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    My Pandora Bracelet | Canada Day 2022

    Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦 A new Pandora video is up on my YouTube channel. I am sharing a look at my Canada Day themed bracelet, as well as how I styled my bracelet with other Pandora pieces! ❤️🤍🇨🇦

    Do you have a country themed bracelet? Let me know down below!

    Dress is from Chic Wish 🌹

    Nails are from Honey Lavender Nails 🇨🇦

    *this post contains affiliate links/commission links

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    Pandora Valentine’s Day Collection 2021

    Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday/Christmas season and is enjoying a wonderful (and safe) start to the New Year! Today, Pandora released their new 2021 Valentine’s Day Collection:

    *All photos courtesy of Pandora

    The Pandora Valentine’s Day Collection for 2021 has a lovely blend of romance, sentiment and iconic style. Every hand-finished piece is sustainably made, with 71% recycled silver.

    The collection primarily has sterling silver and Pandora Rose pieces, but there is also a two tone, 14K gold dangle charm! I am excited to see more two tone 14K gold options releasing from Pandora again.

    Here is a look at this beautiful new collection:

    The Sparkling Wishbone:

    The Pink Swirl:

    New T-Bar Bracelet & Safety Chain:

    The Moments Dangle Charms:

    The Moments Charms:

    The Rings:

    What are your favourite pieces?

    I have quite a few favourites/wish list items from this collection. I love the Pink Swirl Pandora Rose mini collection. It looks so feminine and romantic with the soft pink and Pandora Rose colour combination. I also love how modern, yet classic each piece is!

    For charms, I love the Open Heart and Rose Flowers charm, Heart and Rose Flower Dangle Charm, Rose Flower Dangle Charm and the Pandora Club 2021 Angel Wings and Heart Dangle Charm. I have a feeling I’ll be purchasing the new Pandora Club charm first, but I’m hoping I can get the charms for Valentine’s Day!

    As for bracelets, I am a huge fan of Pandora’s wishbone bangles. I already have two in my collection! I think the updated version, Sparkling Wishbone Heart Bangle is so feminine and makes a wonderful gift. I think it will look beautiful on it’s own or stacked. I also like the updated T-Bar Bracelet: Pandora Moments Heart T-Bar Snake Chain Bracelet. It is quote innovative and I think it would be beautiful worn with a few charms or on it’s own.

    And that concludes today’s blog post! I am really looking forward to seeing these pieces in-person. They look so beautiful for Valentine’s Day…or year round! Have a wonderful rest of your week, every one!

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    Pandora Icons | Pandora Autumn Collection

    I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time, while enjoying the Summer season. I hope this blog post adds a smile to your day!

    #BlackLivesMatter | To learn more, click HERE.

    Yesterday, Pandora released their new collection: Pandora Icons. This modern, yet timeless new collection offers elegant designs that provide a fresh take on the beloved classic, the Pandora Moments Snake Chain bracelet. This bracelet was reworked by the Pandora design team to celebrate Pandora’s 20th Anniversary. This bracelet was also a source of inspiration to other pieces in the collection, including earrings, a ring, necklaces and pendants.

    The Pandora Icons collection is versatile, beautiful and offers something for every one. I am excited to share it with you, as well as share my personal favourites. I’ll also share a few other Pandora Autumn release items too!

    So, if you are ready…make sure to grab a cup of tea and let’s get started!

    * All photos are provided by Pandora *

    The Bracelets:

    The Pandora Icons collection introduces two new snake chain bracelets with new closing mechanisms. The new Pandora Moments Sliding Magnetic Clasp Bracelet has a sleek closure that secures the bracelet with the power of magnetic force. I have not seen this bracelet available on the Pandora Canadian estore, so I am going to exclude photos, for now. I have seen it on Be Charming and other authorized Pandora retailers.

    “The new pieces are perfect examples of Pandora’s commitment to eye-catching aesthetics melded with high-quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.”

    – Pandora’s VP Creative Directors, A. Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo.

    My favourite bracelets from the release are the new Pandora Moments Snake Chain T-Bar Bracelet. The bracelet clasp joins together with a classically-informed t-bar system, which also has the snake chain pattern.

    “We’re proud of the state-of-the-art design features we’ve implemented, including two stylish, secure new bracelet closures and metal mixed with pavé to create a statement through contrast.” 

    – Pandora’s VP Creative Directors, A. Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo.

