OHM Kickin’ Peaches | OHMistry Project with MyPrettyCharmedLife

Two days ago I uploaded a very special video for me because it is all about the bead my best friend, Nichol (AKA @MyPrettyCharmedLife) designed in collaboration with OHM Beads. The bead is called OHM Kickin’ Peaches. You can watch the video above to hear my review and thoughts on her bead.

This bead is the May OHMistry Project and it releases on May 1st, 2020 at 11:00 AM Albuquerque, NM (GMT-6). The bead will retail for $45 US.

OHM Beads | Preview of the May 2020 Collection

Happy OHM Beads Preview Day! Today, I am sharing an overview video of the new collection coming out from OHM Beads. The main collection releases on April 30th, 2020 and the OHMistry Project by @MyPrettyCharmedLife releases on May 1st, 2020 at 11:00 AM Albuquerque, NM (GMT-6). I also share an overview of last month’s OHMistry Project, OHM Woot Bear.

You can watch my overview video HERE or above!

Here is a look at the May collection beads you will see in the video:

This is OHM Cat Fish. The illustration is done by Mai Alali | yunacunn and will be an OHM Sticker! This bead will retail for $50 US.

Next up we have the OHM Fairy Wren glass barrel bead. This is exclusive to OHM Australia. It will retail for $45 US.

AND…the bead I am most excited! OHM Kickin’ Peaches designed by Nichol | @MyPrettyCharmedLife (formally known as, MyPandoraCharmedLife). This is the May OHMistry project and it will retail for $45 US. Nichol made a special video for this bead. You can watch it HERE. Or down below:

Not shown in my video, but also coming out in May are two more beads:

There is OHM Venetus which is an exclusive to OHM in Europe. Price is not confirmed, at this time.

There is also OHM OhmmyGod 5.0. This is a retailer exclusive release for Great Lakes Boutique. It is a special release for their Spring Bead Bash on the lake event. This bead will retail for $60 US.

And that is it for this blog post! Which beads are you looking forward to?

I hope you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and doing well. <3

Kendra Scott | Color Bar Experience | Customize Your Jewellery

Happy Tuesday! I hope you and your loves ones are healthy, safe and doing well. I also hope this blog post adds some fun into your day!

Near the end of February 2020, I went to visit my bestie, Nichol (@MyPrettyCharmedLife) in New Mexico. We had an amazing time together! AND…we did a ton of shopping! One of the stores we went to was Kendra Scott. We booked an appointment to try out their Color Bar by Kendra Scott experience. Although, I owned a bracelet from Kendra Scott already, I had never been into a store! I was looking forward to going inside and customizing jewellery with Nichol, as well as her sister and Presley.

On March 1st, Nichol, Nichol’s sister, little Presley and I drove over to the local Kendra Scott store. We were greeted by two associates. They told us they were running a bit behind schedule. We were offered champagne, (orange juice for Presley), and the opportunity to browse the store. None of us had minded this, as we had been curious to see what jewellery items were available!

Browsing around at Kendra Scott

The retail space was welcoming with a bright, open space. There were modern structures, furniture and styling details. My own home decor is mainly white, gold with light wood notes…so it was fun to see this colour theme at Kendra Scott! This colour theme also made the jewellery pieces stand out beautifully, especially the more colourful and vibrant gemstone pieces.

The jewellery was beautifully showcased on a variety of displays. These displays also followed the gold and white colour theme. The jewellery was also organized by collection and theme.

Unlike some jewellery stores, the displays allowed the customer to pickup, touch and even try on the jewellery. This added to the welcoming feel! Even though the associates had been busy, they still asked us if we had any questions or required assistance.

Just as we were nearing the end of our browsing, we were told they were ready to start our Color Bar appointment. They led us to the middle of the store with a huge display that read: Customize Color Bar by Kendra Scott.

What is the Kendra Scott Color Bar?

The Color Bar by Kendra Scott is an opportunity to sip champagne and nibble on sweet treats while enjoying a private styling consultation. After the consultation, you have the unique experience of customizing your chosen Kendra Scott pieces. Customization consists of metal colour (vintage gold, vintage silver, gold, silver, rose gold), as well as gemstones (they have a huge selection).

