OHM Beads | Preview of the May 2020 Collection

Happy OHM Beads Preview Day! Today, I am sharing an overview video of the new collection coming out from OHM Beads. The main collection releases on April 30th, 2020 and the OHMistry Project by @MyPrettyCharmedLife releases on May 1st, 2020 at 11:00 AM Albuquerque, NM (GMT-6). I also share an overview of last month’s OHMistry Project, OHM Woot Bear.

You can watch my overview video HERE or above!

Here is a look at the May collection beads you will see in the video:

This is OHM Cat Fish. The illustration is done by Mai Alali | yunacunn and will be an OHM Sticker! This bead will retail for $50 US.

Next up we have the OHM Fairy Wren glass barrel bead. This is exclusive to OHM Australia. It will retail for $45 US.

AND…the bead I am most excited! OHM Kickin’ Peaches designed by Nichol | @MyPrettyCharmedLife (formally known as, MyPandoraCharmedLife). This is the May OHMistry project and it will retail for $45 US. Nichol made a special video for this bead. You can watch it HERE. Or down below:

Not shown in my video, but also coming out in May are two more beads:

There is OHM Venetus which is an exclusive to OHM in Europe. Price is not confirmed, at this time.

There is also OHM OhmmyGod 5.0. This is a retailer exclusive release for Great Lakes Boutique. It is a special release for their Spring Bead Bash on the lake event. This bead will retail for $60 US.

And that is it for this blog post! Which beads are you looking forward to?

I hope you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and doing well. <3

PANDORA 20 | The Limited Edition Sterling Silver Heart Charm

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this outbreak. I hope this blog post adds some happiness into your day. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone.

This year, Pandora celebrates their 20th Anniversary of the Pandora Moments charm bracelet. This charm bracelet was first released in 2000. To celebrate 20 years of collecting, Pandora is going through their archives and bringing back a vintage charm every month in 2020. All 12 of the charms will be limited-edition. Each charm will be available only until it has sold out, which makes all 12 charms an absolute must for a Pandora collector!

I am so excited to join Pandora in celebrating this special milestone! To celebrate Pandora’s anniversary, each month, I will share a special story behind a charm in my collection, and reveal what the limited-edition Pandora 20 Charm is!

* All 2020 Limited Edition Sterling Silver Heart photos are provided by Pandora *

So, make sure to grab a cup of tea…and let me share with you what this month’s charm is:

Hello April 20th! Today we celebrate the relaunch of the Sterling Silver Heart charm! This vintage charm was also known as the “Smooth Heart” charm. Its original style number was 790137. The updated version has the Pandora 20 hallmark on the front.

Each 2020 Limited Edition Sterling Silver Heart charm comes with a certificate, confirming its authenticity.

I surprisingly do not have this vintage charm in my Pandora collection. It is such a classic! I love the updated version with the Pandora 20 hallmark. I hope I am able to order it online and add it onto my 2020 themed Pandora bracelet.

The 2020 Limited Edition Sterling Silver Heart Charm is available globally, at select stores* and on Pandora’s estoreVery limited numbers are available, so it is best to purchase today, April 20th, 2020…if its not already sold out!

Click HERE to shop (EN)
Click HERE to shop (FR)

*please note that these charms are very limited. Until supplies last. Due to the pandemic, many Pandora stores are currently closed. Select stores will have limited stock of this charm, when it is safe to re-open.

Celebrate #Pandora20 with me:

Each month, I get to help celebrate Pandora’s 20th anniversary by sharing a special charm in my personal Pandora collection. This month, I am telling the story behind my Pandora Club Charm 2018. I have created a video to more personally tell you the story! You can watch it HERE or down below:

The details…

The limited edition Pandora Club Charm 2018 is a detailed globe design, with delicate heart detailing. It celebrates the love connecting club members all around the world. Engraved are the words: “More Love” on the front. The letter “o” in “Love” is replaced with a genuine round diamond. The year, “2018” is engraved on the back of the charm. This is a threaded charm and has a lovely weight to it.

This Pandora Club charm is now retired. But you can find the current limited edition Pandora Club Charm 2020 HERE.

