges AND creativity that is unifying us – and dividing us – in unprecedented ways. This clarity and conflict toggles minute by minute within ourselves. It can be disorienting. Does it feel impossible to know which way to go?

When a dancer is spinning quickly, they are taught to “spot” one point ahead by keeping it in focus, to avoid getting dizzy and spinning out of control. Let us “spot” on the microcosm of simple everyday miracles, let us  focus on knowing that every feeling is a season, let us keep in mind that every experience is an opportunity to deepen the intimacy and knowing of ourselves – and consequently others. 

“In Awe” is an invitation, reminder, and talisman to be right here, right now; to be with what is uncomfortable as much as with what brings us joy, so we may know ourselves better and develop increased resilience. When things get overwhelming, look up to the sky at the beauty and miracle of light and our ability to perceive it. Let us feel into our connection with the Universe, as all organic matter containing carbon was produced originally in stars. “We are stardust, we are golden” and we are never alone. 

We can combine “In Awe” with “In Search” to keep our feet on the ground while reaching for the stars. To quote Ruth Gordon in Harold and Maude “the earth is my body, my head is in the stars.”

– The Art Oblivion

In Search

Over the course of our lifetime, we face many trials and tribulations, many cycles, and seasons within our overall existence. 

At this moment in time, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are facing collective challenges AND creativity that is unifying us – and dividing us – in unprecedented ways. This clarity and conflict toggles minute by minute within ourselves. It can be disorienting. Does it feel impossible to know which way to go?

Within tragedy there is opportunity for deep insight not otherwise available to us. It takes deep insight to calibrate our inner compass in order that we may navigate our own way with personal integrity, especially when the way is through uncharted territory. No one can do this for us, and it is essential work if we wish to avoid getting lost in the chaos.

“In Search” is an invitation, reminder, and talisman to be right here, right now; to be with what is uncomfortable as much as with what brings us joy, so we may grow to know ourselves better and develop increased resilience. When things become overwhelming, it is time to breathe in deep, check in with our inner compass and then – only then – set our feet firmly on terra firma, discern our path, and move.

Let us access our connection with the Earth and its diverse topography. Let us absorb the lessons offered by the planet that sustains our existence and that we will go back to once we pass from this world. 

We can combine “In Awe” with “In Search” to keep our feet on the ground while reaching for the stars. To quote Ruth Gordon in Harold and Maude “the earth is my body, my head is in the stars.”

– The Art Oblivion

I love the amount of thought and imagery that goes into The Art Oblivion‘s bead designs. They tell a story with all the different details and they feel very special to wear.

I was trying to figure out if I had a top favourite, from the two…but after a few days of wearing and styling with them, I still love both of them equally. They pair perfectly together and not do they compliment each other visually, but their bead stories do too!

And that is it for today’s blog post! Stay tuned for my new Youtube video that will show an even more detailed look at these two new beads! I would love to know your thoughts on these beads. Do you have a favourite, from the two? And how would you style these beads?

OHM Beads | June Preview Unboxing & First Impressions

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe, during this outbreak. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

I am a bit late in posting this blog, but this past Tuesday I published a new YouTube video about the OHM Beads June Release. In this video, I share an unboxing and my first impressions. The beads I unbox include: OHM Wagyl (Australian exclusive), OHM Walk the Walk (Thailand exclusive) and OHM Time Machine (OHM Lab Project). I also share another look (and some brief styling) of my OHMistry bead, OHM Don’t Give Up. You can watch the video HERE or down below:

SO, make sure to grab a delicious cup of tea (I am enjoying some iced Peach Matcha from DAVIDsTEA*) and let’s get started!

* I am a DAVIDsTEA Affiliate

Official OHM Photos | June Release:

The June Release will be officially available on June 4th, 2020.

The Wagyl (AKA, Rainbow Serpent) looks like it curled around, over the wearer’s bracelet. So cool!

I love OHM Walk the Walk! So much detail from every single angle!

The OHM Time Machine is one of my favourites from June! It is amazing and one of my top choices!! If you could travel in the OHM Time Machine, where would you go and why?

Not shown in my unboxing, but there is also a OHM glass bead in the June release. It is called, OHM Lila Gold and is an exclusive to OHM in Europe:

And lastly…here is a little look at my bead, but I will be sharing a more detailed look at the official OHM stock photos, at a later date! I will also be including photos of the design process, including the wax model, etc. So excited to share these photos with you all!

My Bead Collab. with OHM:

What do you think of the June Release? What are your favourites?

