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    OHM Beads | The August Release

    Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and well, during this time. 

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    In today’s blog and video, I am sharing an unboxing and first impressions of the OHM Beads August 2020 Release. This release contains 21 beads total. There are two collections: OHM Camping and OHM Geek 2.0. Also releasing are two OHM country exclusives, as well an OHM Lab bead and OHMistry Project bead.

    Stock photos courtesy of OHM Beads.
    These beads were gifted to me from OHM Beads.

    The release date is August 6th, 2020.

    To see my unboxing and first impressions video, click HERE or you can watch the video down below:

    My Unboxing & First Impressions:

    This release is HUGE!!! I am looking forward to sharing styling and bead design ideas, especially with my favourite collection: OHM Camping. Stay tuned for future content.

    The August Release:


    From left to right:

    1. OHM Call Out ($35 US)
    2. OHM Camp Walden ($45 US)
    3. OHM Bar None Ranch ($45 US)
    4. OHM Chill ($80 US)
    5. OHM Firewood ($45 US)
    6. OHM Lantern ($45 US)
    7. OHM Rise Higher ($50 US)
    8. OHM Monkey Fist ($55 US)
    9. OHM Camp North Star ($45 US)
    10. OHM Camp Takota ($45 US)
    11. OHM Ball ($20 US)
    12. OHM Explore ($85 US)


    From left to right:

    1. OHM Overreacting ($40 US)
    2. OHM Be Counted ($40 US)
    3. OHM Eye Love ($40 US)
    4. OHM Critical Hit ($60 US)
    5. OHM Another Variant ($30 US)

    OHMistry Project | Campfire

    $45 US OHMist:
    Maya Uhryniuk

    OHM LAB | Mandala

    $50 US
    Laboratory Assistant:

    Catherine Portela

    OHM Exclusives

    OHM in Australia | Didgeridoo

    OHM Didgeridoo retails for $45 US.

    OHM in Thailand | Wat Wall Glass

    OHM Wat Wall retails for ฿ 2,200.

    Which beads are your favourites from this release?