And that concludes this blog post! I would like to thank Pandora for the opportunity to be a part of their 20th Anniversary celebration! I am so excited to share exclusive Pandora 20 content and moments with you, over the next 8 months! Pandora will be providing me with 3 of the 12 anniversary charms, in this celebration.

I hope you have a wonderful day! Take care, stay healthy and spread love, especially during this time…praying for the world. <3

Pandora Mother’s Day Collection 2020 | Overview & Inspiration

On April 16th, 2020, Pandora released their Mother’s Day Collection 2020 in Canada and the USA. In today’s blog post, I am going to share the inspiration behind the collection, as well as a look at the new jewellery pieces available!

I hope this blog post adds some fun into your day and that you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and doing well. <3

Photos courtesy of Pandora.

Our biggest support and greatest inspiration…at Pandora we believe mothers should be shown every day that our love for them is forever.

– Pandora

The Mother’s Day 2020 collection is inspired by two symbols: the infinity symbol and the love knot symbol. The infinity symbol represents eternal love, while the love knot represents connection. What better choices to signify the everlasting bond of love between a mother and child?

Pandora’s VP Creative Directors Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli explored the idea of an infinite and mutual love, begun from the time a child is born. “We thought about the fact that once you become a mother, you are one forever more and so the idea of the infinity symbol linked to a mother was a beautiful sentiment for us.”

– Pandora

These two symbols were used together to create a timeless, yet modern look to the collection.

The Mother’s Day collection release is separated into the following categories: Pandora People Collection, Pandora Timeless Collection and Pandora Colours Collection. Here they are below:

Pandora People Collection

This collection showcases family themed charms to add to your Pandora Moments bracelet! There is also a new Pandora Moments Charm Bracelet, as well! Here it is:

The new Pandora Moments bracelet is called, Family Tree Heart Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet. I have added it to my Wishlist. I love the clasp detail of the tree and how it has “family” engraved on the back of the heart.

Moving along to the Pandora Moments charms:

I love that both the charms above and below are two-tone with Pandora Rose and Sterling Silver.

Love You Mum Heart Charm

This Sterling Silver, Love You Mum Infinity Heart Charm is one of my favourite choices to surprise your mom with. I love that it is an openwork design and that it incorporates the infinity symbol as a knotted design! It is a perfect example of Pandora’s inspiration for this collection.

Pandora also brings us another sterling silver openwork heart, but exquisitely detailed with floral accents:

Moving along, we have some beautiful new dangles:

This dangle charm is magical, girly and fun! I love the message and I totally see my friend, Nichol (MyPrettyCharmingLife) absolutely loving this!

The next two dangle charms (below) featuring a perfect touch of pink enamel and cubic zirconia accents:

We also have a new “Birthday” themed charm. I love that the back reads: “Make a wish” with a little candle detail. So cute!

This dangle is a beautiful choice to give any new or expecting Mother:

Pandora also added this adorable Married Couple dangle charm:

It is just too cute! I love how the couple is caught up in all the wedding day bliss.

Pandora also added two more sterling silver charms to their family collection: Boy Teenager and Girl Teenager! They have such fun details to them.

We also have an updated graduation charms:

The following charm photos were not sent in the press release, but they are also part of the Mother’s Day Collection 2020, as well:

The last charm pictured is the Openwork Family Tree charm. It is one of my favourite charms from this collection! It is so detailed and beautiful. It is also available in a gift set: Pandora Moments Family Tree Bracelet Gift Set.

Pandora Timeless Collection

Pandora added some classic and elegant new pieces to their Pandora Timeless Collection. There are beautiful new rings, bracelets and necklaces! And a perfect gift set for Mother’s Day!

I especially love their new Pandora Rose rings! They offer both statement and stackable options:

The Geometric Shapes Open Ring and Princess Wishbone Ring are two of my top choices!

The Wrapped Open Infinity Ring is such a statement piece (above, far right)!

Up next are the new Pandora Earrings:

The Sparkling Infinity Stud Earrings come in both Sterling Silver and Pandora Rose. We also have a new hoop earring: the Infinity Knot.

Pandora also has two new necklaces in the Mother’s Day Collection:

The Sparkling Infinity Collier Necklace is available in a gift set, with the Infinity earrings to match!

