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Pandora Collection | How I Organized my Stackers Jewellery Box for the Autumn Fall Season

In case you missed it, I have a new Pandora Collection video up on my Youtube channel! I am sharing a look at how I organized my Stackers Jewellery Box tray for the autumn/fall season. You will see a look at all my favourite Pandora jewellery pieces (and a few other brands) I love to wear during the autumn time!

You can find the video HERE or down below:

Can you spot my, Enchanted Forest themed Pandora Bracelet? You may even be able to spot Disney’s Thumper and Bambi on it!

I also have my Butterfly Garden Friendship Pandora Bracelet and Guinea Pig themed Pandora Bracelet:

And you may even be able to spot a special mushroom necklace, some Pandora necklaces, rings, and earrings, Pandora Essence, Pandora charms I like to use on my Pandora O Pendant, an Enso ring and a cute Disney Parks Mickey Swirl necklace!