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    My April Sips By Box Unboxing! PLUS: Sips By Review, Mini Tea Reviews

    This past year and a bit has been a ton of travelling and adventures with my dog, Alice Haenim 🐾✨ We both have learned so much and have grown so much from our adventures and it’s been so fun! Alice use to be more nervous on hiking or beach adventures, now she’s so confident! I’m so proud of her!!!

    One thing that I’ve really enjoyed bringing along on our travel adventures is my monthly Sips By tea subscription box. It’s very compact and contains a variety of teas to enjoy throughout the day. There’s usually an energizing tea or two for the morning by or early afternoon, as well as a herbal tea and a bedtime tea. Each box is curated based on my tea matches and preferences and it’s so fun to discover tea brands from all over the world.

    I usually get a mixture of loose leaf tea and bagged tea. Sips By provides tea sachets, so it’s so easy to make tea while travelling! I just need a kettle, a mug and I’m ready to enjoy a delicious cup of tea! ☕️

    Another thing I love about Sips By is that they are female founded! ☕️🫖🍵

    If you’re interested in learning more about Sips By, I posted an unboxing and mini tea review of my recent Sips By Box on my YouTube channel! You can find the video below:

    There are teas from Stash Tea, Tea Head, The Witchwood Tea House and Nelsonstea 🍵🫖☕️

    My dog, Alice Haenim usually helps sniff test the teas, but she was pretty sleepy when we filmed this video together. Stay tuned for the end though for a very cute scene with her! 🐾

    A special thank you to Sips By for gifting me this box to enjoy! Feel free to use the code: TEALOVE to save $5 off your next Sips By Box! ✨

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    Welcome to 25 Days of Sparkle!

    I have decided to reinvent my #25DaysofSparkle from Instagram and incorporate it onto my Youtube channel, as a Christmas Countdown Vlogmas style series! Days 1-4 are officially up on my YouTube channel! 🎄✨ I’ll be sharing a look at my day (not just the highlights), as well as my Christmas adventures and activities.

    This is my first time vlogging, 🤣 so we shall see how it goes. A special thank you to @pandorahuntingwithscubadude for inspiring me to do Vlogmas!!! 🎄✨

    Here are the videos, so far:

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    Sips By Tea Subscription Box | What’s inside my November Sips By Box!

    Tea Subscription Boxes are the best!!! I love being able to discover new tea blends and brands. It also gives me the opportunity to support and discover smaller tea businesses too! ☕️✨ In-case you missed it, I have a NEW Sips By video up on my YouTube channel! I am sharing what was inside my November Sips By Box and I make each of the teas too! This video is more of a chit chat style, let me know what you think!!! ☕️

    It was my birthday in November and I was so delighted to see Birthday Cake Matcha inside my box. What could be more perfect for a matcha lover?! 🍵🥹

    Custom Mug is from Gossby Global
    Alice in Wonderland Scentsy Warmer is from, Wax With Alex.
    Birthday Cake Matcha by 3 Leaf Tea.
    Pretty crystals @orkastra

    A special thank you to Sips By for gifting me this box to enjoy! As well as to this community, as I wouldn’t have these opportunities without each and every one of you! 🥰☕️

    Use code TEALOVE to save $5 off your first tea subscription box!

    *this post contains gifted product.

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    Afternoon Tea Outfit & Jewellery of the Day | Chic Wish, Pandora and More!

    Summer or Fall…this Chicwish dress is wonderful to style year round! I have a new video up on how I styled it with my Pandora, Orkastra, and Joanna Bisley Designs jewellery for a lovely afternoon tea! You can find the video below:

    Delicious afternoon tea…before I head out to afternoon tea at the Fairmont Empress!