    It is interesting to note that the silver Pandora Moments Snake Chain T-Bar Bracelet comes with clip stations, however the Pandora Rose version does not.

    I have added both versions of this bracelet, to my Wishlist! I would most likely wear the Pandora Rose version with a dangle charm and the silver version with about 2-3 charms, plus clips!

    The Charms:

    In this blog post, I am going to focus on the charms that were inspired by the Pandora Moments Snake Chain bracelet. However, Pandora also introduced some adorable new charms, including the Blue-Eyed Fox, Cute Squirrel Charm, Bear, Fox and Squirrel dangle charm and the Skeleton Girl charm. There are also the Disney Minnie Mouse Robot Charm and the Disney Mickey Mouse Robot Charm which also have a nod to the Pandora Moments Snake Chain Bracelet. I personally don’t see myself adding these two pieces into my Disney x Pandora collection, but would love to know what you think!

    I love the snake chain pattern on these charms. I think it is a wonderful way to celebrate 20 years of the Pandora Moments Snake Chain Bracelet and they add a stylish and unique update to a charm bracelet.

    I think it is perfect and so cute that Pandora also brought out an updated Snake charm!!! A wonderful nod to the bracelet.

    Pandora Necklaces and Pendants

    There are some gorgeous new necklaces and pendant options. I have quite a few on my Wishlist. What about you?

    I love the new Pandora O Pendants in this release! My top favourites are the Small Pave O Pendant in both Pandora Rose and Silver. I love the touch of cubic zirconia on the closure.

    I would love to add one of these to my collection, but still debating which metal!

    I currently own two Pandora O Pendants from the original release, last year. I have the Small Pandora O Pendant in Pandora Rose and the Medium Pandora O Pendant in silver. I love both and find them so versatile and fun to wear. The design opportunities are endless. If you would like to see my review on the Pandora O Pendant, I recently created a YouTube video about it. You can watch it HERE or down below:

    The last O Pendant in the collection is the Small Beaded O Pendant. I love the texture to it and it has a daintier feel to it! I am also curious about the weight and thickness of it, as it looks like it might be slightly different from the original version.

    Pandora Pendant

    We also have a new pendant that can be worn on a chain or your Pandora Moments bracelet. It is called the Snake Chain Pattern Open Heart Pendant. This is also a Wishlist item for me!

    Pandora Necklaces:

    The Pandora Logo Pave Circle Collier Necklace is officially available in Pandora Rose! I am so excited. I loved the silver version, but there is just something so romantic and feminine about Pandora Rose.

    We also two other necklaces from the launch:

    This looks so feminine and pretty! I am excited to see it in-person.

    The Polished Ball Chain Necklace would pair beautifully with the new Pandora Moments Small Beaded O Pendant. What do you think?

    Pandora Earrings

    Also released are three beautiful new earrings:

    The Pave Heart Hoop Earrings are a perfect match with the Pandora Logo Pave Circle Collier Necklace.

    The Pink Sparkling Crown Stud Earrings are stunning! I also love the matching ring. These are a must for me!!!

    Pandora Rings:

    There are four new rings in this release. The Triple Band Pave Snake Chain Pattern Ring is an amazing statement piece, while still elegant!

    As mentioned, the Pink Sparkling Crown Solitaire Ring is a huge must for me! It looks so magical and feminine.

    We also have to Marquise Wishbone style rings:

    Both of these would look gorgeous stacked or worn on their own.

    And that concludes today’s blog post! I would love to know what you think about the Pandora Autumn release and Pandora Icon Collection. Please let me know down below!

    Pandora also released a new Youtube video, showcasing these pieces. You can watch it HERE or down below:

    I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Stay safe and spread love!

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    Fashion Diaries | Style Sunday Outfit of the Day + Photos from the Event!

    Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and well, during this time. 

    #BlackLivesMatter | To learn more, click HERE.

    This past Sunday, I took my best friend, @teafortiara out for a birthday lunch at Seasons in the Park. It is located inside a park/garden.

    It was a beautiful summer day and for the occasion, I decided to wear a blue floral dress from Faithfull the Brand, my Loeffler Randall straw bag, Pandora jewellery and a blush pink straw hat I got at Marshalls Canada.

    You can hear more about the outfit details and see closeup shots in my recent #StyleSunday IGTV video HERE or down below:


    Pictures from the Birthday Celebration:

    We had such a lovely time dining out together. Her husband also came and we enjoyed a delicious brunch. Tiara and I also both treated ourselves to a delicious mimosa!

