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Day 5 of #BeadmasStories

Peace on Earth, Good Will to ALL!!!

OUR WORLD by Ohm Beads…is my chosen prize for today’s #BeadmasStories post!!!! It is a bead that I feel is a wonderful reminder, especially around Christmas time!!! After all (sings:) Peace on Earth, Good Will to…ALL! 🙂

Here, in the Christmas season is where we all come together to celebrate with loved ones, near and dear…but also extend welcoming hearts and friendly smiles to others…outside of our family and friends. We can do this in so many ways: charity donations, smiling at strangers, paying it forward, etc!

It is also a time to be thankful, count our blessings and give thanks. What are you thankful for, this Christmas?

It is also a reminder to help protect and care for our planet and do our part in reducing waste! There’s so many easy adjustments we can do, to help our planet!!! What are your tips for helping reduce waste, during the Christmas season? Please comment down below and leave your instagram name, so I can contact you…should you be the winner!

Entries posted before 8 PM Eastern will be considered. Winner will be announced and notified tomorrow, December 6th after 8 PM Eastern. One random winner will be drawn! Winner must answer the TWO questions, (in this blog post) to qualify to win!

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Our World by Ohm Beads


  • Sharon Mccauley

    I’m really thankful that the world is paying more attention to the climate crisis Boy have we made a mess of our Earth, so sad.
    One tip for reducing waste this season is to bring your own bags when shopping. Also I’m bringing my own coffee when I leave the house or I bought a reusable coffee house cup. Also e-gift cards instead of plastic ones. I bring water with Glass or stainless steel straws in mason jars instead of single use plastic.
    We all have to try. Email receipts instead of paper, I could go on and on but I’ll stop.

  • Blaire

    This year I am dedicated to using sustainable solutions for gift wrapping. I have thrifted holiday themed tablecloths, and I am wrapping many of my gifts using the knot method. Additionally, I am re-using drawstring cloth bags to house the gifts for my loved ones. This small effort allows me to keep the Christmas season whimsical, while caring for the earth.

    Instagram: @Charmedtomeetyou

  • Erika

    So for me, a big thing is no one use plastic. I’ve installed a water purifier on our faucet and any time we drink water that’s not from the faucet, it’s in aluminum cans that can be easily recycled.

    I think a big thing to remember is that every little small bit counts. I think it’s hard to see the impact since we are so small compared to the larger picture, but if everyone just did small things like use less plastic (i.e no plastic waterbottles) we would see a huge difference.

    Anyway, thanks so much and love your blog as usual ❤️ @charmedbyerika

  • Rita

    There is so much waste during the holidays and we really need to be mindful about taking care of our “common home”. Reducing waste and reusing as much as possible is key this season!

  • Linda

    I’m really thankful for every minute that I get to spend with my mother (I fear that her days here are fleeting so I intend to cherish every minute I can with her).

    Things I do to conserve and protect the earth is bring my own plastic bags. I also use reusable stainless steel straws. I do not buy bottled water. Living in a high dessert climate, I practice xeriscaping so I don’t have to water as much in the summer. I elect to have receipts emailed to me. I recently discovered reusable produce bags. Every little bit helps!

    Linda (LSN2 on Instagram)

  • Rita

    I am especially thankful for amazing family and friends. They have gone above and beyond for me this year and I am so blessed and grateful to have them in my life.

    The holidays seem to bring so much waste and I think being extra mindful in all we do, to reduce waste and reuse things instead of disposing too much, will help us take care of our “Common Home”! <3

  • Nathalie Bottinga

    I bring my own bag when I go grocery shopping and also for normal shopping.
    I bring my own cup to drink out of.
    Also I got a paper bag to put the presents in that I can use again.

  • Pip

    I make gift tags, to use following year, from Christmas cards we receive.

    Temptation is all around to buy too much food. Watch your budget and waistline!

    Insta mybestcharms #beadmas2019 #beadmasstories

  • Maud

    I am thankful for all the wonderful moments we get to have with friends and family. That we can make beautiful memories to treasure a lifetime.

    When I go to the store during this holiday season I have my own bag with me. I also look at the packaging. I prefer no plastic. Every little effort we make might help.

    Maud (mycharmdmoments1974)

  • Chenggggs_collection

    I’m thankful for my sweet family and friends who have supported me throughout the years in good and bad days. I’m also thankful for the loving charm community filled with wonderful and creative people!

    To reduce waste we always separate waste especially for glass and paper so they can be recycled again and we take our own bags to do groceries to reduce the production of plastic bags.