As mentioned, my top pick would be OHM Time Machine. I love the all the details on it and it is such an imaginative bead! Every time you look at it, you may just go on an adventure. Also…how could my very own OHMistry bead not be in my top favourites? 😉 🙂

Have a wonderful rest of your day! Stay safe and talk to you all very soon! xo

PANDORA 20 | The Lucky Four-Leaf Clover | My Wedding Themed Pandora Bracelet

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this outbreak. I hope this blog post adds some happiness into your day. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone.

This year, Pandora celebrates their 20th Anniversary of the Pandora Moments charm bracelet. This charm bracelet was first released in 2000. To celebrate 20 years of collecting, Pandora is going through their archives and bringing back a vintage charm every month in 2020. All 12 of the charms will be limited-edition. Each charm will be available only until it has sold out, which makes all 12 charms an absolute must for a Pandora collector!

I am so excited to join Pandora in celebrating this special milestone! To celebrate Pandora’s anniversary, each month, I will share a special story behind a charm in my collection, and reveal what the limited-edition Pandora 20 Charm is!

* All 2020 Limited Edition Lucky Four-Leaf Clover photos are provided by Pandora *

So, make sure to grab a cup of tea…and let me share with you what this month’s charm is:

The Lucky Four-Leaf Clover

Hello May 20th! Today we celebrate the relaunch of the Lucky Four-Leaf Clover charm! This vintage charm was also known as the “Clover” charm. Its original style number was 790387. The updated version has the Pandora 20 hallmark on the front middle clover.

Like the original, the Lucky Four-Leaf Clover charm is a two tone charm with 14k yellow gold accents.

Each 2020 Limited Edition Sterling Silver Heart charm comes with a certificate, confirming its authenticity.

The 2020 Limited Edition Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Charm is available globally, at select stores* and on Pandora’s estoreVery limited numbers are available, so it is best to purchase today, May 20th, 2020…if its not already sold out!

Click HERE to shop (EN)
Click HERE to shop (FR)

*please note that these charms are very limited. Until supplies last. Due to the pandemic, many Pandora stores are currently closed. Select stores will have limited stock of this charm, when it is safe to re-open.

Celebrate #Pandora20 with me:

Each month, I celebrate Pandora’s 20th anniversary by sharing a special charm in my personal Pandora collection. May is an extra special (and romantic) month for my husband and I. Not only is it our wedding anniversary, but it is also our dating anniversary and the month of our first date! When it came down to telling a story behind a charm for this month, I knew exactly which charm to pick!

For this month, I am telling the story behind my favourite Disney x Pandora charm on my “Something Blue” Wedding themed Pandora Bracelet. This bracelet was a gift from my husband, on our wedding day. I have created a video to more personally tell you the story! You can watch it HERE or down below:

The details…

The Disney, Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach Pandora Charm is my favourite charm from the Disney x Pandora collection. This enchanting charm is inspired by Cinderella’s iconic pumpkin coach. It has an intricate cut-out design with hidden hearts and beautifully accented with sparking cubic zirconia stones. The crown on the coach is made of 14k yellow gold.

And that concludes this blog post! I would like to thank Pandora for the opportunity to be a part of their 20th Anniversary celebration! I am so excited to share exclusive Pandora 20 content and moments with you, over the next 7 months! Pandora will be providing me with 3 of the 12 anniversary charms, in this celebration.

I hope you have a wonderful day! Take care, stay healthy and spread love, especially during this time…praying for the world. <3

Pandora Las Vegas | I WON BINGO!

Happy May Long Weekend! I hope that you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and doing well.

In today’s blog post/video, I am sharing a Pandora unboxing of a special charm I won through Pandora Las Vegas‘ BINGO Giveaway. It was hosted on their Instagram page.

I still cannot believe I won!!! I think the last time I won a giveaway was when I was 8 years old. I made a YouTube video of when I first unboxed the charm. You can watch it HERE or down below:

The Pandora Charm I won is a Las Vegas exclusive. It is called the Lucky Dice Charm. It retails for $50 USD and the SKU is: 791269CZ. It has 14 handset cubic zirconia accents that sparkle when they catch the light.

This charm totally makes me think of my husband and I. We both love to play boardgames together and I think we were both “lucky in-love” to find each other!

Have you ever visited Pandora Las Vegas? I would love to visit their store, one day!

The Story & Inspiration Behind my Bead Design with OHM Beads | Don’t Give Up

Happy Monday! I hope this blog posts finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and doing well.

This past Saturday, I premiered a special video on Youtube. It is part two of my “Exciting Announcement” video. If you remember from my previous blog post, I shared that I will be OHM Beads June 2020 OHMistry Project. This means I got to design my own bead with OHM Beads! It is such a surreal, crazy dream come true.

In my new video, I share a detailed look at my bead, as well as the story and inspirations behind it. This is probably my most personal (and slightly vulnerable) video yet. You can watch it HERE or down below:

Thank you to this incredible community and to OHM Beads for making this dream come true. Biggest virtual hugs!