I LOVE the Chunky Infinity Knot Chain Necklace. I have officially added it to my Pandora Wishlist and I hope my husband (AKA Snowman) will surprise me with it for an anniversary, holiday or birthday surprise!

And if Snowman is feeling extra generous, I love the Chunky Infinity Knot Chain Bracelet to pair with it:

There is also a similar style, available in a bangle bracelet:

Speaking of bangles, there is also a new Pandora Rose Open Bangle:

There are also two Moments Charms in the Pandora Timeless Collection:

Pandora Colours Collection

The Pandora Colours release features two jewellery pieces: the Pink & Clear Sparkle Slider Bracelet and the stunning Pink & Clear Sparkle Charm.

And that concludes the Pandora Mother’s Day Collection overview. What are your favourite pieces from this collection?

Ogerbeads Haul | February Order

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe, during this outbreak. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. In this blog post/video, I share my January 2020 order from Ogerbeads. I filmed this video back in mid-February 2020. I’m a little late in editing/sharing it, but I hope you still enjoy seeing what I picked out! You can watch the video HERE or down below:

Ogerbeads Small Core Haul Items:

Snowdust Baroque Festival
Snowdust Confetti

Gold Ice Blue PixieDust Fragments (SOLD OUT)

Mountain Meadow Pixiedust *
Pistache Pixiedust Fragments *

Blue Motif Pixiedust Fragments *

Baby Blue Pixiedust Fragments *
(far right)

Blue Motif Pixiedust Fragments (lighter version) *
(second from right)

Pale Lilac Moonlight *

* Ogerbeads surprised me and gifted me with 7 beautiful Murano glass beads. I did not expect this! So kind and generous of them. Thank you so much Ogerbeads!!!

DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection

Tea Haul, First Impressions & Review

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe, during this outbreak. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I hope this blog post and new YouTube video adds a smile into your day!

In this blog post/video, I share my latest DAVIDsTEA haul! I ordered two new teas from their spring collection, as well as a staple tea I was out of! Please note, that some of the links (in this blog post) are affiliate links.

In the video, you will see a close up look at each of the teas. I share a close up look at the tea leaves/matcha powder, as well as show the teas being steeped and the final result. You will also hear my first impressions and taste reviews. You can watch the video HERE or down below:

DAVIDsTEA Haul Items:

DAVIDsTEA Unicorn Dream

Shop DAVIDsTEA Canadian estore
Shop DAVIDsTEA USA estore

DAVIDsTEA Raspberry Matcha

Shop DAVIDsTEA Canadian estore
Shop DAVIDsTEA USA estore

DAVIDsTEA Countess of Seville

Shop DAVIDsTEA Canadian estore
Shop DAVIDsTEA USA estore

Unicorn Dream by DAVIDsTEA

Pandora Charms Haul | New Video is up on my Youtube Channel!

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe, during this outbreak. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I also hope this video adds a smile into your day!

In this video, I share my Pandora charms haul from their early March 2020 promotion, here in Canada. I am over a month late in getting this video up, but I hope you still enjoy seeing the different charms that I picked up! I purchased charms from both from my local concept store and from Gold-N-Memories Pandora. It is so crazy to think that early March, the stores (in Canada) will still open. Things have changed so much…in such a short time!

Pandora Charms Haul Items:

Disney x Pandora Frozen Winter Crystal Pandora Charm
Free Hand Heart Pandora Clip x2
Home Sweet Heart Pandora Dangle Charm
We Can Do Anything Pandora Charm
Peach Blossom Flower Pandora Charm x2
Pink Murano Glass Leaf Pandora Pendant
Bird Cage Pandora Charm (retired)
Openwork Leaves Pandora Charm x2
Acorn and Leaf Pandora Dangle Charm
Clear Sparkle Spacer Pandora Rose Charm x2
Pink Flower Murano (retired)
Poodle Puppy Dog Dangle Pandora Charm
– from the Pandora Spring 2020 Collection

Pandora Garden | Pandora Spring Collection | Earrings, Necklaces & Pendants

I hope you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and doing well. I also hope this blog posts adds some fun into your day!

In today’s blog post, I will be continuing my Pandora Garden Spring Collection series. So far, I have covered the inspiration behind the Pandora Garden collection, as well as the new spring rings. Today, you will be seeing the earrings, necklaces and pendants!

