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    Ogerbeads | Winter’s Wishes 2020 Collection

    Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! A huge virtual hug over to you. Although this Thanksgiving is a little different, I hope it will be special, cozy and full of love…in its own way!

    In today’s blog post, I am sharing the new Winter 2020 collection from Ogerbeads: the Winter’s Wishes Collection. This collection launched today, Novemeber 26th, 2020. It features 13 new Murano glass beads and two sterling silver charms.

    Ogerbeads also sent this collection for me to review, so stay tuned for an upcoming Youtube video/future blog post. I just received the package yesterday, so it will probably be coming out later next week.

    So, if you are ready to see these gorgeous new beads, make sure to grab a delicious cup of tea and let me share this collection with you!

    The Murano Glass Beads:

    Snowdust Flowers, Pureness and Luxury look beautiful. I love the warm tones of gold mixed with creamy whites.

    Beyond the Stars, Galactic and Violet Sparklz all feature touches of cubic zirconia accents. I bet these catch the light so beautifully!

    Dark Purple Feather is a bead I cannot wait to see in person. It looks like it has beautiful dimension and detail. I am also excited to see more Moonlight beads releasing. The Moonlight beads glow in the dark!

    These are the two other beads I am so excited about! Dawn and Fairytale Forest look so enchanting and very much my style!

    The last two beads, Blueberry Dream and Midnight Dream feature cooler colour themes. They remind me of the Murano glass beads from Ogerbeads’ Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

    The Sterling Silver Beads:

    I love the inspiration behind both sterling silver beads. Wonderful reminders, especially for this year!

    Black Friday Deal:

    Ogerbeads is also offering a Black Friday promotion, which includes this beautiful new collection:

    Buy 3 beads and receive the 4th bead for free.
    November 27th-November 30th, 2020

    This promotion excludes the Be Proud Bangle Deal.

    And that concludes today’s blog post. I would love to know which Ogerbeads’ are your favourites, from this collection! Do you plan to purchase anything from their Black Friday promotion?

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    Halloween Bracelet | Ogerbeads & Corner 35

    I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time, while enjoying the Autumn season. I hope this blog post adds a smile to your day!

    In today’s blog post, I am sharing a look at another Halloween themed bracelet. This bracelet is primarily Ogerbeads, but has a spooky touch of Corner 35. I really love how this bracelet design turned out, but I do have a sad story: I lost this bracelet just over a week ago. But more on that later!

    If you would like to see what beads and bangle I used to create this design…make sure to grab a delicious cup of tea and let’s get started!

    This post contains gifted items.

    The Beads:

    The first three beads I have to share with you are some of my favourite Murano glass beads from Ogerbeads. As my centrepiece bead, I have Snowdust Confetti. I love the dotted details and golden sparkle. It reminds me of a cold Halloween Night! Snowdust Confetti is included in the 3=2 promotion from Ogerbeads.

    Further spread out from Snowdust Confetti, I have two Snowdust Baroque Festival beads. Both the small core and retiring universal core (3=2 deal) size options are on sale. I love the golden swirls on this bead. It adds a hint of magic and chilling breeze!

    To the left of Snowdust Confetti, I have my favourite sterling silver bead from Ogerbeads: Bewitched. You may remember me featuring this bead on last year’s Halloween bracelets YouTube video:

    The Bewitched bead is part of Ogerbeads 5PlusDeal (receive a 6th bead free when you order 5). It has so many “spooktacular” details including a menacing grin, witches hat, cobwebs and a spider.

    To the right of Snowdust Confetti, we have the cutest spooky friend: Wannabe Ghost by Corner 35.

    I love designer Wendy’s description of him:

    It looks like a ghost and it acts like one. But if you look closely, you can see his tiny feet sticking out! His arms are ready to grab and terrify you. Aren’t you scared?

    Wendy Verkooijen

    Isn’t he so cute and fun? Those feet on the bottom are so adorable!

    This sterling silver bead is compatible with all major interchangeable bracelet systems.

    Moving along, I also have two sterling silver beads from Ogerbeads. They are opposite sides of the bangle. They are Perspective and Universe. They are also included in the 5PlusDeal.

    For bangle stoppers, I added two Black Widow Stoppers from Ogerbeads, also included in the 5PlusDeal.