The Color Bar by Kendra Scott began in 2009. Here is what Kendra Scott wrote (on their website) about how it works:

From fan favorites to limited edition stones to exclusive silhouettes, the Color Bar has it all – and it’s easy as 1, 2, 3! Just choose your style, choose your metal, and then choose your stones. The best part is that everything’s hand set in minutes, which means no extra wait whether you’re shopping in-store or online. Sound like fun? We definitely think so too.

– Kendra Scott

We all gathered around the Color Bar with the Color Bar Stylist. She showed us a book with the customizable jewellery items available. In the back of the book, it also showcased all the different gemstones available. The book also listed price points, including the pricing of gemstones.

Below, is a video of us looking through the book, with the stylist, as well as a quick look at the Color Bar area.

After our consultation, we decided to look at the selection of gemstones first, to give us some ideas on what jewellery pieces to add them to! All the gemstones were placed in trays and organized by gemstone type.

We all picked out our favourite colours and debated what colour theme to use! Nichol settled on blue, but was torn between two colours.

I selected a variety of neutral gemstone colours, but I also chose some more darker gemstones too. I had found a dainty chain bracelet in a vintage gold colour. It was beautiful! I thought either of these colour themes would pair beautifully with it.

After some debate, I ultimately settled on the darker stones. They popped out against the gold beautifully!

After designing the bracelet with my chosen gemstones, I also designed with two more jewellery pieces: a ring and a necklace. It is always nice to have a jewellery set! Sadly, after realizing the jewellery items were not silver (underneath the gold plating), I decided not to go with the necklace. I have sensitive skin and often can get rashes, especially on my neck.

I decided that if the bracelet and ring do not cause a reaction, I would go back for the necklace, in the future.

After I had picked out my gemstones, the Color Bar stylist set them for me! They looked so beautiful! Here is what I picked out:

Dedra Bracelet

The dainty chain bracelet I chose was the Dedra Bracelet. It is 14K gold plated over brass, with cubic zirconia accents. I customized it with two gemstones: Platinum Drusy and Abalone Shell.

Drusy is the natural crystallization on a rock surface. All of our Drusy is genuine and has a rich sparkling appearance. Our range of Drusy colors are achieved by a custom plating process that coats the stone’s surface.

– Kendra Scott

Abalone Shell is the artful inner shell of a mollusk, whose hard, rock-like outer shell disguises the moody natural mix of blue and green underneath. Never dyed or enhanced in any way, Abalone Shell is one of nature’s most dazzling materials.

– Kendra Scott

Elyse Ring

I also chose the Elyse ring in 14K gold plating. It features an oval shape and an open design. The Elyse ring is a statement ring, but one I felt would compliment the dainty chain of my Dedra bracelet! I had looked at other statement rings and they felt too bold to pair with the bracelet.

It wasn’t long before Nichol, Nichol’s sister and little Presley also settled on their chosen jewellery pieces. Nichol and her sister also chose to create a jewellery set. Presley customized a beautiful necklace.

To see what Nichol picked out (and a closer look at my Kendra Scott pieces), feel free to watch our jewellery shopping haul video HERE or down below:

After our jewellery pieces were set, they were packaged up in vibrant yellow packaging. The presentation and packaging was beautiful! Each jewellery item was put inside a separate fabric bag. A branded insert was also tucked inside. The fabric bags were placed into a beautiful Kendra Scott themed box, a bow was added and box was placed into a Kendra Scott bag.

Overall, we all had a wonderful afternoon together! All 4 of us (plus stuffed animal, Scamp) would recommend the Color Bar by Kendra Scott experience!

Do you own any jewellery pieces from Kendra Scott?

OHM Beads | Alice in Wonderland Collection | Youtube Video is up!

A new video is up on my Youtube channel. If you remember my last blog post, this is the video about the OHM Beads Alice in Wonderland collection. I also share some scenes from when Nichol (MyPandoraCharmedLife) and I went to the Ivy Tea Room. They were having an Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party and this was one of the reasons I came to visit Nichol, at the end of February/early March (I also just LOVE her and missed her terribly, haha)! #beadsandtea was so much fun!