So, if you are ready…make sure to grab a cup of tea and let’s get started!

All photos are courtesy of Pandora. A special thank you to Pandora.

Pandora Garden | Earrings

Pandora Pavé Daisy Flower Statement Stud Earrings

The Pavé Daisy Flower Statement Stud Pandora Earrings are a beautiful statement earring, made of sterling silver. With a touch of sparkle, they can be dressed up or down. I also love the oversized stud look, as they really draw attention towards the face.

Pandora Pink Daisy
Flower Stud Earring

The Pink Daisy Flower Stud Pandora Earrings are a favourite of mine! I love the mixture of Pandora Rose with hand-applied pink enamel details and sparkly cubic zirconia in the centre. I love colourful earrings that really “pop out”, as they bring attention towards your face and eyes.

Sparkling Honeycomb
Hexagon Stud Earrings

The Sparkling Honeycomb Hexagon Stud Pandora Earrings are understated, yet they add a perfect touch of sparkle to any outfit. These hexagon shaped earrings have cubic zirconia accents along their perimeter and are made of sterling silver.

Pandora Garden | Necklaces

Pavé Daisy Flower Collier Necklace

The Pavé Daisy Flower Collier Necklace would pair beautifully with the Pavé Daisy Flower Statement Stud Earrings. This necklace features the daisy flower with a cubic zirconia pave centre. It has polished silver petals and a little heart detail on the back of the daisy.

Sparkling Honeycomb
Hexagon Collier Necklace

The Sparkling Honeycomb Hexagon Collier Necklace features a hexagon-shaped pendant with clear cubic zirconia around the perimeter. It also has an adorable bee shaped accent at the end of the chain. This necklace is made of sterling silver.

Pandora Garden | Pendants

Sparkling Sun Pendant

The Sparkling Sun Pandora Pendant adds some sunshine to your outfit! It is made in Pandora Shine and features cubic zirconia accents. It is very detailed and my favourite part is the sunny, smiling face!

Sparkling Dragonfly Pendant

The Sparkling Dragonfly Pandora Pendant features sparkling cubic zirconia accents on its wings and eyes. It is made of Pandora Rose and can be worn on a Pandora chain, Pandora O Pendant or Pandora Moments bracelet.

Sparkling Queen Bee Pendant

The Sparkling Queen Bee Pendant can be worn on a Pandora chain, Pandora O pendant or a Pandora Moments bracelet. First designed in Pandora Shine, it has been re-imagined in sterling silver. It features cubic zirconia details along its wings and hand-applied black enamel stripes along its body.

What are your favourite pieces from the Pandora Garden collection? Please let me know down below!

And stay tuned for my bracelet and charm blog post of the Pandora Garden Spring Collection! It is my last instalment in this series.

OHM Beads Giveaway | #OHMTeaforTwo

Happy April 2nd, 2020! I hope today finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and doing well.

In today’s blog post, I will be hosting a fun giveaway on behalf of OHM Beads! For the month of April, OHM Beads is having daily giveaways, games, and themes. The official hashtag for the month is #OHMinApril. A new giveaway/game/theme will be happening every day and they will be hosted by either OHM HQ, an OHM Team Member or an OHMbassador. I am so excited to be hosting #OHMTeaforTwo for the April 2nd giveaway!

Today’s theme is #OHMTEAFORTWO and I one lucky winner will have the opportunity to win the OHM Tea Bag BOTM! To find out how…keep on reading!

Photo courtesy of OHM Beads.

As all of you know, I am a HUGE tea addict and I have embarrassingly large cupboards of teas (yes, I said cupboards). But not to worry, they are all organized by tea type (green, oolong, black, etc.) as well tea bags and loose leaf teas. It is very safe for me to say that I could probably open up my own tea shop, with the amount of teas I have!

Am I the only one? Do you have a large tea cupboard? Or cupboards?!

One of the reasons I love tea is because of the experiences that goes along with it.

Here are some of my favourite tea experiences:

– the art of making tea is a relaxing experience that provides a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life. I love preparing the perfect cup of tea or tea latte. It is a time to stay present, in the moment!