    The Bracelet:

    Lastly I added the stoppers and beads onto my Ogerbeads Peacock Bangle. If you would like more information about this bangle, I do have a blog post and a Youtube Video:

    As mentioned earlier, I lost this bangle bracelet just over a week ago. I was out for the entire day. It was when I got home that night, that I realized the bracelet was missing. I was shocked and heartbroken!

    The next day, I tried to retrace my steps. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful at finding it.

    How did I manage to loose it? I believe the bangle fell off my wrist on my morning walk with my miniature poodle, Ella. I usually put the handle part of her leash, on my wrist. I hold the rest of the leash in my hand.

    Since this bangle is quite flexible, I am confident that part pulled onto the open bangle design (as Ella pulled on the leash) and that expanded it. It would only be a matter of minutes before it would fall off. And since I was already wearing an additional bracelet and had the leash on my wrist, I did not notice it falling.

    As some of you know, it is so heartbreaking when you loose a jewellery item, but I like to think that someone found it, who needed a smile in their day. It makes me happy to think someone is wearing it and loving it. And the silver lining is that these beads are currently still available. I will be able to replace them, over time.

    I will need to be more cautious with open bangle designs, moving forward. I won’t be wearing them on walks with Ella, that is for sure! It was a good lesson learned.

    Have you ever lost a bracelet or jewellery piece? Were you able to find it?

    And that concludes today’s blog post! If you would like to see my other Halloween bracelet designs, I have Youtube videos of my Pandora Halloween Bracelet, as well as my OHM Beads Halloween Bracelet.

    Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day.

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    Ogerbeads | BE PROUD Bangle Deal

    Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and well, during this time. 

    #BlackLivesMatter | To learn more, click HERE.

    I have an exciting Ogerbeads announcement to share! If you are like me, I have long awaited a new charm bracelet from Ogerbeads. That day is finally here! Ogerbeads is proud to announce their first bangle: the Peacock Bangle. It is inspired by the last name of the designer: Evelien Pauw.

    * Photos courtesy of Ogerbeads.

    The Peacock Bangle:

    The Ogerbeads Peacock bangle is available in 5 different sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, and L. It is sterling silver and it retails for € 75.

    It officially releases today, Friday July 31st, 2020 at 2:00 PM EST, 20:00 Amsterdam time.

    The bangle features beautiful peacock feather detailing with tiny little hearts. It is an oval shape and is similar to the Trollbeads bangle in-terms of sizing and shape.

    The Vanity Stopper

    With the launch of the Peacock bangle, Ogerbeads is also releasing a new stopper: The Vanity Stopper.

    The sterling silver Vanity Stopper is also peacock inspired and designed perfectly for the bangle. It has beautiful feather-like detailing with hearts, as well.

    The Vanity Stopper is designed to keep your Ogerbeads bangle design stationary and prevent beads/charms from falling off. Each stopper has silicone inside, that allows you to slide the stopper on and off the bangle, when needed.

    The new Vanity Stopper retails for € 32.

    The True Colors Charm

    Also launching, along with the Peacock bangle and Vanity Stopper is the beautiful new charm: True Colors. It is a sterling silver charm that perfectly matches the new bangle and stopper.

    Beauty reflects from the inside when you show your true colors. Be proud of who you are!

    – Ogerbeads

    The True Colors charm features peacock inspired feathers and heart detailing. The True Colors charm retails for € 37.

    The BE PROUD Bangle Deal!

    Ogerbeads is proud of their first bangle and to celebrate they are offering a special promotion called the “BE PROUD Bangle Deal“.

    This promotion starts today and here is how it works:

    This deal contains:

    1 x Peacock Bangle
    2 x Vanity Stoppers
    3 x Small Cored Glass Beads of your choice

    Step 1: Add the “Peacock Bangle Deal” to your cart.
    Step 2: Add 3 small cored glass beads (of your choice) to your cart.

    The deal will be applied automatically.

    In additional, if you purchase the BE PROUD Bangle Deal, you will also receive a 10% discount off the new True Colors Charm, if added to your cart.

    What do you think of the new bangle from Ogerbeads?

    And that concludes today’s blog post! I am excited to see the Peacock Bangle, Vanity Stoppers and True Colors charm, in real life! Stay tuned for a review video coming, within the next few weeks!

