My Pandora Christmas Bracelets | Pandora Open Bangle + Ohm Beads Bracelet

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

In this video, I share my Pandora Moments Christmas Charm Bracelet and my Pandora Open Bangle Disney Christmas themed Pandora Bracelet. I also share my Chrismas themed Pandora Floating Locket necklace and my Ohm Beads Lucky Red Whip Bracelet with some Beadmas themed beads! I hope you enjoy this video and a very blessed and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greeting to each and every one of you! I hope it’s a magical one! XOXO

Zooey, Georgina, Ella and I
Decorating the Christmas tree.
Ohm Beads and Pandora Christmas themed bracelets

#BeadmasStories Day 9

A sky of wonder…

Known as the brightest star in the night’s sky (visible from Earth), Sirius can be seen as one of the best wishing stars! And that is why I chose A SIRIUS WISH | OHM BEADS as today’s Beadmas2019 | BeadmasStories Day 9 giveaway bead!

Have you ever gazed up at the winter’s night sky and admired the mystery, the beauty…the snow falling, the stars twinkling…the moon glowing? As a Christian, I often think of, The Three Kings (AKA, the Magi or the Three Wise Men) and ponder how amazing it must have been to see, The Star of Bethlehem, as I gaze up at that dark sky. There are many theories on what this star actually was: multiple stars, a comet, exploding star, “dancing planets”, conjunction of multiple planets, etc!

While Sirius is not in these theories, it still makes me think of a winter’s night sky…and that wonder and awe that must have been experienced by every one who saw the Star of Bethlehem!

Ohm Beads’ A Sirius Wish is a stunning bead…full of mystery and wonder! It’s a wonderful bead to add to any bracelet design and a lovely reminder to make your wishes a reality!!!

A Sirius Wish – Ohm Beads

To enter into today’s giveaway, for this bead…please answer the following questions correctly:

1. What do I think of, when I gaze up at a winter’s night sky?
2. If you wished on a star, what would you wish for?
3. What was one of the theories about the “Star of Bethlehem”?
4. What is your Instagram username (if you win this bead, I will be contacting you through instagram)?

Giveaway ends on December 10th, 2019 at 2:30 PM EASTERN. Winner will be announced on my Instagram stories. Thank you, Ohm Beads for letting me host some of your Beadmas Giveaways!!! xx

Day 5 of #BeadmasStories

Peace on Earth, Good Will to ALL!!!

OUR WORLD by Ohm Beads…is my chosen prize for today’s #BeadmasStories post!!!! It is a bead that I feel is a wonderful reminder, especially around Christmas time!!! After all (sings:) Peace on Earth, Good Will to…ALL! 🙂

Here, in the Christmas season is where we all come together to celebrate with loved ones, near and dear…but also extend welcoming hearts and friendly smiles to others…outside of our family and friends. We can do this in so many ways: charity donations, smiling at strangers, paying it forward, etc!

It is also a time to be thankful, count our blessings and give thanks. What are you thankful for, this Christmas?

It is also a reminder to help protect and care for our planet and do our part in reducing waste! There’s so many easy adjustments we can do, to help our planet!!! What are your tips for helping reduce waste, during the Christmas season? Please comment down below and leave your instagram name, so I can contact you…should you be the winner!

Entries posted before 8 PM Eastern will be considered. Winner will be announced and notified tomorrow, December 6th after 8 PM Eastern. One random winner will be drawn! Winner must answer the TWO questions, (in this blog post) to qualify to win!

 Make sure to follow my hashtag, #beadmasstories so, you don’t miss a chance to enter the next 11 days!!! And follow #beadmas2019 to see the other fun giveaways going on in the community! 

Our World by Ohm Beads

#beadmasstories Day 3

Snowshoeing with Snowman in December 2013.

Happy Tuesday! Today is Day 3 of Beadmas 2019, which means it is time for another #beadmasstories giveaway! Instead of hosting it on my Instagram, I’ve decided to host today’s giveaway on my blog.

One of my favourite hobbies is hiking and when the winter season comes…that turns into snowshoeing! There is nothing better than hiking up a mountain or in a forest…covered in magical snow!

Snowman and I first got into snowshoeing back in 2012 and every year we look forward to going. It is a great way to get in your cardio, but it doesn’t even feel like exercise when you are surrounded by so much beauty and wonder! I always pretend that we are adventuring about in Narnia and to be careful…the Snow Queen might appear…at any moment! We also have a tradition of doing a Christmas snowshoe hike!

After a nice, long snowshoeing adventure, my husband and I always head to a local cafe to warm ourselves with piping hot tea for the journey home. From there, I have a nice hot shower and change into the coziest loungewear and watch the tv fireplace while cuddling into Snowman (aka my husband, if you did not know). Oh, and of course we have more tea!

I really treasure these moments…simple, but perfect and a great time to reflect on your many blessings and loved ones. And have some quality time with your significant other.

Snowshoeing January 2018

For today’s #beadmasstories, one special winner will receive the Ohm Beads Snowshoes. This bead is on my Wishlist and I hope to add to my collection, one day soon. Why, you ask? I feel like it captures that warm, magical and cozy feeling of snowshoeing, just perfectly!

Isn’t this bead just the cutest?!!

To enter to win:
1. Comment down below what your favourite winter activity or sport is!
2. Answer the following question: what do Snowman and I watch on the tv, after snowshoeing?
3. Your Instagram username, so I can contact you, if you win!

Entries posted before 4 PM Eastern will be considered. Winner will be announced and notified tomorrow, December 4th after 4 PM Eastern. One random Winner will be drawn! Winner must answer questions 1 and 2 correctly. ✨✨ Make sure to follow my hashtag, #beadmasstories✨ so, you don’t miss a chance to enter the next 11 days!!! And follow #beadmas2019 to see the other fun giveaways going on in the community! 

Time to go snowshoeing!!!