You can watch the video, HERE. Or you can watch it down below:

If you plan to make your first ever OHM Beads order, feel free to use my referral link or use code: EMILY1RVCHMDY (at checkout) to save 11% off your first OHM Beads purchase!

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and doing well, during this outbreak. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Pandora Jewellery Christmas Swap with FierceZhai, MyPandoraCharmedLife and My.Xpressions!

Tomorrow, I will be premiering my last video in this wonderful Christmas Swap series that Elizabeth, Nichol, Jahndra and I all participated in! The creative idea to do a Pandora Christmas gift exchange was Elizabeth’s idea and she passed it along to us girls! I had never done a swap before and I was so excited! In this post, I’ll share a little more detail about the swap experience.

How We Planned It All Out!

Elizabeth and Jahndra had done a swap together before, so they shared all their tips with Nichol and I! We all decided to create wish lists of Pandora items we would love to own (retired, new, hard to find, etc). This way, we could get one another something truly special! We also created separate chat groups (excluding one of us), so we could discuss ideas on what to get and avoid gifting the same item!

Once we settled on who was getting what for who, we went shopping for those special Pandora items!!! And all of us cheated by including some fun, non-pandora gifts too!!! It was too hard not to want to spoil these wonderful ladies!

Shipping All Over the World!

Once we had gathered up our items, it was time to wrap them and ship them off! What I loved most about Elizabeth, Nichol and Jahndra’s gift was how creative they wrapped their gifts. They had so many cute notes and hints on what to open first, etc. If I ever get to do a swap again, I am totally going to do this idea! I loved it and it made the gift opening experience very special and thoughtful.

Shipping was pretty interesting for all of us! Since we all live in different countries, it was quite an experience…especially, at Christmas time! One of the busiest seasons for mail services. For me, I had a few issues:

  • Canada Post was on strike, but luckily it didn’t take too much longer for Elizabeth’s gift to arrive…and it did make it before Christmas, thank goodness. I had wanted to ship with Fedex, but it ended up being crazy expensive, so I decided to try it with Canada Post after they assured me it would make it there before Christmas.
  • Fedex’s systems were down when I went to mail off Jahndra and Nichol’s gifts. They ended up loosing the handwritten paper work I filled out on both shipments. I had to make a few phone calls, but luckily…everything was sorted out, in a timely manner.
  • If there’s one thing I would do differently with shipment, I would have sent my items out earlier!!! But that being said, everything arrived before Christmas.

And What Did We Surprise Each Other With?

Linked below are all three of my swap unboxing videos, with links to each friend’s unboxing video of the gifts I sent her!

I will say this as a tip: make sure your external microphone is fully charged before filming. While I was filming Nichol’s gifts, my external mic ended up dying and it caused some issues with the sound/audio quality. Luckily, I was able to edit the sound to be slightly better…but still not to my normal standards. I was so frustrated, but you cannot re-film a swap/unboxing video!

My Pandora Swap with Jahndra
My Pandora Swap with Nichol
My Pandora Swap with Elizabeth

Youtube Live with MyPandoraCharmedLife!


So excited to announce that Nichol and I will be hosting a second “virtual tea date” on Youtube Live! It has been long overdue, since we were planning to make it a monthly event! Both our lives got a bit crazier, over the last few months and we are happy that things have calmed down, so we can put some time into this!!!

In this Youtube Live, we will be discussing the Pandora 2018 Christmas collection, a Q&A and more!!! If you would like to join us, make sure to get a cup of tea ready and free up your Sunday at 5:00 PM Eastern! The live will be hosted on my Youtube Channel, FashionStoryteller, so make sure you have notifications turned off (just click that bell), to get a notification when the live starts!

We are so looking forward to it and hope to see you there!!!

xx Emily

Thank you (youtube live was so much fun)!

A huge thank you to everyone who joined Nichol and I for our first official tea/coffee date on Youtube. It was such a fun way to connect and chat with you all and I honestly enjoyed every minute. Nichol and I are planning to do monthly live chats together, rotating on our channels…and I cannot wait until the next one!

During the live chat…quite a few of you mentioned us creating a Facebook group. This is such a fun idea and is something we are going to look into! We would love to know what kind of things you would like to see on the facebook group. Please let us know!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and a great week ahead!!!

Until next time..

Emily xx