– designing with the OHM Alice in Wonderland collection

– picking out the perfect mug or tea cup is such a fun experience!

– afternoon tea or high tea is honestly the BEST way to catch up with loved ones and create memories to last a life time!

– having a friend over for tea!

– after dinner dessert…usually mean tea! And usually means time with love ones!


– going to a local tea shop and smelling and sampling hundreds of amazing teas…one of the best ways to spend an hour, if you ask me!

– grabbing a tea-to-go and going for walk in a winter wonderland or on an autumn day…nothing quite like it!

– bubble tea or iced tea…on a hot summer’s day. Again…nothing quite like it!

– sharing a cup of tea with a guinea pig named, Harlow. THE BEST!

– Unboxing a tea order! OR…the OHM Tea Bag BOTM Bead!!!!

What are some of your favourite tea experiences?

As mentioned, OHM Beads is giving away the OHM Tea Bag BOTM (Bead of the Month)! This is one of my favourite OHM Beads and is an incredible experience to unbox. If you’d like to watch my first impressions and unboxing of this bead, you can watch it HERE or down below:

Fast Forward to around 6:13 to see the tea bag unboxing.

The OHM Tea Bag BOTM comes with TEAriffic packaging. When you first open it, you will see that it comes inside an OHM tea tin. From there, you will pull out an OHM tea infuser and inside you will find tea bag. After gently opening the tea bag, you will find your bead!

To enter to win:

  1. Head over to @fashionstoryteller Instagram profile, find the official #OHMTEAFORTWO photo and tag 1 friend you love to have tea with!
  2. Share a photo on your instagram profile, sharing a memory/experience that involved tea! Make sure to use the hashtags: #OHMINAPRIL #OHMTEAFORTWO #BEADSANDTEA and tag @fashionstoryteller and @OHMbeads.
  3. For a bonus entry: leave a comment down below with your instagram name and what your favourite type of tea is.

    One qualifying winner will be drawn and will have 24hrs to claim their prize. If the winner fails to claim their prize in 24hrs, a new winner will be drawn.
    To qualify to win, the winner must complete actions 1 and 2 correctly. Giveaway ends on April 3rd, 2020 at 11:00 AM PACIFIC.
    Winner will be announced on my Instagram stories.
    Void Where Prohibited.

Best of luck to all who enter! A special thank you to OHM Beads for this giveaway and for making the month of April sooo fun!

OHM Beads | The Entire April 2020 Release

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe, during this outbreak. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I hope this blog post and video adds a smile into your day.

HAPPY OHM BEADS RELEASE DAY! Today (April 1st, 2020) the OHM Beads April Release is officially out. This is a HUGE release, with a variety of different collections. In this blog post, I share my Youtube video that provides an overview of each bead in the April release. I also share my favourite beads, in this blog post. SO…make sure to grab a cup of tea and let’s get started!

* A special thank you to OHM Beads for sending me these beads to review and design with. Thank you to the bead community, as well. I would not have these opportunities without your support.

*Photos Courtesy of OHM Beads

Watch my OHM Beads April Release YouTube video HERE or below:

Find my other OHM Beads
April 2020 Related Content:



WATCH @My Pretty Charmed Life and I’s first impressions and unboxing of the OHM Alice in Wonderland collection HERE.


My Personal Favourites in the
OHM Beads April Release

Without a doubt, my favourite collection from the OHM Beads’ April 2020 release is the OHM Alice in Wonderland collection. I adore every single bead. BUT…since I’ve already shared dedicated Youtube videos and a blog post…I’ve decided to focus this blog post on my other top favourite beads from the April Release.

Here they are below:

OHM Touch of Maple

…the beauty of the maple tree itself, from its blossoms in early spring — offering nectar to bustling bees — to the whispered rustle of its cool and soothing summertime shade. Perhaps the maple tree shines best in autumn as its leaves explode into a fiery inferno of reds, yellows, and orange. The maple leaf is on the coat-of-arms of Canada, and on the Canadian flag. The maple is a symbol of strength and endurance, and has been chosen as the national tree of Canada. There is indeed a touch of maple in many things you love.

