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    Beadmas 2022 | Team Resilience

    BEFORE READING: Watch the video above or check out my Instagram Video HERE.

    Happy OHM Beads #Beadmas2022 🥳🎄! This year, OHM Beads invites on the bead design journey. There are 12 teams with 12 different theme for bead designs. I am one of the 12 Beadmas hosts and will be leading a team of bead lovers to design a bead together! 🎄 My theme is, STRENGTH and my team name is, Team Resilience. We have 12 days to design a bead together, December 1-12, 2022.

    At the end of Beadmas, OHM Beads will be giving away an $111 OHM Beads gift card to a random team member. All participants will also receive 555 OHM Bucks, to use on their website.

    After our design is released, 20% off the proceeds will be donated to Vancouver Rape Relief.
    Deadline to join after 24 hours after this post was made.

    How to Join:

    • comment down below or send me a DM that you’d like to join!

    After the deadline, we will be designing the beads together through OHM Beads OHMily Discord server. Look for #bm-2022-resilence ✨🎄

    My team and I will be sharing design updates daily on social media. Follow along with our hashtag, #OHMfundmeSTRENGTH ✨

    Please let me know if you have any questions!!

    Let Beadmas begin!!! So excited to have the opportunity to design a bead with you! 🥰🥳🙏🏻✨

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    Snuggit Dog Carrier | Unboxing, First Impressions & Review | Cruelty Free Pet Carrier | Small Business

    Alice Haenim and I are loving our new Snuggit Sac we ordered from their Black Friday promotion! We got the Fabulously Flawed Clairence and Bianca styles, as well as the Lily style (it was on sale and we got custom embroidery on it too). To complete the look, we also ordered the lilac Snuggle Sac. It is so soft and cozy!

    Alice and I filmed an unboxing, first impressions and a mini review of the Snuggit Sac. You can find the video HERE:

    Alice feels so cozy and safe in her Snuggit Dog Carriers! She also loves taking naps inside them too! So great for hiking, shopping, on-the-go excursions, etc. Alice often gets tired or cold on walks and she loves being able to stay warm (and take a break) inside it!

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    Welcome to 25 Days of Sparkle!

    I have decided to reinvent my #25DaysofSparkle from Instagram and incorporate it onto my Youtube channel, as a Christmas Countdown Vlogmas style series! Days 1-4 are officially up on my YouTube channel! 🎄✨ I’ll be sharing a look at my day (not just the highlights), as well as my Christmas adventures and activities.

    This is my first time vlogging, 🤣 so we shall see how it goes. A special thank you to @pandorahuntingwithscubadude for inspiring me to do Vlogmas!!! 🎄✨

    Here are the videos, so far:

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    Sips By Tea Subscription Box | What’s inside my November Sips By Box!

    Tea Subscription Boxes are the best!!! I love being able to discover new tea blends and brands. It also gives me the opportunity to support and discover smaller tea businesses too! ☕️✨ In-case you missed it, I have a NEW Sips By video up on my YouTube channel! I am sharing what was inside my November Sips By Box and I make each of the teas too! This video is more of a chit chat style, let me know what you think!!! ☕️

    It was my birthday in November and I was so delighted to see Birthday Cake Matcha inside my box. What could be more perfect for a matcha lover?! 🍵🥹

    Custom Mug is from Gossby Global
    Alice in Wonderland Scentsy Warmer is from, Wax With Alex.
    Birthday Cake Matcha by 3 Leaf Tea.
    Pretty crystals @orkastra

    A special thank you to Sips By for gifting me this box to enjoy! As well as to this community, as I wouldn’t have these opportunities without each and every one of you! 🥰☕️

    Use code TEALOVE to save $5 off your first tea subscription box!

    *this post contains gifted product.

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    Pandora Black Friday Haul

    Did you shop the Pandora Black Friday sale? The sweet ladies at Pandora Coquitlam let me shop the early access club member sale and here’s what I picked up! I filmed an unboxing and haul video of my Pandora Black Friday jewellery pieces. It is officially up on my YouTube channel!

    You’ll see two Pandora charms from the Pandora Moments collection (one is from winter 2022 release, Can you spot it? It has a special meaning 🐹), I also share some #PandoraME pieces, including my @acharmeddreamer #RitaLinks! ✨ and two special @disneyaladdin pieces from the #disneyxpandora winter 2022 release! ✨

    A special thank you to my sweet friends for their lovely birthday gift cards. You spoiled me so much. 🥹🙏🏻✨ biggest hug.

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    Ovira Review | Endometriosis Period Pain Relief | Is the Ovira safe for Sensitive Skin?

