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#beadmasstories Day 3

Snowshoeing with Snowman in December 2013.

Happy Tuesday! Today is Day 3 of Beadmas 2019, which means it is time for another #beadmasstories giveaway! Instead of hosting it on my Instagram, I’ve decided to host today’s giveaway on my blog.

One of my favourite hobbies is hiking and when the winter season comes…that turns into snowshoeing! There is nothing better than hiking up a mountain or in a forest…covered in magical snow!

Snowman and I first got into snowshoeing back in 2012 and every year we look forward to going. It is a great way to get in your cardio, but it doesn’t even feel like exercise when you are surrounded by so much beauty and wonder! I always pretend that we are adventuring about in Narnia and to be careful…the Snow Queen might appear…at any moment! We also have a tradition of doing a Christmas snowshoe hike!

After a nice, long snowshoeing adventure, my husband and I always head to a local cafe to warm ourselves with piping hot tea for the journey home. From there, I have a nice hot shower and change into the coziest loungewear and watch the tv fireplace while cuddling into Snowman (aka my husband, if you did not know). Oh, and of course we have more tea!

I really treasure these moments…simple, but perfect and a great time to reflect on your many blessings and loved ones. And have some quality time with your significant other.

Snowshoeing January 2018

For today’s #beadmasstories, one special winner will receive the Ohm Beads Snowshoes. This bead is on my Wishlist and I hope to add to my collection, one day soon. Why, you ask? I feel like it captures that warm, magical and cozy feeling of snowshoeing, just perfectly!

Isn’t this bead just the cutest?!!

To enter to win:
1. Comment down below what your favourite winter activity or sport is!
2. Answer the following question: what do Snowman and I watch on the tv, after snowshoeing?
3. Your Instagram username, so I can contact you, if you win!

Entries posted before 4 PM Eastern will be considered. Winner will be announced and notified tomorrow, December 4th after 4 PM Eastern. One random Winner will be drawn! Winner must answer questions 1 and 2 correctly. ✨✨ Make sure to follow my hashtag, #beadmasstories✨ so, you don’t miss a chance to enter the next 11 days!!! And follow #beadmas2019 to see the other fun giveaways going on in the community! 

Time to go snowshoeing!!!


  • Evangelia Ksinou

    My favourite winter activity is Skiing!!! ❄️ You are watching the tv fireplace ❤️ My Instagram username is eva_ksinou ?

  • Rita

    Emily, I love your blog and the photos!! Amazing!! You and Snowman watch the TV fireplace! ?? My favourite winter activity is going to the local Christmas Market!! ?
    @acharmeddreamer ?

  • Rita

    This bead is just the cutest!!awesome pics, Emily!!

    Favourite winter activity is going up north for walk in the deep snow.

    You watch the TV fireplace – I love it!!


  • Linda Nicholson

    I don’t snowshoe, but I do like to go on walks or hikes in the wintertime. Living in Colorado, there is abundant beauty around me to see and appreciate! You and Snowman snuggle together watching a fireplace on TV. And I am LSN2 on instagram

  • Hope

    What a gorgeous post, Emily!! Sooo beautiful.
    1. My favorite winter sport is building a snowman!!
    2. You and snowman watch the fireplace on the tv!

  • Dream kinn

    How cute of a story you have. My favorite activity in the winter is going “Christmas tree hunting” with my husband and kids. It’s always a good time finding the “perfect” tree to lovingly cut down and bring home! We always enjoy hot coco and treats afterward. To answer your question, you always watch tv fireplace after your snowshoeing.

  • Jacqueline

    So lovely Emily.
    1. If we are lucky enough to get Snow we go sledging with our children and then snowball fights.
    2. You and Snowman like to watch the Fireplace TV.


  • Marikaisa

    You watch the TV fireplace, my favourite winter activity is, as always, do yarny things and make stuff crochet or knit! Insta name is Marikaisa

  • Newpandoraholicbg

    Hey , Emily ! Love your blog !
    You and Snowman love to watch the tv on a fair place mood and that sounds so cosy in cold weather .
    My favorites activity during Christmas time is having nice long walks into the woods with my two dogs and if there is snow we love to make snow angles .
    Thats newpandoraholicbg or just Tedi ???

  • Beads Secrets

    1.For winter activity I really like iceskating.

    2.Snowman and I will watch “Frozen”.

    3. Beads Secrets

  • Nathalie b

    1: I like to go ice skating and drinking hot chocolate after to warm up.
    2: tv fireplace
    3 xx4nathalie4xx

  • Michele Courtney

    My favorite winter activity is sledding with the kids
    And you watch a fireplace on the tv after snowshoeing

  • Aali

    Hi Emily,

    I love snow!! I grew up with it and gone winter we used to wait for that first snowfall, it was always so magical!! Unfortunately we hardly ever get any where we live now.
    My favorite winter activity growing up was building snowmen and hound sledding with my Dad.
    Now with my kids we just make lots of hot chocolate and watch movies with the fireplace in and we also love going out to see Christmas lights.

    Answer to your second question is ?. You and ⛄️ love to cuddle in front of your tv fireplace. ?


  • Stormy Hampton

    I love to ski!
    You and Snowman watch the tv fireplace! (me too) 😉
    My IG name is @poetstormy
    Happy Beadmas2019!

  • Dawn

    I was bummed I missed the timeframe to enter giveaway but just have to say that that snowman is SOOOOO CUTE! I just found you on yt within the last week. Looking forward to the rest of #beadmasstories?

    • fashionstoryteller

      Hello Dawn! You are so sweet, thank you so much for your comment and for following me on Instagram! You still have time to enter this contest though! It does not end until December 4th after 4 PM Eastern time zone (I’m in Canada). So please do enter! I would love for you to have a chance to win!

  • Lilou

    My favourite winter activity is walking in the forest and around the lake in the snow, especially when the snow has just fallen and no one has been there before me.
    Snowman and you watch at the the tv fireplace.
    Thank you for this today’s #beadmasstories.

  • Anna

    1. My favorite winter sport is cross-country skiing. My husband is a fan, and I became with him.
    2. I think you and your husband watch fantastic TV series (just like me)))
    3. My instagram nickname @mutaborann.

  • Aurélie Letourneur

    In winter, my favorite activity is to get warm at home with my children, a tea or hot chocolate in the hands, a plaid on our legs and to watch together a cartoon or a Christmas film.
    I’m sure that’s what you and your husband do, a good Christmas movie
    My name in Instagram Lilyletourneur

  • Erika

    My favorite snow activity is snow skiing! Have not been in awhile but love it.

    You and snowman watch the fireplace tv when you’re done snow shoeing 🙂

    My IG name is charmedbyerika

  • Michelle

    My favorite winter sport is snowboarding, but I also really enjoy snowshoeing! Snowman and yourself watch the fireplace TV after snowshoeing, hehe. My insta handle is @prettyinpandora Thank you!!

  • Teresa Meyers

    My favorite winter activity is (I have two) sledding and making snow people. ❄️⛄️

    You and your Snowman like to watch the
    TV fireplace while cuddling.

    Thank you for your cute story.

  • Liya

    Winter is a beautiful and snowy time. I like sledding and ice skating. I think the snowman can melt. Or just watch TV together
    My insta – liya_dito