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Namjosh Review and Unboxing | Namjosh Summer Collection

I love this time of the year! The weather is so beautiful…the little glimmers of summer weather is so heartwarming! It’s so nice to make a cup of tea and look out the window and see the sun shining bright and early. My dog, Alice Haenim also loves it too…our early morning walks are warm and bright. She likes to go on longer walks and I love that! In the colder seasons, she can’t wait to go back inside on early morning walks 🐾

I’m getting so excited for summer adventures…and summer outfits! I recently received a new package from Namjosh with 5 gifted headbands from their new summer collection, including this one I’m wearing! Isn’t it so pretty and perfect for a day at the beach…or beach dreaming? 🏝️ it features a seahorse and a starfish on each side of the headband. I styled it with my white dress and I love how they look together. 🤍🩵

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I’m excited to share more summer styling with my new Namjosh headbands. I love how headbands add colour and a natural glow to my face and dress up an outfit so nicely! ✨

Each Namjosh Headband is handmade in India. They are fair trade and sustainably made too!

I have a new video up on my YouTube channel, sharing a review of Namjosh headbands, as well as an unboxing of the summer collection. You can find the Namjosh review and styling video here:

Do you own any Namjosh Headbands?