    A look at the dress and accessories:

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    Sips By Box Review & Unboxing | July Afternoon Tea

    A new YouTube video is up on my channel! I am sharing an unboxing and review of the teas inside my July Sips by Box 📦☕️🫖✨ A special thank you to Sips By for gifting me this box to enjoy! ✨🫖

    Feel free to use my code TEALOVE to save $5 off your first box! | AD

    You can find the video HERE ☕️🌸 or down below:

    I love the tea selections for this month. The tea I was most excited to try first was Chariteas “Summer in Provence”. A delicious black tea with additional white tea leaves, bergamot, lemon peel, lavender and lemon balm. ☕️✨ It was so delicious! 🤤

    I was also excited to see my favourite tea to make iced… DAVIDsTEA Green Passionfruit! 🍵✨🧊 I also discovered another favourite, Nepal Tea Collective Kanchanjangha Verde green tea…so delicious! I need to order more! I still have yet to try the Organic India Tulsi Sleep tea, I’ll keep you posted! 🍵🫖

    Outfit of the Video:

    Chic Wish Summer Vines Printed Dots Jacquard Wrap Dress

    Pandora Pavé Heart & Angel Wings Necklace

    Pandora Tea Themed Jewellery

    Earth Goddess Shop Crystal Bracelet

    Orkansa Crystal Bracelet

    About Sips By:

    – Sips by is a female-founded and led startup

    – each month, they match tea drinkers with delicious teas from over 150 global tea brands

    – based out of Austin, Texas

    *some links may be affiliate/commission links

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    Afternoon Tea Necklace | Pixie Wing

    Care for a cup of tea? How whimsical and darling is the Afternoon Tea Necklace from Pixie Wing? I first found out about this necklace from @schmoolovesbeads on Instagram. I immediately added it onto my wish list! I loved the UV-resistant enamel detailing and how each teacup moved/stacked on top of one another. It was such a clever and unique design. ☕️✨

    I couldn’t believe it when Pixie Wing reached out to me and wanted to know if I would interested in reviewing this necklace! Such a dream! It is even more special in real life and has such a lovely weight to it. A huge thank you to Pixie Wing for gifting this necklace to me ☕️✨

    The necklace arrived in beautiful packaging: a lovely white box with a cloth bag inside. Inside the bag was the necklace and a necklace extender. There was also a polishing cloth inside too.

    The Afternoon Tea Necklace is made of premium brass with a thick plating of fine 925 sterling silver. Each tea cup has eye-catching UV-resistant enamel detailing. It also available in a green colour option too.

    Pixie Wing ships worldwide and 5% of each Afternoon Tea Necklace goes to Rainforest Alliance sustainable tea growing project ☕️✨

    The necklace has a lovely weight to it. It also comes with a necklace extender option. I chose to wear the necklace without the extender (for now). You can see how I styled it below:

    I also filmed an Instagram IGTV video sharing a more in-depth review of the necklace as well as video closeups of the necklace in motion! It is so eye-catching! You can watch the video HERE or down below:

    https://www.instagram.com/tv/CT4qWQElVvP (IGTV VIDEO)

    What do you think of the Afternoon Tea Necklace from Pixie Wing? Please let me know, down below!

    Have a lovely weekend ahead!

    (gifted product)

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    TeaTimeTuesday | Neverland Tea Giveaway Prize!

    Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and well, during this time. 

    #BlackLivesMatter | To learn more, click HERE.

    In today’s #TeaTimeTuesday IGTV post, I am unboxing the giveaway prize I won from Neverland Tea. I still cannot believe that I won and a huge thank you again to Neverland Tea for having such a fun giveaway!

    Also in the video, I use the giveaway prize to make two delicious iced teas! One for myself and one for my husband…nothing like a delicious iced tea during a sunny Summer afternoon!

    You can watch the IGTV video HERE or down below:


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    The Mochi Kit | Paragon Tea Room | Tea-Infused Mochi

    Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and well, during this time. <3 

    #BlackLivesMatter | To learn more, click HERE.

    In today’s blog post, I am sharing my experience of making tea-infused mochi! Mochi is a delicious treat that pairs well with a cup of tea. When I saw that Paragon Tea Room came out with The Mochi Set, I couldn’t resist purchasing one and testing it out. I am not a big baker though, so I was a bit nervous. Michelle, the owner of Paragon Tea Room assured me that the recipe (included in the set) was “dummy proof” and making mochi is surprisingly easy!