– OHM Beads

OHM Go Far

…how far will YOU go to achieve your dreams?
A wise teacher once said, “Set a clear intention about something you want; stay focused on your goal; be persistent; get back up when you fall, and love yourself through the whole journey.” In celebration of Earth Day and all the travels of our lovely planet, we offer this beautiful glass bead GO FAR. We believe you truly will.

– OHM Beads

OHM Haze Slim Glass

Through a deep haze we awaken to the light. There are some things to be said about transitions. What they are we don’t know. Ask around before being distracted by the shiny. Always remember, you will find deep knowing in the sage advice of others. They don’t have all the answers, though you may find them in the stillness between their words.

– OHM Beads

OHM Kugusa

…KUGUSA is the Swahili word for touch and OHM is proud to offer this new design gorgeously covered with gentle touches, both literal and emotional. This new glass bead not only evokes the leopard-like beauty of its Swahili name, but it will remind you of the joy and importance of daily touches both given and received. We need touching like we need air and water, and a nurturing touch need never be feared, for it leaves only lovely impressions of love and happiness on your skin, your heart, and your spirit.

– OHM Beads

OHM Luna 2.0

LUNA represents both the inner child and the inner mother, trust, faith, and unconditional love. This sphere has been revisited after the love of the LUNA BOTM, we have a newly carved moon with a myriad of craters. LUNA 2.0 has the same heartfelt meaning from OHM.

OHM Mama Aqua

MAMA AQUA is the life-giving water of our planet Earth, and she nourishes our crops and gathers the birds and beasts to drink at her rivers and streams. Mama is the Queen of the Sea, the goddess of rivers, the myth of the siren and mermaid. Mama has been worshiped as a purifier by many, and philosophers consider her the element of intuition and emotion. Mama Aqua is royalty and majesty. She wears a crown of precious coral reef, and her flowing waves of hair are filled with creatures of the sea. Mama is part of you too. Your body is 78% water and you cannot survive without her. She is the long cool drink of refreshment on a hot day or the cleansing depths of your favorite swimming spot. She is the salty smell of the sea and the rhythm of the tides. Mama is powerful; She is fragile. Water covers 71% of our planet’s surface; yet, despite her importance, she is often unappreciated.

– OHM Beads

OHM Inch On

…As we celebrate Earth Day with this series of beautiful glass beads, we are reminded too that Nature formed herself over millions of years one tiny drop at a time. When you are faced with a scary task or a big job to do, just touch this bead on your bracelet, breathe, and take that first little inch forward. You are on your way!

– OHM Beads

What are your favourite beads or collection(s) from the OHM Beads April 2020 release? Feel free to leave a comment, down below!



OHM Slim Glass Spring 2020 Collection

Kendra Scott | Color Bar Experience | Customize Your Jewellery

Happy Tuesday! I hope you and your loves ones are healthy, safe and doing well. I also hope this blog post adds some fun into your day!

Near the end of February 2020, I went to visit my bestie, Nichol (@MyPrettyCharmedLife) in New Mexico. We had an amazing time together! AND…we did a ton of shopping! One of the stores we went to was Kendra Scott. We booked an appointment to try out their Color Bar by Kendra Scott experience. Although, I owned a bracelet from Kendra Scott already, I had never been into a store! I was looking forward to going inside and customizing jewellery with Nichol, as well as her sister and Presley.

On March 1st, Nichol, Nichol’s sister, little Presley and I drove over to the local Kendra Scott store. We were greeted by two associates. They told us they were running a bit behind schedule. We were offered champagne, (orange juice for Presley), and the opportunity to browse the store. None of us had minded this, as we had been curious to see what jewellery items were available!

Browsing around at Kendra Scott

The retail space was welcoming with a bright, open space. There were modern structures, furniture and styling details. My own home decor is mainly white, gold with light wood notes…so it was fun to see this colour theme at Kendra Scott! This colour theme also made the jewellery pieces stand out beautifully, especially the more colourful and vibrant gemstone pieces.

The jewellery was beautifully showcased on a variety of displays. These displays also followed the gold and white colour theme. The jewellery was also organized by collection and theme.

Unlike some jewellery stores, the displays allowed the customer to pickup, touch and even try on the jewellery. This added to the welcoming feel! Even though the associates had been busy, they still asked us if we had any questions or required assistance.