    Do you suffer from painful period cramps or Endometriosis? 💛 I have been testing out my Ovira Noha Period Pain Relief device since the summer and I’m so happy to (finally) share a review on it! I have Endometriosis. After surgery, my pain and symptoms are better, but my first 1-3 days of my period are still quite painful and I still have bloating (AKA Endo Belly, as you can see in this video). I have found my Ovira Period Pain Relief kit SO helpful for my managing my pain. I have always preferred a more natural way to manage and treat pain and the Ovira is just that!

    I have a review on my Ovira, how it works and how I like to use it to manage my endometriosis pain. I also talk about if it’s safe for sensitive skin, as well as the pros and cons! You can find the video HERE or down below:

    A look at the Ovira:

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    Moress Secret Garden Collection | Winter Themed Charm Bracelet

    A new Moress Video is up on my Youtube Channel! I am sharing a review and winter styling of two beads from Moress’ Secret Garden Collection. You can find the video HERE:

    I don’t know about you, but I love the magical season of winter. It might be cold, but the beauty of sparkling snow dusted everything…it’s so beautiful!!! ❄️✨ I decided to incorporate two charms from the Moress Secret Garden Collection into a winter themed bangle design:

    Feel free to use my coupon code: EMILY to save 15% off your Moress order!

    *this post contains gifted product

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    Namjosh Unboxing & Review | Headband and Hair Accessories

    In today’s blog post, I am sharing a review of Namjosh! Namjosh is a hair and accessories line from India. Namjosh creates gorgeous headpieces including headbands, barrettes, scrunchies and hair ties. Each piece is handmade by skilled artisans.

    I love the quality of each piece and it’s so special wearing a piece that you know was lovingly made. I also love the Namjosh pieces are sustainably made and Fair Trade!

    I was so excited to unbox my Namjosh package. It came beautifully packaged in an eco-friendly box and a lovely fabric bag. Each headband was carefully packaged with a cardboard insert and tissue, to prevent it from bending and to maintain the shape. I received three headbands, as well as a Pony Scarf Hair Tie.

    If you would like to see a short video review (to see an unboxing and the headpieces in motion), you can find it HERE:

    Here are the three headbands I received:

    Wheel of Fame | Beaded Cotton Headband | Everyday, Casual Piece

    Wheel of Fame is a 100% cotton denim blue headband with hand applied beaded accents done in a spiral pattern. When I originally purchased this item, I felt it would pair great with white and blue, but I have since styled it with lavender, pink and red colours and it compliments them beautifully. It is a wonderful versatile piece. Out of the three headbands, this is my most worn piece, so far! It’s a great “everyday, easy styling” casual piece.

    Beige Peony | Polyester Headband with floral beadwork | Casual or Party Piece

    Beige Peony is a gorgeous piece made of 100% polyester material. As soon as I saw a photo of it, I had to have one! It has the most beautiful autumn themed design. The tulle colour of beige paired with the floral and leaf embroidery beadwork are stunning. They remind me of an enchanting autumn day. This headband is great for a casual outfit pairing, but easy to dress up for an evening out or party!

    Crystal Queen | Polyester Headband, Golden Beadwork | Party or Evening Out Piece

    Crystal Queen is a perfect party or evening out piece! It is great for holiday season, but also lovely to wear for a wedding, special occasion, Valentine’s Day and more! It is a beautiful pop of colour and you can pair it with black, white, yellow, gold, pink or even a dark blue! I love how it draws attention to your face and really adds colour and vibrance! It is available in a variety of colours. My favourites were the pink (shown) and the red (on my Wishlist) and features gold crystal embellishment. It is made of 100% polyester chiffon and has a beautiful golden lining.

    And here is the beautiful hair tie I received:

    Pony Scarf Hair Tie | Casual, Every day Piece

    I am a huge fan of hair ties! Back in 2020 and early 2021, I wore them almost every day! I had longer, fine hair back then and I felt having a hair tie added extra volume and fun, especially when I wore my hair in a ponytail! I still love wearing hair ties, but since my hair is shorter now, I find I haven’t worn my hair into a ponytail, as often. I am excited to try this hair tie out!

    Which one is your favourite? Tell me down below! ✨

    If you are interested in checking out Namjosh feel free to use my promo code: EMILYDUNBAR10 to save 10% off! ✨

    A special thank you to Namjosh for gifting me these gorgeous headbands to review and style with! A huge thank you to this community, as well! I wouldn’t have these opportunities without each and every one of you 🤍

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    Fall GRWM Ft. Pandora Me, Pandora Moments, Aurora Charm and my Elf Beads Halloween Charm Bracelets

    Happy Weekend! A new video is up on my YouTube channel: Fall GRWM (Get Ready with Me), Featuring PandoraElfbeadsAurora Charm, Club MonacoBeads Candy Shop and more! You can find the video here:

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