    Last Saturday, I decided to to put my baking skills to the test and use The Mochi Set (you might have seen my Instagram stories of the experience)! If you would like to see a closer look at how my experience went, make sure to grab a cup of tea and let’s get started!

    What is Mochi?

    Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice, water, sugar and cornstarch. Mochi is typically flavoured with green tea and/or filled with a sweetened bean paste. This makes it a delicious vegan and gluten free treat.

    What does Mochi taste like?

    Mochi has a dough-like texture and makes me think of a gummy candy/marshmallow type dessert. It has a starch after-taste.

    If you have had mochi before, how would you describe the taste?

    The Mochi Set | Paragon Tea

    Your mochi dream comes true! This set is inspired by all of your creativity! In this set, you will be introduced to making your own TEA-INFUSED mochi with a side of tea dip at home.

    Paragon Tea Room

    The Mochi Set from Paragon Tea Room comes with nearly all the ingredients you need to make 6 servings of mochi. The set includes:

    Three Types of Tea Powders:

    It also includes:

    The set comes inside a rectangular box and is well packaged. Even Ella was curious about what was inside!

    Following the Recipe |
    Matcha-Infused Mochi

    After reading over the recipe, I decided to make a matcha-infused mochi and a matcha-infused dip.

    I found both recipes straight forward and easy to follow.

    After adding and mixing in all the ingredients together, it was time to microwave the dough! This part I found a bit challenging, as I don’t own a microwave. Steaming was the next option, but I wasn’t sure the best way to go about it! I asked my dear friend Angie (from Over-the-Kitchen-Counter) to help me out! Even though she had not heard of mochi before, she gave me the best advice and tips! I used two pots and my stove to steam the mochi dough. It steamed perfectly! A special thank you to Angie! <3

    Making the Matcha Mochi Dip

    While I waited for my mochi dough to cool, it was time to make the accompanying matcha-infused mochi dip:

    This was very fast and easy to make and I loved that I got to use Oat Mylk! I prepared the dip on my stove top.

    The dip turned out fantastic! And I loved the cheerful green colour from the Paragon Tea Baking Matcha.

    Roll it Out!

    After my matcha-infused mochi dough had cooled off, it was time to roll it out and create individual pieces. I made my mochi into balls, but you can make them into squares too!

    After the mochi balls were prepared, I decided to semi-stuff them with the dip. I also frosted the tops of them! I was so surprised at how well they turned out and how easy they were to make!

    I would like to do a better job on how they look visually, but I think that will come with practice and time.

    After I was done making the tea-infused mochi, I made two cups of Paragon Tea Ceremonial Matcha Lattes with Oat Mylk, for my husband and I. I thought they would pair nicely with the mochi. All the matcha flavours were happening that day! 😉

    It was time to taste test these tea-infused mochi balls and see how well I did:

    According to my husband, the matcha-infused mochi tasted amazing. He actually ate more than half of them, so I must have done something right!

    I also loved my mochi too! They tasted so fresh and delicious. I also love that I now have the opportunity to make mochi 5 more times, from this wonderful set.

    Have you ever made mochi at home before? If so, how did you find the experience? I am still surprised at how easy they were to make! I really found The Mochi set to be extremely helpful for a beginner.

    The Mochi Set retails for $53.35 CAD, but is currently available for a launch price of $48.00 CAD. You can order it online (they ship to Canada and the USA) or pickup in-store, if you are local! You can find it HERE.

    And that is it for today’s blog post! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend and talk to you all soon! <3

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    High Tea Takeout | Neverland Tea Salon

    Hello everyone! I hope this blog post finds you and your loved ones safe, healthy and doing well, during this time. <3

    In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing one of my favourite “stay at home” treats: High Tea Takeout! During COVID-19, I have been trying especially hard to support small businesses, both near and far. One of my favourite high tea salons is Neverland Tea Salon. My husband and I have been going there for years, and it’s our “go-to” place to celebrate Birthdays, Valentines and Anniversaries. You might remember one of my blog posts about a Valentines Day High Tea. Or may have seen the inside of Neverland Tea Salon in some of my older YouTube videos!

