OHM Beads Winter 2020 | Beadmas Day 9

Happy Beadmas 2020! I hope you are all had a great week. Today we are celebrating Day 9 of Beadmas!

In today’s blog post, I am sharing my recent Youtube video on OHM Beads Winter 2020 release, as well as today’s giveaway!

So, make sure to grab a delicious cup of tea and let’s get started!

Winter 2020 Release:

The winter 2020 release from OHM Beads has 10 beads, two of which are previous OHMistry Beads that are now being re-released as a worldwide, non-limited edition bead. One of those OHMistry Beads includes mu OHMistry Bead: OHM Don’t Give Up.

There are also 4 Holiday Slim Glass Drink Beads, 3 sterling silver Holiday beads and one glass bead.

To learn more about the collection, hear my review and see closeups of these beads, feel free to watch my video below:

The Giveaway:

Day 4 of #Beadmas2020 #BeadmasStories 

One winner will win:

A free bead of their choice, up to $65 value. (Reward will be provided as a “$65 OFF” OHMbucks coupon to the winner. A “My OHM”account required. Free shipping will be applied.)

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment below and include your Instagram Handle, also add the following information:
  2. Answer these questions, down below:
    2a. Is SKI BUNNY male or female?
    2b. Name one of the OHM Slim Holiday Drinks.
  3. Answer the following question in the QUESTION BOX, on my INSTAGRAM STORIES:
    What is the name of my “furry co-host” in my Youtube Video?
  4. Follow @ohmbeads and @fashionstoryteller on Instagram (if you are not already).

This giveaway ends on December 10, 2020 at 11 am EST . 1 random winner will be drawn. Winner must follow all instructions correctly to win. Winner must answer ALL 3 questions correctly.

Winner will be contacted through Instagram Direct message and will have 24 hours to claim their prize. If I have not heard back after 24 hours, a new winner will be drawn. Winner will be announced on my Instagram Stories.

This giveaway is in no way endorsed, affiliated or sponsored by Instagram or WordPress. 

39 thoughts on “OHM Beads Winter 2020 | Beadmas Day 9

  1. Thank you for hosting! 💖
    Ski bunny is female.
    One of the slim beads is called Choc.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Georgina is so sweet! For the giveaway:

    mulled (although it looks more like caramel to me 🤣)

  3. Hi Emily thank you for hosting! Ski Bunny js female and my fav from the Ohm holiday drinks has to be Choc. Reminds me of delicious hot chocolate.


  4. Thank you for hosting day 9 Emily!!!
    I’m @rvinarska on Instagram.
    SKI BUNNY is female!
    One of the OHM Slim Holiday Drinks is OHM Choc inspired by hot chocolate – I’m obsessed!!

  5. Hello Emily! Merry Beadmas day 9! Thank you for hosting:)
    Ski bunny is female.
    My favourite ohm holiday drink- I have to agree with you : Milk. It is so gorgeous!
    3) done

  6. Congrats on ww release of DGU, Emily!🙌 🥳 – @acharmeddreamer

    Ski Bunny is female

    My fave holiday slim is Milk.

  7. Beautiful, Emily!🙌 🥳 – @polisheddreamers@gmail.com

    Ski Bunny is female

    My fave holiday slim is Choc.

  8. Hello! It’s @schmoolovesbeads here 🙂
    Ski bunny is definitely a chic girl! 🐰
    My fav ohm slim is mulled – so Christmassy!!

    Merry Beadmas 🙂

  9. Hi Emily!! Thank you so much for hosting 9th day of Beadmas! 🎄❤️
    I’m Conchi from @pandoraencantadora

    Ski bunny is a female bunny 🐰🎀
    My favourite holiday slim glass is milk.

  10. Hi Emily! Thanks for hosting yet again!


    Ski bunny is female 🤗

    My fav of the Ohm slim drink beads are choc and milk 🥰.

  11. @adacharms
    Hi Emily 🙋🏻‍♀️
    Ski Bunny is Female 🐰
    Choc is one of the new slim glass holiday drink beads! 💕

  12. Hi Emily! Thank you for hosting! Ski Bunny is female. Choc is my favorite slim glass Holiday Drink bead. Jill @pandoragirl0

  13. Ski bunny is female ! Your adorable co-host is Regina ( hope i spell it right) .
    Choc Slim glass Holiday Drink bead!
    My Instagram is te.stoeva

  14. Hi Emily! Tks for hosting 9 day
    I am @beadsanatomy IG
    Sky Bunny it’s a girl 🎀
    My favorite Holliday slim glass is a choc
    Hugs ☺️🌷

  15. Happy day 9 of Beadmas Emily! Still giddy over Don’t Give Up going worldwide!

    I am LSN2, ski bunny is a she (can a ski bunny ever be a “he”? Hmmmm), and the two slim glass beads that can’t get to me fast enough are Milk and Choc.


  16. Hey, sweet Emily!
    Of course the ski bunny is a girl! A super cute girl!
    The glass beads were all amazing but my favorite one was the Milk one !

    Lots of hugs and kisses – Tedi from @ pandoraholicbgg

  17. 1.сделано 2.лыжный кролик – женщина 3.мой любимый праздничный напиток Milk @tak_comme_il_faut

  18. Hi Emily, Happy day! Thank you for hosting this giveaway.
    SKI BUNNY is female.
    One of the OHM Slim Holiday Drinks is named Milk.

  19. Hi Emily! Thanks for this opportunity! The Ski Bunny is female and I really really like her also because she reminds me of that time when I was in a sport group for skiing in the school . One of the Slimm Holoday Drinks Glasses it’s called Milk.
    My Instagram is @miryanova_elena

  20. Hi there! I love watching all your videos. Ski bunny is a she. Milk is my fave drink slim they released in this collection. And you know I’m a fan of guineas and Georgina is so so cute! Thanks for hosting. My Instagram in my name on this post.

  21. Ski Bunny is female! My favorite slims from this collection are Milk and Mulled!
    Thank you so much for hosting another wonderful giveaway!

    – Aali

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