    It was also cute because Tiara and I both were “twinning” with our blue and white floral dresses! Totally unplanned. Great minds think alike 😉 Also: Can you spot her Cult Gaia bag? Love it!!!

    Look at that gorgeous mountain view behind us!!!

    Where I live, Covid-19 cases are currently low. Many restaurants and stores have opened back up, with strong social distancing and safety measures being taken.

    At Seasons in the Park, all the servers wore plastic face covers, in addition to their masks and all guests were seated within a safe distance from each other. Since the restaurant was serving at half it’s capacity, it also made for a very intimate birthday celebration!

    What is Covid-19 like in your area?

    Time for Gifts and Cake with the Birthday Girl:

    And that concludes today’s Fashion Diaries post! I hope you enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and don’t forget that a new Tea Time Tuesday is up on my IGTV!

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    Pandora Mother’s Day Collection 2020 | Overview & Inspiration

    On April 16th, 2020, Pandora released their Mother’s Day Collection 2020 in Canada and the USA. In today’s blog post, I am going to share the inspiration behind the collection, as well as a look at the new jewellery pieces available!

    I hope this blog post adds some fun into your day and that you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and doing well. <3

    Photos courtesy of Pandora.

    Our biggest support and greatest inspiration…at Pandora we believe mothers should be shown every day that our love for them is forever.

    – Pandora

    The Mother’s Day 2020 collection is inspired by two symbols: the infinity symbol and the love knot symbol. The infinity symbol represents eternal love, while the love knot represents connection. What better choices to signify the everlasting bond of love between a mother and child?

    Pandora’s VP Creative Directors Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli explored the idea of an infinite and mutual love, begun from the time a child is born. “We thought about the fact that once you become a mother, you are one forever more and so the idea of the infinity symbol linked to a mother was a beautiful sentiment for us.”

    – Pandora

    These two symbols were used together to create a timeless, yet modern look to the collection.

    The Mother’s Day collection release is separated into the following categories: Pandora People Collection, Pandora Timeless Collection and Pandora Colours Collection. Here they are below:

    Pandora People Collection

    This collection showcases family themed charms to add to your Pandora Moments bracelet! There is also a new Pandora Moments Charm Bracelet, as well! Here it is:

    The new Pandora Moments bracelet is called, Family Tree Heart Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet. I have added it to my Wishlist. I love the clasp detail of the tree and how it has “family” engraved on the back of the heart.

    Moving along to the Pandora Moments charms:

    I love that both the charms above and below are two-tone with Pandora Rose and Sterling Silver.

    Love You Mum Heart Charm

    This Sterling Silver, Love You Mum Infinity Heart Charm is one of my favourite choices to surprise your mom with. I love that it is an openwork design and that it incorporates the infinity symbol as a knotted design! It is a perfect example of Pandora’s inspiration for this collection.

    Pandora also brings us another sterling silver openwork heart, but exquisitely detailed with floral accents:

    Moving along, we have some beautiful new dangles:

    This dangle charm is magical, girly and fun! I love the message and I totally see my friend, Nichol (MyPrettyCharmingLife) absolutely loving this!

    The next two dangle charms (below) featuring a perfect touch of pink enamel and cubic zirconia accents:

    We also have a new “Birthday” themed charm. I love that the back reads: “Make a wish” with a little candle detail. So cute!

    This dangle is a beautiful choice to give any new or expecting Mother:

    Pandora also added this adorable Married Couple dangle charm:

    It is just too cute! I love how the couple is caught up in all the wedding day bliss.

    Pandora also added two more sterling silver charms to their family collection: Boy Teenager and Girl Teenager! They have such fun details to them.

    We also have an updated graduation charms:

    The following charm photos were not sent in the press release, but they are also part of the Mother’s Day Collection 2020, as well:

    The last charm pictured is the Openwork Family Tree charm. It is one of my favourite charms from this collection! It is so detailed and beautiful. It is also available in a gift set: Pandora Moments Family Tree Bracelet Gift Set.

    Pandora Timeless Collection

    Pandora added some classic and elegant new pieces to their Pandora Timeless Collection. There are beautiful new rings, bracelets and necklaces! And a perfect gift set for Mother’s Day!

    I especially love their new Pandora Rose rings! They offer both statement and stackable options:

    The Geometric Shapes Open Ring and Princess Wishbone Ring are two of my top choices!