    Neverland Tea Salon is such a magical place, not to mention the food and teas are amazing. I cannot have dairy or gluten and Neverland Tea Salon is known for providing the best vegan, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free menu options!

    With many businesses and restaurants temporarily closing due to COVID-19, Neverland Tea Salon began to offer High Tea Takeout back in mid-March! And it was the best timing for me…I had just had my laparoscopic surgery and couldn’t go out. My husband picked some up for me and it was such a treat! The high tea was also Alice in Wonderland themed!

    Pictures from that first takeout order:

    Alice in Wonderland Treats:

    Neverland Tea Salon offers pickup (in the picture below you can spot my husband getting our wedding anniversary takeout), or delivery on Uber Eats!

    Over the last few months, I have continued ordering High Tea Takeout with Neverland and it has become something I’ve looked forward to. I love bringing out a pretty tea pot, my favourite tea cups and plates…and arranging all the delicious treats and sandwiches out.

    Sometimes, I will enjoy high tea with just myself and Ella, my mini poodle or virtually with my friends on FaceTime or Zoom. Other times, I will order high tea for two and enjoy afternoon tea with my husband.

    If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember a recent #StyleSunday IGTV video where I take you along to Neverland to pickup some high tea! If you’d like to watch that video, you can find it HERE.

    I tend to always order A Grand Adventure Vegan/Gluten High Tea, but if I am feeling celebratory, I love ordering their Take Me To Neverland Bubbly High Tea.

    Currently on the
    vegan takeout menu:

    Vegan and Gluten Free Sandwiches:

    • Vegan Lemon herb cream cheese and cucumber arugula
    • Red Thai Curry chickpea salad, red onions, red bell peppers, cucumber and mango chutney
    • Port Fig compote with pear, nut based “brie cheese”, and vegan mustard mayo
    • Avocado with cashew butter, pickled red onions, and cucumbers
    • Mumbai chai tea apple butter with freshly sliced Granny Smith apples and vegan “provolone cheese”

    Vegan and Gluten Free Sweets:

    • Vegan Cashew Mango Cheesecake
    • Pineapple Coconut teacake (my favourite)
    • Hazelnut praline chocolate mousse cup
    • Vegan orange chocolate opera cake

    Vegan and Gluten Free Scone:

    • Citrus gluten free scone with dairy-free cream and house-made strawberry jam

    The Teas:

    Neverland Tea Salon has so many amazing teas to choose from! AND…if you are not local, but would love to try their teas, they ship across Canada and the USA. You can shop their a small selection of their teas HERE. They have even more tea, in-store though!

    My Top 6 Teas (in no particular order):

    Which tea would you want to try first? Please let me know, down below!

    As much as I have been enjoying Neverland’s takeout options, I cannot wait to dine at Neverland again. Rumour has it they will be re-opening on June 10th, 2020. They will be adhering to all safety measures and following strict rules to keep their staff and their customers safe.

    And that is it for today’s blog post! I would love to know if you have a high tea takeout option in your local area. Have a safe and wonderful rest of your day <3

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    OHM Beads | Alice in Wonderland Collection | Youtube Video is up!

    A new video is up on my Youtube channel. If you remember my last blog post, this is the video about the OHM Beads Alice in Wonderland collection. I also share some scenes from when Nichol (MyPandoraCharmedLife) and I went to the Ivy Tea Room. They were having an Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party and this was one of the reasons I came to visit Nichol, at the end of February/early March (I also just LOVE her and missed her terribly, haha)! #beadsandtea was so much fun!

    You can watch the video, HERE. Or you can watch it down below:

    If you plan to make your first ever OHM Beads order, feel free to use my referral link or use code: EMILY1RVCHMDY (at checkout) to save 11% off your first OHM Beads purchase!

    I hope you and your loved ones are safe and doing well, during this outbreak. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

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