OHM Don’t Give Up

My OHMistry Project bead is called, DON’T GIVE UP. It is a silver oxidized bead and will be releasing on June 19th, 2020 at 10:00 AM Pacific time zone.
The limited-edition release of DON’T GIVE UP is part of Project OHMistry and is limited to 111 signed and serialized pieces. A certificate of authenticity is included inside a limited edition box (I actually got to illustrate the box art myself).

As mentioned in my video, this bead reflects a journey. It is a mountain that has a dark side and a light side to it. Here is the story behind the bead:

DON’T GIVE UP, you tell yourself. You feel it in your heart and soul. You are meant to succeed.

It starts with those first few steps. But with all journeys, it is a struggle of faith and self-assurance. Fear finds its way to creep in. It twists your path, voices harsh judgment, creates doubt and pain. It tries to seize the victory that awaits you.

At your darkest moment, when all feels lost, this bead reminds you to keep going. Push upwards, onwards! Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.

Having faith will guide your journey, through the darkness. The clouds will open, the path will brighten and the further you go, the clearer your path becomes. You will find unexpected help. You will experience achievements, big and small. Before you know it, you will arrive at the end and the start of a new beginning.

You will be victorious. Every fear, doubt, and painful memory will be conquered.

What is your “Don’t Give Up” journey?

Leading up to June 19th, I will continue to share the journey of designing this bead with OHM Beads! Stay tuned for official OHM Beads photos, the process of seeing my bead come to life (from wax to silver) and how I’ve been styling my bead.

Side note: Can you spot my artist signature, on this bead? I love that OHM Beads added this detail to the bead. You can also find it on the box art:

Anyway, that is it for today’s blog post! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and talk to you soon! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH AGAIN! xo


I got to design my own bead with OHM Beads!

I made a quick video to share my exciting news with you! You can watch it HERE or down below:

After watching the video…

Here are some photos taken back on August 29th. I was at a local cafe, enjoying the end of summer while sketching out some more ideas for my OHMistry Project bead: DON’T GIVE UP. Also, can you spot my mini poodle puppy Ella, on my lap? She’s such a cutie!

My OHMistry Project bead is called, DON’T GIVE UP. It is a silver oxidized bead and will be releasing on June 19th, 2020 at 10:00 AM Pacific. As per the OHMistry Project beads, it is a limited edition bead! There will only be 111 made…which makes it extra special!

Over the next few weeks, I will continue to share the journey of designing this bead with OHM Beads, the inspiration/story behind it, as well as an unboxing and detailed look at this bead! At the present moment, I am waiting for my bead to arrive, so I can see it for the first time! I cannot wait to hold it and see all the special details in person.

Since I don’t have the bead to share with you yet, here is a little look at one of my first sketches:

I also just wanted to say again: a HUGE thank you to OHM Beads and each and every one of you. This is the craziest dream come true and I cannot believe it! Thank you sooo so much. I truly hope you will love this bead. xo

OHM Kickin’ Peaches | OHMistry Project with MyPrettyCharmedLife

Two days ago I uploaded a very special video for me because it is all about the bead my best friend, Nichol (AKA @MyPrettyCharmedLife) designed in collaboration with OHM Beads. The bead is called OHM Kickin’ Peaches. You can watch the video above to hear my review and thoughts on her bead.

This bead is the May OHMistry Project and it releases on May 1st, 2020 at 11:00 AM Albuquerque, NM (GMT-6). The bead will retail for $45 US.

The Pandora Sliding Bracelet | Review and Tips

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this outbreak. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone. <3

In today’s video I share my personal review and tips for the Pandora Slider Bracelet, also known as the Pandora Sliding Bracelet. A special thank you to @ereenharrith on Instagram for requesting this video!

In this video you will learn:

  • my pros and cons of the bracelet
  • a general overview of the bracelet features
  • how to put on and take off the Pandora sliding bracelet
  • bracelet care and tips to prevent it from breaking

You can watch the video HERE or down below:


Pandora Sparkling Strand Sliding Bracelet with Cubic Zirconia
Pandora Moments Pavé Star and Snake Chain Sliding Bracelet
Pandora Moments Snake Chain Slider Bracelet
Pandora Moments Golden Tan Leather Slider Bracelet (it’s on sale now!)

Fairytale Tiara Pandora Earrings

Pandora Floating Locket Necklace with Cubic Zirconia (retired) with Pandora Petites (Disney Mickey and Minnie trio)

Pandora is celebrating their 20th Anniversary, this year! Join in the celebration of #Pandora20 HERE or check out my monthly blog posts HERE!