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Ogerbeads | The Blossom Collection

Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and well, during this time. It is summer time here in Canada and I have been enjoying as much time outdoors, as possible! This includes lots of my favourite summer activities, such as: hiking mountains, exploring outdoor gardens, having picnics and patio dining with Ella. I have also had too many delicious iced teas and iced matcha to count! What are your favourite summer activities?

In today’s blog post, I am sharing a look at Ogerbeads‘ newest Spring/Summer release: The Blossom Collection. This collection features 10 new Murano glass beads and 2 silver beads. This collection was delayed due to COVID-19, but I am so happy it will be officially launching today, Friday July 10th at 12:00 Amsterdam Time (6:00 AM EST).

So, if you are ready to see the beautiful new beads from Ogerbeads, make sure to grab a delicious cup of iced tea and let’s get started!

A special thank you to Ogerbeads for letting me use their official stock photos for this blog post.

#BlackLivesMatter | To learn more, click HERE.

The Blossom Collection features 6 vibrantly coloured floral glass beads and 4 pastel glass beads.

The Collection Overview:

A Closer Look:

The Pixiedust Fragment Beads:

I love these new pixie dust fragment beads! I love pastel and neutral colours, so I instantly gravitated towards these beads. They are feminine and remind me of the spring time. They look magical with that touch of golden sparkle.

They are also very elegant and I can see myself dressing them up for a romantic evening or spring/summer wedding.

The Blossom Beads:

The Blossom Beads offer a refreshing pop of colour and make me think of running in a field of flowers or my mother’s garden back home! I can picture myself wearing these with one of my favourite white blouses or dresses.

I love the swirling white details and lifted bubble accents. They really evoke that “feeling” a summer breeze.

The Silver Beads of Spring and Summer:

The Tree of Love

The Tree of Love looks beautiful. It has heart shaped leaves and tree roots, a lovely symbol of connection and family. It reads: “Tree of Love” along the sides of the bead. I am looking forward to seeing this bead in-person! Love takes root and grows in so many amazing ways, I love that this bead is a reflection of that!

The Bee Hive:

The Bee Hive bead is beautifully detailed! I love the floral and vine accents going over the bee hive. There are a few bees with their wings spread out, buzzing about their home…such a sweet detail! I am curious to see the size of this bead, in-person. I am also intrigued by the doorway, into the hive…is it oxidized or can you see inside the bead? I cannot wait to find out!

And that concludes a look at the new Ogerbeads collection releasing today! What do you think of this new collection? Do you have any favourites? Please let me know down below!


  • Charmingly Cherie

    The new glass beads are stunning… but my favorite is the beehive ??? I had no idea that a beehive was a symbol for wealth and good luck!

    • fashionstoryteller

      Aren’t they so magical? I am so excited to see them in-person!!! ✨? The bee hive looks amazing! And I didn’t know that either until Ogerbeads told me that! Such a cool fact!!! ? Hope you had a lovely week ?

      • Charmingly cherie

        Hope you post a video when you get these amazing beads!!! It’s been a great week ? hope you have had a great week too!

        • fashionstoryteller

          Aww, you are the sweetest! I am so happy to hear you had a great week. <3 And they are incredible! I especially love the Pixiedust Fragments. I just got to see them in real life. I am editing a quick IGTV unboxing video of the beads. I went to my P.O Box today because I received a note that they came. I cannot wait to film a proper YouTube video!!!

  • Elena Miryanova

    I am so in love with that beehive ? ? It’s so magical! I think you can look through the door and see the small honeycombs, where the bees collect their honey ?… Ach,Emily…. another bead on my Wishlist?!!! Because of you!? Waiting for your video to see those perfect little details and also the real size of the bead!!!