    The Wrapped Open Infinity Ring is such a statement piece (above, far right)!

    Up next are the new Pandora Earrings:

    The Sparkling Infinity Stud Earrings come in both Sterling Silver and Pandora Rose. We also have a new hoop earring: the Infinity Knot.

    Pandora also has two new necklaces in the Mother’s Day Collection:

    The Sparkling Infinity Collier Necklace is available in a gift set, with the Infinity earrings to match!

    I LOVE the Chunky Infinity Knot Chain Necklace. I have officially added it to my Pandora Wishlist and I hope my husband (AKA Snowman) will surprise me with it for an anniversary, holiday or birthday surprise!

    And if Snowman is feeling extra generous, I love the Chunky Infinity Knot Chain Bracelet to pair with it:

    There is also a similar style, available in a bangle bracelet:

    Speaking of bangles, there is also a new Pandora Rose Open Bangle:

    There are also two Moments Charms in the Pandora Timeless Collection:

    Pandora Colours Collection

    The Pandora Colours release features two jewellery pieces: the Pink & Clear Sparkle Slider Bracelet and the stunning Pink & Clear Sparkle Charm.

    And that concludes the Pandora Mother’s Day Collection overview. What are your favourite pieces from this collection?

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    Pandora Garden | Pandora Spring Collection | Earrings, Necklaces & Pendants

    I hope you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and doing well. I also hope this blog posts adds some fun into your day!

    In today’s blog post, I will be continuing my Pandora Garden Spring Collection series. So far, I have covered the inspiration behind the Pandora Garden collection, as well as the new spring rings. Today, you will be seeing the earrings, necklaces and pendants!

    So, if you are ready…make sure to grab a cup of tea and let’s get started!

    All photos are courtesy of Pandora. A special thank you to Pandora.

    Pandora Garden | Earrings

    Pandora Pavé Daisy Flower Statement Stud Earrings

    The Pavé Daisy Flower Statement Stud Pandora Earrings are a beautiful statement earring, made of sterling silver. With a touch of sparkle, they can be dressed up or down. I also love the oversized stud look, as they really draw attention towards the face.

    Pandora Pink Daisy
    Flower Stud Earring

    The Pink Daisy Flower Stud Pandora Earrings are a favourite of mine! I love the mixture of Pandora Rose with hand-applied pink enamel details and sparkly cubic zirconia in the centre. I love colourful earrings that really “pop out”, as they bring attention towards your face and eyes.

    Sparkling Honeycomb
    Hexagon Stud Earrings

    The Sparkling Honeycomb Hexagon Stud Pandora Earrings are understated, yet they add a perfect touch of sparkle to any outfit. These hexagon shaped earrings have cubic zirconia accents along their perimeter and are made of sterling silver.

    Pandora Garden | Necklaces

    Pavé Daisy Flower Collier Necklace

    The Pavé Daisy Flower Collier Necklace would pair beautifully with the Pavé Daisy Flower Statement Stud Earrings. This necklace features the daisy flower with a cubic zirconia pave centre. It has polished silver petals and a little heart detail on the back of the daisy.

    Sparkling Honeycomb
    Hexagon Collier Necklace

    The Sparkling Honeycomb Hexagon Collier Necklace features a hexagon-shaped pendant with clear cubic zirconia around the perimeter. It also has an adorable bee shaped accent at the end of the chain. This necklace is made of sterling silver.

    Pandora Garden | Pendants

    Sparkling Sun Pendant

    The Sparkling Sun Pandora Pendant adds some sunshine to your outfit! It is made in Pandora Shine and features cubic zirconia accents. It is very detailed and my favourite part is the sunny, smiling face!

    Sparkling Dragonfly Pendant

    The Sparkling Dragonfly Pandora Pendant features sparkling cubic zirconia accents on its wings and eyes. It is made of Pandora Rose and can be worn on a Pandora chain, Pandora O Pendant or Pandora Moments bracelet.

    Sparkling Queen Bee Pendant

    The Sparkling Queen Bee Pendant can be worn on a Pandora chain, Pandora O pendant or a Pandora Moments bracelet. First designed in Pandora Shine, it has been re-imagined in sterling silver. It features cubic zirconia details along its wings and hand-applied black enamel stripes along its body.

    What are your favourite pieces from the Pandora Garden collection? Please let me know down below!

    And stay tuned for my bracelet and charm blog post of the Pandora Garden Spring Collection! It is my last instalment in this series.