    Have a wonderful weekend and please let me know if you plan to participate in this exciting new promotion!

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    Ogerbeads | The Blossom Collection

    Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and well, during this time. It is summer time here in Canada and I have been enjoying as much time outdoors, as possible! This includes lots of my favourite summer activities, such as: hiking mountains, exploring outdoor gardens, having picnics and patio dining with Ella. I have also had too many delicious iced teas and iced matcha to count! What are your favourite summer activities?

    In today’s blog post, I am sharing a look at Ogerbeads‘ newest Spring/Summer release: The Blossom Collection. This collection features 10 new Murano glass beads and 2 silver beads. This collection was delayed due to COVID-19, but I am so happy it will be officially launching today, Friday July 10th at 12:00 Amsterdam Time (6:00 AM EST).

    So, if you are ready to see the beautiful new beads from Ogerbeads, make sure to grab a delicious cup of iced tea and let’s get started!

    A special thank you to Ogerbeads for letting me use their official stock photos for this blog post.

    #BlackLivesMatter | To learn more, click HERE.

    The Blossom Collection features 6 vibrantly coloured floral glass beads and 4 pastel glass beads.

    The Collection Overview:

    A Closer Look:

    The Pixiedust Fragment Beads:

    I love these new pixie dust fragment beads! I love pastel and neutral colours, so I instantly gravitated towards these beads. They are feminine and remind me of the spring time. They look magical with that touch of golden sparkle.

    They are also very elegant and I can see myself dressing them up for a romantic evening or spring/summer wedding.

    The Blossom Beads:

    The Blossom Beads offer a refreshing pop of colour and make me think of running in a field of flowers or my mother’s garden back home! I can picture myself wearing these with one of my favourite white blouses or dresses.

    I love the swirling white details and lifted bubble accents. They really evoke that “feeling” a summer breeze.

    The Silver Beads of Spring and Summer:

    The Tree of Love

    The Tree of Love looks beautiful. It has heart shaped leaves and tree roots, a lovely symbol of connection and family. It reads: “Tree of Love” along the sides of the bead. I am looking forward to seeing this bead in-person! Love takes root and grows in so many amazing ways, I love that this bead is a reflection of that!

    The Bee Hive:

    The Bee Hive bead is beautifully detailed! I love the floral and vine accents going over the bee hive. There are a few bees with their wings spread out, buzzing about their home…such a sweet detail! I am curious to see the size of this bead, in-person. I am also intrigued by the doorway, into the hive…is it oxidized or can you see inside the bead? I cannot wait to find out!

    And that concludes a look at the new Ogerbeads collection releasing today! What do you think of this new collection? Do you have any favourites? Please let me know down below!

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    Ogerbeads | June Unboxing

    Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and well, during this time. <3 

    #BlackLivesMatter | To learn more, click HERE.

    In today’s blog and video post, I am sharing an Ogerbeads* Unboxing of five glass beads that have long been on my wish list. Each one has beautiful colours and detail. I cannot wait to design with them! For today’s blog and video, I’ll just be showcasing them individually, but stay tuned for some styling in the near future!

    So, if you are ready…make sure to grab a cup of tea and let’s get started!

    * A special thank you to Ogerbeads for sending me these 5 beads to review.

    The Muranos:

    In addition to this blog post, I also created a special Youtube video sharing my first impressions unboxing each bead. I also share video scenes of each bead in motion. You can watch the video HERE or down below:

    Berry Mystic Leaves

    Berry Mystic Leaves is a magical glass bead. It makes me think of the autumn season, walking in a magical woodland with leaves falling down. I love the leaf-like details on it and the colours are so beautiful.

    It is available in universal core and small core. I have the small core.

    The small-core version is currently on sale for 50% off!
    There are only two left in stock, at the time of me posting this blog.


    Danai reminds me of a forest. I love the colours of green, gold, topaz and browns. The aventurine sparkle is so magical! It is similar in style to Berry Mystic Leaves. I think this bead would make a beautiful centrepiece to a bracelet. I am excited to style with it!

    It is only available in small core. It is currently on sale for 50% off!
    There are 21 beads left in stock, at the time of me posting this blog.

    Apricot Flowers

    Apricot Flowers is one of my favourite Ogerbeads! I had to order a second one! It has beautiful peach, orange and pink colouring and I love the beautiful flowers on the top! I cannot wait to style it with my other Apricot Flowers and my Fairytale Twisted Flowers beads.

