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    Aurora Winter Collection | Love & Protection

    Aurora welcomes their new winter 2022 collection: Love & Protection. I have a new YouTube video sharing an overview and review of four of the charms in the upcoming release. There currently is an active pre-sale and the collection will officially launch on November 11th, 2022.

    You can find the video HERE or down below:

    Here is a look at my bracelet stack, featuring the four new charms:

    Which charm is your favourite?

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    Aurora Autumn and Halloween Collection Review | My Aurora Autumn Halloween Charm Bracelet

    Aurora Charm Autumn & Halloween Collection Review + Design with Me (bracelet and necklace styling) video is up on my Youtube channel:

    Here is a look at my Aurora charm bracelet design for the autumn and halloween season!

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    Aurora Sunshine Collection Review & Styling

    “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day” ☁️☀️✨ A special package arrived from Aurora. Inside was their new Sunshine collection, featuring: Taha’a Island Purple Sea Glass, Orange Tiger Lily, Jelly the Octopus, Pink Oriental Lily, Sunny the Parrot, Blue Tiger Lily. ☀️✨

    I just posted a new Youtube video to share a review and styling of the new release! You can watch it HERE or down below!

    I love the vibrant, energizing and happy colours. ☀️✨

    A huge thank you to Aurora for gifting me this beautiful collection to review, as well as to this community, as I wouldn’t have these opportunities without each and every one of you. 🤍

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    Aurora Pre-Sale | Loco Amigo – Spirit Animal | Around the World

    Aurora has announced a pre-sale today (Tuesday September 7th 13.00 Central Europe Time) for the upcoming launch of their newest charm: Loco Amigo! If you order during the pre-sale, Aurora is offering a 10% discount off the charm. After the pre-sale, the charm will go back to it’s regular price of € 49.95.

    The Official Release Date is September 28th, 2021

    The charm, Loco Amigo (meaning Crazy Friend) is inspired by a Mexican Spirit Animal. The charm is an adorable creature with colourful hand painted enamel accents. It is part of Aurora’s “Around the World” collection.

    Here is Aurora’s inspiration behind the charm:

    In Mexico it is believed that every person has a Spirit Guide called an “Alebrije.”  It is a sort of spirit animal, meant to guide you through your life. These animals are guides, protectors and mischief makers. They keep us from danger while also urging us toward adventure, ensuring that we live lives filled with everyday magic. You may have seen these spirit animals before, perhaps in popular movies (Coco by Disney, etc.) or during a Day of the Dead celebration. We are bringing this charm to customers well in time before the Day of the Dead Celebration in Mexico (2nd Nov), which corelates with Halloween Day.


    Aurora will be gifting me this charm to review for all of you! Stay tuned for an upcoming Youtube video and Instagram post! What do you think of this charm?

    Photos courtesy of Aurora.

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