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    My Pandora Collection Overview | Jewellery Storage + Ohm Beads Play Tray

    A new video is up!

    Playing a bit of catch up with some recent YouTube videos I uploaded on my channel recently…or should I say, last year?! I cannot believe we are already into 2020!!!

    In this video, I share how I store my Pandora Jewellery, as well as my Ohm Beads, Ogerbeads, Trollbeads and Alex and Ani pieces. I also share an overview of my entire collection, with you! This has been requested by so many of you, but I’m always hesitant about filming this type of video. I have a huge collection and I know I’m very blessed to have such special and meaningful pieces. Each one tells a story or reflects a special loved one or memory. I really love that about charm bracelets!!!

    Anyway! Here is where you can watch the video:

    Now, I’ll share some information on where you can find these jewellery storage options, should you be curious!

    The first is the jewellery box I picked up in November by Tuscan Designs. I found it at Homesense/Winners for $149. Since this is a store that only has limited stock, there is a very similar option on Wayfair by a brand called, Morelle Company. The style is called, Sophia Leather Jewellery Keepsake Box. This may be the only difference as my jewellery box is a faux leather.

    Pink Jewellery Box
    It is so gigantic!

    Inside this jewellery box, I added a ring tray that I found on Amazon. In the video, I placed it in the middle layer, but I have since moved it to the top layer, below the glass section. You can shop it HERE.

    You can see the ring tray hiding behind my hand and bracelet!

    The last item is my grey, Less Play Ohm Play Tray! If the grey isn’t your thing, they have a quite a few colour options to choose from. I hope that one day soon, Ohm Beads will also come out with a light pink colour too (they currently have a hot pink one though)! If you would like to order the tray (and haven’t placed an Ohm Beads Order before), feel free to use my referral link to save 11% off your order, HERE.

    Ohm Beads also has an anti-tarnish tray bag that is sold separately.

    Anti-tarnish Tray Bag by Ohm Beads
    My Pandora Collection Overview + Storage
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    Pandora Winter Collection | Haul and Styling

    Pandora Winter Collection 2019

    In this video, I share my favourite items from the Pandora Winter collection and why they are meaningful to me! I also show how I chose to design and style them together, on bracelets and with two different outfits! I hope you enjoy this video…I love that Ella was able to co-host with me.

    Enjoying a cup of DAVIDsTEA with Ella!
    Celestial Stars Pandora Ring
    Dream it. Wish it. DO IT!
    Pave Star Slider detail!


    Kate Spade New York Star Silk Dress
    Pandora Pave Star Slider Bracelet + Inspiration Stars Dangle Pandora Charm

    Dress: Kate Spade Silk Chiffon Dress (retired) Similar design
    Pandora Pave Star Slider Bracelet *
    Inspirational Dangle Pandora Charm *
    Celestial Stars Pandora Ring *
    Pandora Bracelet | When You Wish Upon A Star | Disneyland themed bracelet
    Starshine Pandora Earrings (retired)
    Pandora Starshine Ring (retiring)
    Pandora Star Ring (retired)

    * These Pandora Jewellery items were gifted to me from Gold-N-Memories Pandora for our collaboration on Instagram! They were so sweet and sponsored some of my Instagram content in celebration of their new online store! I have been a huge fan and customer of Gold-N-Memories for around 2 years and I cannot recommend them enough! They have amazing customer service and ship Canada Wide! You can see their full Pandora collection online and can place an order on their estore or feel free to give them a call or send them an email, with your order (that’s what I love to do).

    I love Anthropologie! It is one of my favourite stores to purchase special and cute clothing items!

    Blue Star Sweater Between You & Me | Anthropologie
    Liquid Charcoal Black Leggings
    Roots Cabin Socks
    Pandora Sliding Bracelet + Pandora Charms
    Pandora Fireworks Bangle + Pandora Charms | Disney x Pandora Aladdin Pandora O Pendant
    This necklace has:
    Ohm Beads Beadmas Tree
    Ohm Beads Snow Angel
    Ohm Beads St. Nick

    And everything else worn is the same as outfit one!

    What are your favourite pieces from the Pandora Winter 2019 Collection?
    I love the Pandora Winter Packaging, this year! A magical night’s sky!
    Pandora Sliding Bracelet! Can you spot my Disney x Pandora | When You Wish Upon A Star Disneyland themed Pandora Bracelet?