    It is sold out in small core and only available in universal core. There are 22 beads left in stock, at the time of me posting this blog.

    Venetian Armadillo

    Venetian Armadillo reminds me of pouring milk into a delicious cup of tea (or coffee). I love the colours of brown, cream and ivory. I also ordered a second one of these beads to pair with my other Venetian Armadillo.

    It is available in universal core.

    There are 22 left in stock, at the time of me posting this blog.

    Blue Oasis

    Blue Oasis features blue, cream, ivory and touches of green colours. It reminds me of the ocean, but it also has a lovely forest feeling to it, as well. I have long looked at this bead, but always hesitated ordering it because I wasn’t sure what it would look like in-person. I was blown away when I unboxed it! It is unique and I love the bubble detailing going around it. It feels so cool too.

    It is only available in small core. It is currently on sale for 50% off!
    There are 16 beads left in stock, at the time of me posting this blog.

    Ogerbeads is still having their 50% off all small-core beads sale. Ogerbeads will only be making universal core beads moving forward. There are many beautiful bead options in the sale selection!

    I often get asked what bracelets do the small core Ogerbeads fit on! I made a detailed YouTube video on that exact topic. You can watch it HERE or down below:

    But for a quick reference point, here are my top bracelet recommendations:

    • Pandora Open Bangle
    • Pandora Sliding Bracelet
    • Pandora O Pendant
    • Any “threadless” Pandora Bracelet (like the Pandora Rose bangle)
    • Trollbeads Foxtail Bracelet
    • Trollbeads Bangle
    • Moress Bangles
    • Ogerbeads Bracelet
      (they will be launching new bracelets in the future)

    And that concludes today’s blog and video post! I would love to know which bead is your favourite and if you have ordered from Ogerbeads before!

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    Ogerbeads Haul | February Order

    I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe, during this outbreak. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. In this blog post/video, I share my January 2020 order from Ogerbeads. I filmed this video back in mid-February 2020. I’m a little late in editing/sharing it, but I hope you still enjoy seeing what I picked out! You can watch the video HERE or down below:

    Ogerbeads Small Core Haul Items:

    Snowdust Baroque Festival
    Snowdust Confetti

    Gold Ice Blue PixieDust Fragments (SOLD OUT)

    Mountain Meadow Pixiedust *
    Pistache Pixiedust Fragments *

    Blue Motif Pixiedust Fragments *

    Baby Blue Pixiedust Fragments *
    (far right)

    Blue Motif Pixiedust Fragments (lighter version) *
    (second from right)

    Pale Lilac Moonlight *

    * Ogerbeads surprised me and gifted me with 7 beautiful Murano glass beads. I did not expect this! So kind and generous of them. Thank you so much Ogerbeads!!!

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    Designing with Ogerbeads | Reminders of Spring

    One of my Ogerbeads designs, a balance of silver and Murano glass beads.

    Yesterday afternoon, I got home and was in the mood to design with some of my Ogerbeads. I ended up creating two new designs and I am so pleased with how they turned out. Both feel so magical and provide gentle reminders of spring, during the winter season.

    My first design was inspired by the beautiful, Venetian Armadillo Murano glass bead. The colours remind me of a delicious cup of milky tea (or coffee), but I also noticed there was a pinky/purple hint of colour in one of the sections. This inspired me to pair it with my two, Orchid Pixie Dust fragments.

    Can you spot, Always Moving Forward?

    From there, I added some silver Ogerbeads: Flower Power (left of Venetian Armadillo), Serenity (right of Venetian Armadillo), Perspective (left side of bracelet), Symbiosis (right side of bracelet), as well as the, Acorn and Always Moving Forward silver beads. I also added two, Romance Glass Stone Fragments too! I really love how the peachy gold tones pair with Venetian Armadillo colours.

    The next bracelet design, follows a more blue and purple colour theme. I was really inspired to use pieces from the Ogerbeads winter collection, especially some of the purple beads. Inspired by royalty…they do indeed have a regal look to them. And that deep purple is such a must for a winter season colour palette!