Just as we were nearing the end of our browsing, we were told they were ready to start our Color Bar appointment. They led us to the middle of the store with a huge display that read: Customize Color Bar by Kendra Scott.

What is the Kendra Scott Color Bar?

The Color Bar by Kendra Scott is an opportunity to sip champagne and nibble on sweet treats while enjoying a private styling consultation. After the consultation, you have the unique experience of customizing your chosen Kendra Scott pieces. Customization consists of metal colour (vintage gold, vintage silver, gold, silver, rose gold), as well as gemstones (they have a huge selection).

The Color Bar by Kendra Scott began in 2009. Here is what Kendra Scott wrote (on their website) about how it works:

From fan favorites to limited edition stones to exclusive silhouettes, the Color Bar has it all – and it’s easy as 1, 2, 3! Just choose your style, choose your metal, and then choose your stones. The best part is that everything’s hand set in minutes, which means no extra wait whether you’re shopping in-store or online. Sound like fun? We definitely think so too.

– Kendra Scott

We all gathered around the Color Bar with the Color Bar Stylist. She showed us a book with the customizable jewellery items available. In the back of the book, it also showcased all the different gemstones available. The book also listed price points, including the pricing of gemstones.

Below, is a video of us looking through the book, with the stylist, as well as a quick look at the Color Bar area.

After our consultation, we decided to look at the selection of gemstones first, to give us some ideas on what jewellery pieces to add them to! All the gemstones were placed in trays and organized by gemstone type.

We all picked out our favourite colours and debated what colour theme to use! Nichol settled on blue, but was torn between two colours.

I selected a variety of neutral gemstone colours, but I also chose some more darker gemstones too. I had found a dainty chain bracelet in a vintage gold colour. It was beautiful! I thought either of these colour themes would pair beautifully with it.

After some debate, I ultimately settled on the darker stones. They popped out against the gold beautifully!

After designing the bracelet with my chosen gemstones, I also designed with two more jewellery pieces: a ring and a necklace. It is always nice to have a jewellery set! Sadly, after realizing the jewellery items were not silver (underneath the gold plating), I decided not to go with the necklace. I have sensitive skin and often can get rashes, especially on my neck.

I decided that if the bracelet and ring do not cause a reaction, I would go back for the necklace, in the future.

After I had picked out my gemstones, the Color Bar stylist set them for me! They looked so beautiful! Here is what I picked out:

Dedra Bracelet

The dainty chain bracelet I chose was the Dedra Bracelet. It is 14K gold plated over brass, with cubic zirconia accents. I customized it with two gemstones: Platinum Drusy and Abalone Shell.

Drusy is the natural crystallization on a rock surface. All of our Drusy is genuine and has a rich sparkling appearance. Our range of Drusy colors are achieved by a custom plating process that coats the stone’s surface.

– Kendra Scott

Abalone Shell is the artful inner shell of a mollusk, whose hard, rock-like outer shell disguises the moody natural mix of blue and green underneath. Never dyed or enhanced in any way, Abalone Shell is one of nature’s most dazzling materials.

– Kendra Scott

Elyse Ring

I also chose the Elyse ring in 14K gold plating. It features an oval shape and an open design. The Elyse ring is a statement ring, but one I felt would compliment the dainty chain of my Dedra bracelet! I had looked at other statement rings and they felt too bold to pair with the bracelet.

It wasn’t long before Nichol, Nichol’s sister and little Presley also settled on their chosen jewellery pieces. Nichol and her sister also chose to create a jewellery set. Presley customized a beautiful necklace.

To see what Nichol picked out (and a closer look at my Kendra Scott pieces), feel free to watch our jewellery shopping haul video HERE or down below:

After our jewellery pieces were set, they were packaged up in vibrant yellow packaging. The presentation and packaging was beautiful! Each jewellery item was put inside a separate fabric bag. A branded insert was also tucked inside. The fabric bags were placed into a beautiful Kendra Scott themed box, a bow was added and box was placed into a Kendra Scott bag.

Overall, we all had a wonderful afternoon together! All 4 of us (plus stuffed animal, Scamp) would recommend the Color Bar by Kendra Scott experience!

Do you own any jewellery pieces from Kendra Scott?