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Aurora Charm Upcycled Universe Collection PLUS: Charm Bracelet Design with Me!

Upcycled Universe by Aurora Charm is their newest jewelry collection and it is literally out of this world amazing! Each charm tells a part of Aurora Charm’s inspirational story about a robot named, Scrapy who discovers a suitcase on his planet. Inside the suitcase are different ideas…and even a map is discovered on the bottom of the suitcase! This suitcase inspires Scrapy…who ultimately ends up inspiring us all with his new-found purpose! To hear more about the story (and for a detailed look at each bead), check out my new video on YouTube:

Also, can you spot the wooden charm box? It’s a new item you can add to your order! You can add custom engraving to it and are able to pick from a variety of fonts!! I share a close-up look in my video too! ✨🤖

A special thank you to Aurora for gifting me these pieces to review and style with! A big thank you to this community, as well! I wouldn’t have these opportunities without each and every one of you! ✨💕