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    Christmas in July | Disney Christmas themed Pandora Bracelet | Christmas Memories themed Pandora Bracelet

    Merry Christmas in July! A new video is up on my YouTube channel! I am sharing a look at my Christmas Disney themed Pandora bracelet, as well as an updated look at my Christmas Memories themed Pandora Bracelet! You can watch the video HERE or down below:

    Here is a look at the two Pandora bracelets:

    *this post contains affiliate links/commission links

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    My Pandora Ornament Collection | Pandora 2020 Decorative Ornament Charm

    Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays! Today, I uploaded a new video to my Youtube Channel: My Pandora Ornament Collection + this year’s Black Friday Limited Edition 2020 Charm and Ornament.

    You can find the video HERE or down below:

    Over the years, I have had some video requests to share a closer look at my Pandora Ornaments, so I decided this would be a fun project to work on! I also filmed a fun Instagram Reel, if you would like to see a 30 second look at my collection!

    In this video, you will see the following Pandora Ornaments closeup:

    • 2013 Pandora Santa Claus Ornament 2014 Pandora Christmas Sleight Ornament
    • 2016 Pandora Christmas Present Ornament 2017 Pandora Christmas Bell Ornament
    • 2017 Pandora Christmas Radio City Rockettes Ornament and Limited Edition Pandora Charm
    • 2018 Pandora Jared Exclusive Gift Box Ornament
    • 2018 Pandora Christmas Ball Ornament
    • 2019 Pandora Snow Globe Ornament with limited edition Black Friday charm
    • 2020 Pandora Ornament and limited edition 2020 Black Friday charm

    This year’s ornament |
    2020 Limited Edition Decorative Ornament Charm in Pandora Rose

    This year’s Limited Edition Pandora Winter 2020 Ornament and Charm was a must from my Black Friday shopping! I love to collect the Pandora ornaments every year! Plus, it’s always nice to treat yourself to something special too.

    Like previous years, this ornament comes with a beautiful holiday charm. This years is a Pandora Rose two tone charm called the, Decorative Ornament. I love it so much! I’m going to add it to my Pandora Rose Winter themed Bangle design. What do you think of it?

    Like many of you, I also hope that Pandora brings back the porcelain ornaments too. Fingers crossed for next year!

    Do you have any Pandora Ornaments? If so, which ones!

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    Pandora 20 | The House Charm

    I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time. I hope this blog post adds a smile to your day!

    Throughout the year, Pandora celebrated their 20th Anniversary of the Pandora Moments charm bracelet. This charm bracelet was first released in 2000. To celebrate 20 years of collecting, Pandora went through their archives and brought back a vintage charm every month in 2020. All 12 of the charms are limited-edition. Each charm will be available only until it has sold out, which makes all 12 charms an absolute must for a Pandora collector!

    I am so excited to celebrate the release of the last Pandora 20th Anniversary charm! To celebrate Pandora’s 20th anniversary, each month I share the story behind a special charm from my collection, and reveal what the limited-edition Pandora 20 Charm is!

    So, if you are ready to see the last charm in the Pandora 20th Anniversary Collection, make sure to grab a cup of tea…and let me share this month’s charm.

    * All 2020 Limited Edition House charm photos are provided by Pandora *

    The 2020 Limited Edition House Charm

    It’s December 20th! Today we celebrate the relaunch of the House charm! The original style number of this vintage charm was 790115. The 20th Anniversary House charm is also done in sterling silver. The Pandora 20 hallmark is displayed on the front of the charm, located in the centre of the roof. The House charm features cut-out doors, windows and a chimney.

    Prices from $35 USD and $40 CAD.

    Each 2020 House charm comes with a certificate, confirming its authenticity.

    The 2020 Limited Edition House Charm is available globally on Pandora’s estore and in selected Pandora stores. Very limited numbers are available, so it’s best to purchase today, December 20th, 2020…if its not already sold out!

    Click HERE to shop (EN)
    Click HERE to shop (FR)

    *please note that these charms are very limited. Until supplies last.

    Celebrate #Pandora20 with me:

    Each month, I celebrate Pandora’s 20th anniversary by sharing the story behind a special charm from my personal Pandora collection. For this month, I am telling the story behind the Christmas House Dangle Charm. The style number is 797517EN27. I have it on my Christmas themed Pandora Bracelet:

    Each charm on this bracelet represents special Christmas memories, Christmas traditions and what the holiday season means to me.

    My Story behind the Christmas House Dangle Charm:

    I have created a Youtube video to more personally tell you the story behind this charm! You can watch it HERE or down below:

    The Details…

    The Christmas House Dangle Charm

    The Christmas House Dangle charm is a sterling silver charm with red enamel, and sparkling cubic zirconia detailing on the bale. The front of the dangle is a red house with windows, a door and a tiny wreath. It also has a tiled roof and a chimney with a hidden heart detail on the top. The back of the charm features a Christmas scene with a tree, presents and a fireplace. It has some oxidation detail to add to the dimension. This charm has a dollhouse-like feel to it!

    And that concludes this blog post! I would like to thank Pandora for the special opportunity to be a part of their 20th Anniversary celebration! I cannot believe this is the last month of Pandora 20. I loved sharing in the fun with all of you! A special thank you also to this wonderful community for helping to make such a special dream come true for me. I will cherish each month of the Pandora 20th Anniversary celebration through a special 20th themed bracelet. Three of these charms were gifted to me from Pandora, which makes them extra special!

    Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day and a safe and heartwarming Christmas and Holiday season.

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    My Pandora Haul | Recent Sale and Limited Edition Purchases

    Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and well, during this time. 

