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    Moress Secret Garden Collection | Winter Themed Charm Bracelet

    A new Moress Video is up on my Youtube Channel! I am sharing a review and winter styling of two beads from Moress’ Secret Garden Collection. You can find the video HERE:

    I don’t know about you, but I love the magical season of winter. It might be cold, but the beauty of sparkling snow dusted everything…it’s so beautiful!!! ❄️✨ I decided to incorporate two charms from the Moress Secret Garden Collection into a winter themed bangle design:

    Feel free to use my coupon code: EMILY to save 15% off your Moress order!

    *this post contains gifted product

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    Outfit of the Day | Stellar 25, Pandora, Elf Beads, Moress

    Last week, I posted a new Outfit and Jewellery of the Day Youtube video! I am shared how I styled my Stellar 25 lounge dress with a mixture of jewellery from PandoraMoressElfbeads and Beads Candy Shop! You can find the video HERE or down below:

    For Pandora jewellery, I wore a mixture of Pandora rings, as well as my Blue Butterfly Hoop Pandora Earrings and Sparkling Blue Moon & Stars Heart Pandora Necklace.

    For my bracelet stack, I used a mixture of Moress Charms and murano glass beads from Elf Beads. To have a full list of each individual bead, check out the description bar of my Youtube video!

    Feel free to use my code EMILY to save 20% off Moress Charms!

    In addition to jewellery, I also accessorized with my blue Stellar 25 Bamboo Scrunchie.

    *this post contains affiliate/commission links

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    Moress Collection Review | Moress in Wonderland Collection & Lili Tae x Moress Midnight Waltz Collection

    A new video is up on my Youtube channel! I am sharing a look at two new collections from Moress: #MoressinWonderland Collection and #LiliTaexMoress Lili Tae Midnight Waltz Collection 💖 You can watch the video HERE or down below:

    Which pieces are your favourites from both collections?

    Use code EMILY to save 20% off your Moress order!

    *this post contains affiliate links

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    Disney x Pandora | Aladdin Pandora Bracelet + Arabian Night Themed Jewellery ft. Moress, Kendra Scott & Elf Beads

    In today’s video, I am sharing a look at my Disney Aladdin themed Pandora Bracelet, as well as some Arabian Night themed jewellery from a variety of jewellery brands: Kendra Scott, Moress and Elf Beads. I also share an Disney Aladdin themed outfit!

    You can watch the video HERE or down below:

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    Faunas of the Fall | Lili Tae X Moress Collection

    I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time, while enjoying the enchanting season of Autumn. I hope this blog post adds a smile to your day!

    In today’s blog and video post, I am sharing a look at some of the pieces available in Moress‘ new collection: Faunas of the Fall. This is a collaborative project where Moress teamed up with illustrator designer, Lili Tae. Together, they took her 2D illustrations and transformed them into 3D charms.

    A special thank you to Moress for sending me these pieces to review, as well to each and every one of you. I do not have these opportunities with your love and support.

    So, if you are ready…make sure to grab a cup of tea…and let me share with you this beautiful new collection!

    Faunas of the Fall

    Faunas of the Fall is a 14 piece collection. 13 of the pieces are charms, made of sterling silver. The other piece is a Japanese Silk Lili Tae Scarf.

    I received 4 charms and the scarf to review. You can watch my review video HERE, or down below:

    I received the following charms to review: Dewie, Sunny Bunny, Purring Dahlia and Cosmo Canary.

    Each charm comes with their own illustration card. On the back of each card, you will find the story of the forest creature.

    I decided to style my charms on my Moress Heritage Bangle No. 52 and added my Moress Heritage Bead No. 593 as the centrepiece.

    What do you think of this new collection? Please let me know, down below!

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    Moress Review | Bracelet & Charms

    Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and doing well, during this time. <3

    In today’s blog post, I am excited to share a review on four jewellery pieces from the Moress collection: 3 beads/charms and a bangle bracelet. A kind thank you to Moress for gifting me these items to review, as well to each and every one of you, as I wouldn’t have these opportunities without your support.

    Moress was created with the belief that people express their individuality. Every person has a creative mind. We invite you to explore our collection and create your own unique piece of jewelry. It is all about involvement and style. 

    – Moress

    About Moress

    Moress is a jewellery company based in Thailand. They have their own line of jewellery, as well as carry the following brands: Cristy Cali, Chronicles Amber, Grace Amulet, La Orr, Manterra, Millefiori, LoveIs and XJewellery.

    The name Moress, meaning peacock in Thai, symbolises beauty, elegance, prosperity, and love. In Thai folklore, peacocks can turn any poison into its lavish and vibrant plumage. This is what Moress represents – beauty and strength. 

    – Moress

    Moress Packaging

    My Moress order came well packaged. A bubble wrap envelope was placed in an additional envelope, and the jewellery items were packaged in two Moress jewellery boxes.

    The three charms were placed in a Moress charm box. Inside the box, they were strung on a silver ribbon that was taped behind the boxed insert, to keep them from falling off.

    The bangle was inside a Moress bracelet box. It also was placed into a ziplock bag and anti-tarnish pouch. I love that they included the ziplock bag because it further prevents the bracelet from tarnishing.

    Inside the box, it also had a silver polish cloth, a lovely surprise to see!


    My Moress order shipped very fast. It took about a week to arrive. For my friends in Canada and the USA, you might need to pay duty, as I had a balance owing on my order.