  • Aurelie

    I am grateful this year for having a fourth child, be it healthy and full of joy.
    I try to buy as much as possible my food without packaging, I bring mine made with cotton (pochon). I eat less meat too. I no longer use cotton, sopalin, more plastic bottle, more hygienic trade protection. I do at my level
    (My name Instagram Lilyletourneur)

  • Michele Courtney

    i use reusable gift bags instead of wrapping paper as much as possible and also gift things in the reusable bags used at groceries to encourage reuse of washable bags vs plastic grocery bags
    We need to keep doing more!!!! So much waste!!

  • dailybeadaddict

    What a beautiful post Em!! I am so thankful for my family’s health, a roof over our heads, and food on the table. Everything else is gravy! I’m thankful for a warm cozy bed at night and loving pets to cuddle!! I am thankful for the best friends in the world who fill my life with love!!

    We love our planet and try to make a difference by recycling, composting, growing our garden, walking as much as possible and not using straws!!! ❤️

    Thank you!

  • Michelle

    I am thankful for my health. It’s so easy to take that for granted. Aside from some auto immune stuff, I’m a healthy person. I was actually thinking of gifting some reusable items to help cut down on waste. Like, reusable tumblers, straws, bags. And in general, I am trying to buy less. I also had the idea to wrap my gifts just in paper bags and then maybe decorate them myself to be Christmas-y. We use paper bags at work so over the last year I’ve accumulated quite a few. My insta is @prettyinpandora

  • Rita

    I am thankful for better health and the opportunity to focus on that this year.

    I try to wrap family Christmas gifts with reusable paper bags so they’re is less waste. You can get creative and they look nice!

  • Eddie

    I am grateful for my amazing sister!!!

    I use a water cooler and a stainless steel water bottle I stead of plastic bottles.

  • Stormy Hampton

    I love using waxed cloth on food items instead if plastic or foil! It’s easy to care for and keep clean. Another tip if recommend is using festive cloth to wrap gifts! Kids love it! There are so many sites now that have them. Or you can make your own! I get mine from Lush.
    My Instagram: @poetstormy

    Happy Beadmas2019!

  • Dream kinn

    So true Emily! I am thankful for my health and weight loss journey I’ve been on this past year. I want to be present and active and alive for my family and hopefully future kids’ spouses and grandchildren! I’ve lost 40lbs so far and feeling great!

    My ways to be more planet aware this holiday season would be to recycle the living day lights out of everything lol! Also, I’ve been using silicone reusable straws this year, using reusable sandwich bags (especially for kid’s lunches), and I reuse wrapping was much as I can (great point previous posters).

    My Insta name will be my name on this comment ?

  • Susy Gamarra

    I’m thankful to live where I live, when wo much people don’ t have even a country or home to go back.
    I think we all must stop buying with automatic mode. We must learn that ethic and eco shopping sometimes are closer if we look outside the box. We must buy from closest shops so no truck/train/plane transportarions are needesñd. Also I go buy with my bags always so, no more plastics!☀
    #ohmbeads #beadmas2019 #beadmasstories #25days

  • Maria Helena G G

    I am grateful for being healthy, for my dog, for my home, for my family.
    I will put an extra effort on on recycle as I think is important and more on these days when too much things go to the trash.
    #beadmasstories #ohmbeads #beadmas2019

  • Rita

    This is a beautiful time to reflect on all our blessings and share live and kindness with others. I am so grateful for the gift of faith. It has gotten me through a lot this year! ??

    We need to take care of our world and of all those in it! One thing I try to do is recycle and reuse. Milk bags is a great example. My Parish makes mats out of milk bags for third world countries where they are used to sleep on. They provide padding and they don’t get ruined in the rain. ?


  • Rita

    Emily, I love how you share love and kindness with others every day!!

    I am so thankful for the youth I’ve worked with. They are the future, but most importantly, they are the present!! We need to give them more credit because they really achieve so much and make a great difference in our world.

    I try and make food instead of eating out. There’s so much more waste that way. It’s more work, but it’s a small gesture to make our world better.


  • Tatyana

    I am grateful to God for what I am!)) me and my family are alive and well!)) We are together – it is the main thing!

    It is necessary to reduce the consumption of plastic in the home of people, plant more trees, use less fertilizers and GM in agriculture! There are a lot of things to think about people and stop ruining nature!

    Joke: ate beaver – saved tree!!???


  • Lilou

    I am thankful for still being healthy as well as my husband after the big health problems we both had.
    For the planet, at our level we try to avoid over-packaged products, we consume less, we re-use a lot of things instead of throwing them away … all along the year. We talk about that more and more around us.

  • Anna

    I am grateful for my family is with me. This is the most important thing in my life. We must protect each other and our planet for future generations. I think we could refuse new Christmas-tree decorations. I use my mom’s decor. These are old but very beautiful things.
    My IG @mutaborann