    #BlackLivesMatter | To learn more, click HERE.

    This past Saturday, I uploaded a new video to my Youtube Channel! It is all about my recent Pandora purchases from the recent sales going on. You’ll see pieces from Disney X Pandora collection, Pandora Rose collection and a few Limited Edition pieces too!

    You can watch the video HERE or down below:

    Did you purchase anything from the Jared’s or Pandora sales?

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    Pandora Winter Collection | Haul and Styling

    Pandora Winter Collection 2019

    In this video, I share my favourite items from the Pandora Winter collection and why they are meaningful to me! I also show how I chose to design and style them together, on bracelets and with two different outfits! I hope you enjoy this video…I love that Ella was able to co-host with me.

    Enjoying a cup of DAVIDsTEA with Ella!
    Celestial Stars Pandora Ring
    Dream it. Wish it. DO IT!
    Pave Star Slider detail!


    Kate Spade New York Star Silk Dress
    Pandora Pave Star Slider Bracelet + Inspiration Stars Dangle Pandora Charm

    Dress: Kate Spade Silk Chiffon Dress (retired) Similar design
    Pandora Pave Star Slider Bracelet *
    Inspirational Dangle Pandora Charm *
    Celestial Stars Pandora Ring *
    Pandora Bracelet | When You Wish Upon A Star | Disneyland themed bracelet
    Starshine Pandora Earrings (retired)
    Pandora Starshine Ring (retiring)
    Pandora Star Ring (retired)

    * These Pandora Jewellery items were gifted to me from Gold-N-Memories Pandora for our collaboration on Instagram! They were so sweet and sponsored some of my Instagram content in celebration of their new online store! I have been a huge fan and customer of Gold-N-Memories for around 2 years and I cannot recommend them enough! They have amazing customer service and ship Canada Wide! You can see their full Pandora collection online and can place an order on their estore or feel free to give them a call or send them an email, with your order (that’s what I love to do).

    I love Anthropologie! It is one of my favourite stores to purchase special and cute clothing items!

    Blue Star Sweater Between You & Me | Anthropologie
    Liquid Charcoal Black Leggings
    Roots Cabin Socks
    Pandora Sliding Bracelet + Pandora Charms
    Pandora Fireworks Bangle + Pandora Charms | Disney x Pandora Aladdin Pandora O Pendant
    This necklace has:
    Ohm Beads Beadmas Tree
    Ohm Beads Snow Angel
    Ohm Beads St. Nick

    And everything else worn is the same as outfit one!

    What are your favourite pieces from the Pandora Winter 2019 Collection?
    I love the Pandora Winter Packaging, this year! A magical night’s sky!
    Pandora Sliding Bracelet! Can you spot my Disney x Pandora | When You Wish Upon A Star Disneyland themed Pandora Bracelet?
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    Pandora Jewellery Christmas Swap with FierceZhai, MyPandoraCharmedLife and My.Xpressions!

    Tomorrow, I will be premiering my last video in this wonderful Christmas Swap series that Elizabeth, Nichol, Jahndra and I all participated in! The creative idea to do a Pandora Christmas gift exchange was Elizabeth’s idea and she passed it along to us girls! I had never done a swap before and I was so excited! In this post, I’ll share a little more detail about the swap experience.

    How We Planned It All Out!

    Elizabeth and Jahndra had done a swap together before, so they shared all their tips with Nichol and I! We all decided to create wish lists of Pandora items we would love to own (retired, new, hard to find, etc). This way, we could get one another something truly special! We also created separate chat groups (excluding one of us), so we could discuss ideas on what to get and avoid gifting the same item!

    Once we settled on who was getting what for who, we went shopping for those special Pandora items!!! And all of us cheated by including some fun, non-pandora gifts too!!! It was too hard not to want to spoil these wonderful ladies!

    Shipping All Over the World!

    Once we had gathered up our items, it was time to wrap them and ship them off! What I loved most about Elizabeth, Nichol and Jahndra’s gift was how creative they wrapped their gifts. They had so many cute notes and hints on what to open first, etc. If I ever get to do a swap again, I am totally going to do this idea! I loved it and it made the gift opening experience very special and thoughtful.

    Shipping was pretty interesting for all of us! Since we all live in different countries, it was quite an experience…especially, at Christmas time! One of the busiest seasons for mail services. For me, I had a few issues:

    • Canada Post was on strike, but luckily it didn’t take too much longer for Elizabeth’s gift to arrive…and it did make it before Christmas, thank goodness. I had wanted to ship with Fedex, but it ended up being crazy expensive, so I decided to try it with Canada Post after they assured me it would make it there before Christmas.
    • Fedex’s systems were down when I went to mail off Jahndra and Nichol’s gifts. They ended up loosing the handwritten paper work I filled out on both shipments. I had to make a few phone calls, but luckily…everything was sorted out, in a timely manner.
    • If there’s one thing I would do differently with shipment, I would have sent my items out earlier!!! But that being said, everything arrived before Christmas.

    And What Did We Surprise Each Other With?

    Linked below are all three of my swap unboxing videos, with links to each friend’s unboxing video of the gifts I sent her!

    I will say this as a tip: make sure your external microphone is fully charged before filming. While I was filming Nichol’s gifts, my external mic ended up dying and it caused some issues with the sound/audio quality. Luckily, I was able to edit the sound to be slightly better…but still not to my normal standards. I was so frustrated, but you cannot re-film a swap/unboxing video!

    My Pandora Swap with Jahndra
    My Pandora Swap with Nichol
    My Pandora Swap with Elizabeth
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