    The Jewellery | Moress Collection

    Now, it is time to share my review and first impressions of the Moress Jewellery. Let’s start with the charms/beads!

    Bunny Bella Bead | Moress Charms

    As soon as I saw the Bunny Bella bead, I was in-love! I first saw her in a bracelet design by @saidibear. I loved the she had a genuine Opal stone (as her tummy) and a beautiful hand-painted flower detail, on her back. When Moress contacted me, I was so excited to have the opportunity to see her in-person!

    Bella Bunny is a limited edition bead for Easter 2020.

    Bunny Bella is beautifully detailed. I love beads that are packed with detail. She has the cutest little nose, furry detailing over her body, a fluffy tail and beautiful upright ears. On her back, she carries a beautiful, hand-painted enamel flower. It is so bright and cheerful, a lovely reminder of spring. She is lovely weight, not too heavy.

    She is made from Sterling Silver and retails for $47.53 USD.
    The Moress hallmarks are placed on her foot. She has a threaded core.

    I love Bunny Bella soo much! She is just the sweetest and has made me intrigued to order from Moress Spring/Summer 2020 collection, which features more charming little forest creatures and beautiful hand-painted enamel flowers.

    Royal Heritage Elephant Bead | Moress Charms

    The Royal Heritage Elephant bead is magnificent. He represents the Thai elephants and Moress dedicated this special bead to raise funds for Save Thai Elephants foundation. There are only 500 made and 10% of all sales will be donated. Royal Heritage Elephant retails for $28.50 USD.

    He is lovingly detailed with colourful enamel details of maroon red, green, blue and yellow found on his garments, both on his head, back and feet.

    Royal Heritage Elephant has adorable big ears, a cute curling tail and beautiful tusks. He is also made from Sterling Silver.

    The Moress hallmarks are found on the bottom of his back feet. He has a great weight about him, about the same as Bunny Bella. He has a threaded core.

    While Bunny Bella is still my favourite pick, Royal Heritage Elephant is a very close second. He looks so sweet and gentle and I am so excited to style with him!

    Heritage Bead No. 593| Flower Pattern | Moress Charms

    The last bead I have to share with you is a decorative charm. It is called the Heritage Bead No. 593 | Flower Pattern. As soon as I saw it on Moress estore, I fell in-love with it. I loved the floral details and delicate sparkle. It is made of Sterling Silver with cubic zirconia accents. Decorative beads are a must (for me) when it comes to designing!

    This bead was inspired by our traditional Sukhothai Silver Jewellery, Fabric Patterns and Thai Culture. We embrace our own roots and deliver a design that can last for generations. Timeless and beautiful heritage bead.

    – Moress

    Like the Royal Heritage Elephant, 10% of all sales will go to the Save Thai Elephant foundation. This bead retails for $38.02 USD.

    The cubic zirconias provide a delicate sparkle on the Heritage Bead No. 593. They appear to be well-set and I am not worried about them falling out.

    The Moress hallmarks are found on the side of the bead, near the core.

    This bead is light weight with no threading. I love how dainty it is and plan to order a second one! I think having two would pair with Bunny Bella beautifully. And maybe a few of the new enamel flowers too!

    All three beads are beautiful and surprised me with their quality of silver and craftsmanship. I love that they have something to appreciate, from every angle…especially on Royal Heritage Elephant and Bunny Bella.

    Now, it’s time to give these three beads/charms a bracelet home:

    Heritage Bangle No. 52 | Moress Bracelet

    Browsing on Moress website, I saw some gorgeous bangle designs. In the past, I had been tempted by Maud of @mycharmdmoments1974 and her bangle, but as soon as I saw the Heritage Bangle No. 52, it was love!

    It had a beautiful fairytale feel to it and I loved that it was an oval shape (quite promising for a comfortable fit).

    The Heritage Bangle No. 52 is a Sterling Silver bangle with Stoppers. It features a beautiful filigree design along the sides. Like the other pieces in Moress’ Heritage Collection, 10% of all sales will be donated to the Save Thai Elephant foundation. It retails for $50.38 USD.

    The stoppers have clear silicone inside, to help keep beads/charms in place. They are very shiny and I had no issues with the silicone falling out.

    I couldn’t wait to add my three Moress beads/charms onto the bangle. I found the stoppers did a good job at keep the beads in place.

    Although I wouldn’t normally style all there of these beads together, I thought they looked quite cute all together! I loved that the detailing on Royal Heritage Elephant echoed the pretty filigree detail on the bangle too!

    When I first put the bangle on, it seemed quite big! But I soon realized if you gentle squeezed it, it helped customize a perfect fit!

    As I thought, the oval shape was very comfortable on. The bracelet (on it’s own) is very lightweight. When I added the three charms, it still felt very comfortable and I could see myself adding 3-4 more beads, depending on size.

    I also feel this bangle will accommodate other charms and beads from other brands too, which I love! I love when my bracelets can be more “universal” with other bead brands, as it opens the door to many fun and creative design options.

    The Moress Heritage bangle is also very easy to design with, as there is no need to thread beads/charms on or off of it.

    And that is it for today’s blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading my review on Moress. Please let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them! I would also love to know if any of you have any pieces from Moress and what you think of their jewellery pieces. Please leave a comment, down below!

    Have a wonderful rest of your day! I hope every one is staying safe and healthy.