    On this bracelet, you will see some of the previous silver beads I mentioned earlier. I find all of these beads so versatile, but I especially love, Flower Power and Serenity. They are in a similar shape to a Murano glass bead and pair beautiful beside them. I hope Ogerbeads releases more silver beads, like these ones. I would love to see more woodland, fairytale, space and abstract designs in these. What do you think?

    Victorian Murano Glass Bead

    In the centre of this design, I chose to place the, Victorian Murano glass bead. It reminds me of a flower crown and I love the bits of gold and mixtures of purple and white accents.

    From there, I added two of my favourite beads: Fairytale Pixie Dust Murano. These are just made of pure enchantment: blues, purples, golds, periwinkle and greens! They are truly spectacular!

    I also added the, Juneberry Diamonds Pixie Dust Muranos, one Mystic Eyes Murano opposite of Royalty Murano and one Prosperity Murano paired opposite of the, Arabian Night Diamond Fragments. To stop my beads from falling off the bracelet, (when I have opened my clasp)…I also added the, Fairytale Stopper. I’m actually debating about ordering another one of these! It is so pretty and I would love to have two, just for balance and symmetry.

    Juneberry Diamonds Pixie Dust Muranos

    And that concludes my two new bracelet designs on my Ogerbeads bracelet. Ogerbeads (last time I checked) is currently sold out of their bracelets, but should have stock in again soon. I actually would love to order another bracelet, as my collection is growing and growing and it would be nice to have some more permanent designs kept on bracelets.

    If you could like to see my Ogerbeads collection, you can find my YouTube video below:

    Some of the items shown were gifted to me from Ogerbeads, to review.
    All opinions are my own.

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    Valentines Day Pandora Bracelet + Ogerbeads Newest Collection!

    A New Video is Up!
    Valentino and Love Game

    With Valentines Day just around the corner, I recently posted a new Valentines Day bracelet design, as well as a new YouTube video! In this video, I share my review on two new beads from Ogerbeads Valentine’s Day collection: Valentino (a murano glass bead with cubic zirconia) and Love Game (a silver oxidized bead).

    In the video, you will see how I styled these two Ogerbeads beads on my Valentines Day themed Pandora Bracelet. I love how this year’s bracelet design turned out…it’s so feminine and pink! Two of my favourite things about Valentines.

    Pandora’s “Gift of Love” Charm

    Speaking of which: all of Ogerbeads newer collections are universal core, which means they fit on the most popular charm bracelet companies (Pandora, Trollbeads, Ohm Beads, etc.) I often get asked this question, as well as about Ogerbeads small core beads and what they can fit on. I did make a YouTube video answering these questions (and more). You can find it, HERE.

    “Heart of Winter” Pandora Clips, paired next to the “Hearts All Over” Pandora Charm.

    I really love mixing Ogerbeads with my Pandora jewellery items. Muranos have always been one of my most favourite charms/beads and I am sad to see that Pandora is bringing out very little, if not anything. Ogerbeads has become an enchanting new addition to my Pandora bracelets and they truly stand out. Like I always say, they are pure magic in a bead!

    How do you feel about mixing jewellery charm/bead brands?

    Ogerbeads Murano paired next to some retired Pandora Charms.
    Ogerbeads, “Valentino
    Ogerbeads, “Love Game”
    Pandora’s “Love Note” charm is sadly long retired.
    It is one of my Valentines Day favourites!
    Another look at Ogerbeads, “Valentino”

    And that is it for this blog post! I would love to know how you plan on spending your February 14th, 2020, this year! I most likely will be cuddling up to my little Ella and the guineas with a delicious cup of tea! Cheers!

    Ella Kisses!
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    Ogerbeads | Winter Luxury Collection 2019 | Review

    Ogerbeads | Luxury Winter Collection 2019 Review

    In this video, I share the newest winter collection from Ogerbeads: the Luxury Collection. It has royalty influence with that classic touch of Ogerbeads magic! I review 4 out of the 8 muranos from the collection, as well as a silver bead.

    You can view the entire Ogerbeads Luxury Winter Collection here!

    One of my favourite beads: The Acorn

    Ogerbeads sent 5 beads from their 10 bead release, for me to review for you. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own. A huge thank you for your love and support. I would not have opportunities to collaborate with brands I love…if it were not for each and every single one of you. You make my dreams come true!

    Bracelet Design that I created with some of the new beads from the winter collection!